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Death scout: he wanted to live!

November 25 2006

The death of ex-FSB officer Alexander Litvinenko was a foregone conclusion, even though he knew he could survive. They knew it and those who did him instructions before his death, showing a vial of antidote. Dolgozhadnnogo But relief did not come.

While the world and Russian public to discuss issues about who would be advantageous for Litvinenko's death and who suffered the most from this, the British luminaries of medicine are in total confusion. There are enought to confusion - on the date of Litvinenko went to the doctor three weeks, but experts still can not understand of what had been poisoned Litvinenko or why is he still died.

For the former friends of Litvinenko, including the Chechen field commander Akhmed Zakayev, the fugitive oligarch Boris Berezovsky and Leonid Nevzlin, as well as some others are very clear. Litvinenko met with the informant, who promised to send him material for the murder of Anna Politkovskaya, who then fell ill and in serious condition, diagnosed with "poisoning" was taken to hospital where he was not destined to go. Of course, that the only person who could poison Litvinenko - a Russian leader Vladimir Putin, who allegedly feared exposure.

Even in this version are too many dark spots. Why, for example, associates of Litvinenko did not meet with the informant, thus, an Italian and not publish the sensational details? Surely an experienced intelligence officer was so sure of themselves that hid the course of its investigation of the closest friends and associates? Moreover, Litvinenko accused Putin repeatedly in murder of Russian journalist and even more details are reported, which resulted in shock Russian democrats. For example, at a press conference, Alexander Litvinenko spoke about his meeting with Politkovskaya, who allegedly confessed that she was threatened by Putin. "He handed her a threat Hakamada. So that Anya was a friend of Hakamada, Hakamada and visited the Kremlin. And Anna said that she had been threatened personally by Putin. And I do not hide, ready to confirm this in any court under any protocol - said Litvinenko.

Unfortunately, to confirm this version of the oath nor Politkovskaya, Litvinenko no longer in power. It remains to Irina Hakamada, in whose honesty and adherence to principles no one doubts. However, it is contrary to all assumptions, Litvinenko has denied the words of his involvement in this story . "Well, are you crazy!" Since I was last in the Kremlin three years have passed. For three years I did not visit the Kremlin - did not go either to Mr. Putin, Surkov, nor to anyone else, - commented on it words Litvinenko - I kept trying to pull something. I do not know what they need from me. This is nonsense, you know, I can not say anything, it's nonsense. I believe that Litvinenko did not know. He was long lived in London, so I do not understand how he could know something. " Indeed, with the misty Albion is much better sense of everything that happens in Russia. There is a fairly painless can claim the most incredible things until the organization of an armed coup in Russia - British justice, as it confirmed many times, all abide.

It was a surprise and recognition of dying Litvinenko, in which he, again, all accused the Kremlin. Why is this accusation sounded a few hours before his death, rather than immediately after the scout was in the hospital? It is clear that the recognition of this before his death looks impressive.However unlikely, if he, of course, is of sound mind and good memory, will hide important information until the moment when he discovers that a few hours die. But another question is that Litvinenko had made his statement just because they hoped to survive.

We already wrote that even such as Litvinenko and fugitive FSB officers were confident that the poisoner should be sought among the entourage of Boris Berezovsky, whom Litvinenko trusted. But a few days later, former KGB colonel Oleg Gordievsky, slightly adjusts his testimony, assuming that the people of Berezovsky's entourage had been recruited by the Kremlin. But in this case, again, it is unclear why it should veer obedient, instead of sending to the other world chief puppeteer? But it's not the point. 's own investigation into the murder of Politkovskaya, Alexander Litvinenko led, as suspected ... Berezovsky himself . Too many in the murder of the journalist pointed to the trail and Litvinenko in London, in addition to what he wanted to get their hands on the levers of influence on Berezovsky, wanted in such a way to protect their lives from the "surprise" attacks. It did not work. Most likely, the rumors about activity Litvinenko in the wrong direction came to the ears of Boris Berezovsky and the fate of ex-colonel was solved. Another thing that might be "friends" Litvinenko promised to give him the antidote in exchange for a recorded admission. But instead of just the antidote Litvinenko brought something completely different. And he died. Simple.

However, British doctors were not aware of political intrigue, and therefore wondered how about the poison, and about the reasons for the sudden death of Litvinenko.

The original version seen on the poisoning of ex-colonel with thallium. Since some fraction of it is doubts about thallium as a toxic substance, got into an organism Litvinenko spoke for nearly three weeks. The doubts are understandable: the evaluation data did not give 100 percent reason to talk about it lethal dose of thallium as the cause of ailments. In the end, doctors began to depart from the version of the poisoning, assuming that all the mysterious condition of the seriously ill more and more resembled the symptoms of cancer in the last 4-th stage. It also became clear reason for the sharp alopecia patients. As it turned out, he was subjected to intensive chemotherapy, of which Litvinenko was worse. Do not be too wise medical luminary, to understand elementary - for poisoning with chemotherapy does not apply, says CNN .

Was it really cancer? Maybe. But it is hardly Litvinenko placate this version. Rather, he himself believed what he was poisoned with thallium. And so was quiet. As a professional intelligence officer, he knew that against thallium poisoning is an antidote. And what is the historical evidence.

For example, the known history of thallium poisoning German citizen Wolfgang Velsha . According to Dr. Velsha, it was in 1981 during a trip to Israel. But the victim felt unwell only after he returned to Germany. The situation was aggravated by the fact that doctors did not expect that their patsiont was poisoned. "It was not until the last moment discovered that I have received a dose of thallium, a few times the lethal", - says Mr. Velsh Radio Liberty. "Even much later, in 1989, I had the opportunity to examine the documents the Stasi (the GDR intelligence. - Approx. Aut.).Among them I found a list of documents outlining the properties of toxic substances. This list was created with the assistance of Professor Humboldt University of Berlin. It consisted of poisons, which are difficult or impossible to detect in the body. Among them was thallium, which had already been used by the KGB. And since they were friendly organization, the Germans quickly incorporated thallium in its list. The presence in the body thallium is very difficult to prove. Chief doctor of the clinic, where I lay, was an expert in toxicology. And even he could not initially detect the poison. And then he simply did not believe that he is a patient who received a lethal dose of thallium.

So it is possible that when Litvinenko came to trusted people of Berezovsky and talked openly, offering to stop digging under Boris Berezovsky, and work on not knowing each other in anything, in return for an antidote and a statement, Litvinenko did not delay a minute agreed.

What's the antidote to enter Litvinenko, it became clear after a few hours. The representative of the British health service oversight Professor Roger Cox said that in the urine of Alexander Litvinenko found traces of residual radiation-related, most likely, a substance polonium-210. According to the professor, this substance is harmful only when it goes directly into the body, which causes damage internal tissues and organs. The truth about why the polonium could not find earlier, the professor did not specify, but no, it was evident that all British medicine breathed a sigh of relief - the reason smreti, though formal and strange revealed. else they do not care. Honor white coat saved.

Rejoiced this turn of events and the British security services, responsibly stating that the highly "polonium", which was used to murder, can only be obtained with the help of a nuclear reactor or particle accelerator. " And because nothing like this in the UK is not made, it means "of polonium-210 could be imported from abroad. And it is not excluded, they added in a whisper, this is the case of agents of foreign intelligence. Frankly, this recognition of their British counter-intelligence officers themselves dug the grave, saying in effect that anyone can easily come to their country and for hunting or whatever is handy. But with Boris Berezovsky, who plays in England, the role of Caesar's wife, again a free hand. He, again, nothing wrong.

Dmitry Nosov


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