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Favourite joke Putin

October 25 2006

On Monday, my strong morning sleep was interrupted quite brazen. From the phone call that I had tried to ignore, there was no escape, but because he thought it had still not sleep, picked up the mad machine. As it turned out, called my mother who decides to find out whether I knew how to call and ask a question to President Putin. I must say that my mother is interested in politics only in part, and for the past 20 years to any of the heads of our state special love is not nourished. Putin, however, still a bit of sympathy (and who would not sympathize with him after Gorbachev and Yeltsin), but no more. So the desire to be among the two million Russians who wished to ask the president about the main thing, hoping that it was really her question to answer the president, several surprised me.

Over half life of Putin's presidency, the credibility of Russians as not trying to say some sources, did not want to fall. And if you talk about Vladimir Putin's meetings with the people, they say privately, they did and it was time to put them in the book of records. The latter, held on Oct. 25, 2006, became the fifth in a row. And, as is usual in the sport, the progress is attached. Suppose that only lasted one minute more airtime "direct line" with the president, but still more. In terms of the questions, the current meeting and does get the record: President was given two million 297 thousand 436 issues. For example, an online dialogue with the president in 2003 sparked interest in 1 million 600 thousand Russians, and the first experience of communication between the president and the people live totaled about 450 thousand questions.

But in principle, not the number of questions it. I mean, not only in this. Predict the most popular topics discussed in the people, for a person living in Russia, is not difficult. Moreover, the authors of the issues themselves knew the answers. So for Putin it was sort of an exam. And serving as examiners residents of Russia closely followed the president: Do not make a mistake, do not betray yourself whether what is not burned before the time? and it seems that not mistaken, did not betray, do not burn.

I can not say that the president was satisfied all the answers. Terrible in this but in general, and no. And the president himself, when asked about the feasibility of decent funding of the armed forces of Russia, said this time. "You know, just wanted to say that it is very difficult to please everyone, because most recently on the same events, I received another matter altogether. It sounded like this: when we turn our attention to the army, when we begin to fund the army, equip it new technology, when we begin to solve the social problems of our troops? "- said he had to withdraw at once all the issues, noting that the state spends on the army more and more money, but the size of the army is reduced. What follows from this observation is clear: Russia is moving to create efficient, professional army.

Rising inflation, mortgage issues, the revival of the village, the problem of summer residents and farmers, pensions, work of law enforcement, economic and political aspects of foreign policy, etc. etc. - The questions were set.

"We have three times already wrote to you about our problem, but received no answer" - appealed to Putin to a resident of Russia. "Yes?" - The president raises his eyebrows in surprise. - I got nothing, "- he says, and it becomes clear that some people in the press-service no good. In general, in all that concerns the relations between the president and government in the field, Putin was extremely sharp."You know that decisions have been taken with regard to the prosecutor and against the head of the FSB, and against the head of the Interior Ministry - meets Putin on the issue of Tatiana Konashkovoy of Kondopoga, worried by failure of local authorities during the notorious events of September. - I think that the same decision must be taken at the local level. " And then Putin continued in a voice ringing iron notes: "A city dwellers, as well as other municipalities in the country, please pay very close attention when you vote for those people who pretend to lead those or other authorities and management in municipalities. Several times I tried to contact your leader - chairman of the government of Karelia - he is in the airplane, now on leave, but we are with him on this matter very seriously talk "- promised the president. Presumably, the conversation with the governor of Karelia with the president will be heavy.

Of course, everyone was waiting for the issue of third term of Putin. Particularly stinging comrades predicted the emergence of a boy or girl, tearfully asked Vladimir Vladimirovich not leave them. Almost guessed. Severe driver Arkady from the village of Pokrovka Pidhorodne Orenburg region asked:

- Vladimir Vladimirovich, we all know that you go beyond 2008. What will happen to us and to the country after 2008?

- Arkady, I think that everything will be fine even sure of that - somewhat ambiguously replied the president than cast as a shock to the audience, setting guessing that meant. Then, after a pause, finished "dear Russians" finally: "As for me, I even lost the powers and the levers of presidential power, I think, is not adjusting the Basic Law to their own personal interests, I will be able to retain the most important thing that a must value the person who is engaged in politics - your trust. And using it, we will be able to influence life in our country and to guarantee its development of progressive manner so as to influence what happens in Russia . In general, the discussion about what will Putin after March 2008 in the very near future will reach a new stage of development.

Interestingly, Vladimir Vladimirovich in the conversation was extremely polite, never ever without mentioning any names, no company name. Except for one case. After reading the letter from the Veterans scenes from St. Petersburg (the same thing for undelivered which have already been poking staff administration) to prevent transmission of the park adjacent to the "House Veterans 'scene' Moscow holding company AFK Sistema," Putin very clearly made it clear that In his opinion, "the Union of theatrical figures (tenant) and the firm" System "which claims to be part of the territory, could do without in order to offend the veterans of the scene. "We took would have helped veterans, without taking away from them what had long been theirs by right. If the company is" System "does not want to allocate the money, we will select them from the budget. I promise you!", - Putin said.

Not without its humorous questions. For example, a girl asked, used a mobile phone of the president. The country froze in anticipation of the sellers of mobile phones have become a rumor, but they were disappointed. "I'm mobile a lot, but none of them works. Never used them, no time. And then, I have other means of communication, which I use them." But the editors of Komsomolskaya Pravda should now put a monument to the president for advertising their publications, which the president is reading on her way to work and which contains lots of useful information, including on matters of gardening.Questions about the awakened Cthulhu was not, but without that Vladimir Putin has behaved fairly relaxed, periodically podpuskaya easy jokes than pretty entertained the audience at this moment in front of television audiences. For example, it has not entered into confusion question about Putin's recent joke about the President of Israel Moshe Katsav, accused of sexual harassment to her colleague and even rape. Vladimir Vladimirovich, assumed a serious look, sensibly and carefully voiced its position on violence against women. But in the end could not resist, and, remembering the same piece of phrases, popular idea of media as saying the test on the alleged jealousy of male strength 61-year-old Israeli president, said: "I talked about it, when journalists had already left the hall before they flew only scrap it. As we once joked, when I worked in a completely different organization: they sent a peep, but they are listening.'s ugly, "- smiled at the president, what finally won the hearts of viewers.

In short, your next president passed the exam. As far as his words did not diverge from the real action, try again, have the Russians. And in the very near future. So, to relax, Vladimir Putin early. Even if he had heard the confession of love.

Igor Kulagin


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