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MP Chuyev and blue lobby Ksyusha Sobchak

July 25 2007

Yet the Internet is a zone of free communication and history, has happened to a State Duma deputy Alexander Chuyev, it would seem only exception to the rule, some unfortunate accident. And maybe not an accident, and regularity. And not the exception, and the witness of a new information policy in the increasingly popular among bloggers, formed by the blue lobby. "

Their diaries on the Internet has many well-known politicians: Yevgeny Roizman, Alexander Lebedev, Mikhail Delyagin, Andrei Saveliev, Victor Alksnis and others. Over a year has been blogging and State Duma deputy Alexander Chuyev, which are constantly taking place some absurdities.

Once Alexander Chuyev started penetrating conversation ... with the robot. There is a rosiyskoy blogosphere such a service when the machine automatically notifies of a LiveJournal user that his message got "in the top30 most discussed topics. Bored by the lack of communication was the deputy did not fail to thank for taking care of unexpected interlocutor. "Thanks for the information. I never thought that my thoughts are someone so interesting ...", - wrote a deputy and ... immediately became an object of ridicule by the more advanced Internet users. But to his credit, did not lose his presence of mind: "Here I am such a - an ignoramus ... Well done. Could not think that there are still robots (Learn in a sense) But some people do here is ? ... Maybe even most of those kto something here, too, writes robots? "- tried to justify the hapless blogger.

However, the experience, as they say, comes with eating, and activities of the deputy Chuev on the Internet interested in his opponents. The first bell rang in June last year. "My previous entry was not included in Blog Search on Yandex. Although the record has the words" deputy Chuyev, but after searching to find this entry is impossible. This can only mean one thing: Yandex has entered the political censorship of the blogs against the party "United Russia". Check out my words, and if they are confirmed, then distribute this information through the Learn "- sounded the alarm member, but no one heard.

And now, a year later, the deputy Chuev again suffered the horror of Internet censorship. But this time the opponents dropped the mask.

"Yandex again decided to quarrel with the deputy Chuev. And remove it from the log of search results for blogs. But there appeared no relation - a representative of the infamous" House-2 ". With non-working magazine a year ago. Again, the political censorship of" Yandex ", or just someone something someone from the staff for something to pay, "- asks the rhetorical question is not the MP. sort out this scandalous situation.

- I'm trying to send some letter to Yandex, but nowhere to send, as they hid all their addresses, and now they have no Internet addresses, they can not send mail. So I'll try, maybe write them in the usual way. I'll see another day or two, if you do not appear, then, of course, I will write and will send them an inquiry - told plans Alexander Chuyev. - Let's see how blogs puts on ratings. And we will see the amazing thing is that blogs are some people do not get up, while others are almost deserted, no one is interesting, for some reason, appear at the top. And, as a rule abhorrent, disgusting. And if we see something like the Orthodox Gazenvagena, or Dr. Livesey, I do not think this is such an interesting and informative blog.

The company Yandex Meanwhile, all claims of Mr. Chuyev considered untenable. Moreover, it is unknown what seemed deputy at a certain point, because his blog is still listed in search engines. However, so if you catch the invisible pests, then to the finish.

p align = "justify"> - It's so obvious! I'm fairly active on the Internet itself, you know my conflict with homosexuals. And I think that homosexuals fairly long arms, and they will now try to hurt me. It is unclear who took the newspaper from Yaroslavl politician "suddenly three numbers in a row wrote me the most vile things. In such a way that I can not even turn to the prosecutor - Alexander complained to his meanness detractors. - Too long we have not taken this into account, and now gay men began to represent themselves from a force that is reasonably active, and frankly, I think that now the force, including fights with me, said the MP.

As regards the current situation with the advent of the twin Chuyev of the House-2 ", then to her, according to the deputy, took a hand in a well-known television presenter. "I think it's a little revenge on me by Ksenia Sobchak, because I oppose the House-2" - said Mr. Chuev, explaining his name is quite rare, however someone has found a man's surname and initials of which completely identical surname and initials of the State Duma deputy.

- Yes, my great love of Xenia, unfortunately, this involved. Of course, I do not know ... but I guess it is. Here's a good girl could be a wonderful wife could give birth to a bunch of beautiful children, but engaged in some sort of bullshit, honestly. Honestly, even pitiful. Maybe she just has not found his love, and then it all just looking for others and for ourselves still not found - made an unexpected confession, and Alexander turned away and ordered another cup of "cappuccino". It seemed that the tears ran down his cheek, but the deputy quickly pulled himself together: "Well, no, you read the newspapers, there are a lot of things written about me. I think it is a struggle, the normal political struggle, but it is up to the elections began."

And I realized that the deputy Chuev not one of those who depart before the difficulties and fawn over the more powerful opponents. But it is perfectly understandable and something else: as an Orthodox gentleman, he will not retaliate Ksenia Sobchak. There are situations in life when you can not meet the meanness to meanness. And this is one of them. Suppose that it is dictated by personal motives.

Arina Semenova


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