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"Rodina" - "Life": hasty marriage of convenience

July 25 2006

Held in Moscow a joint press conference of the leaders of the Motherland "Babakov and the Russian Party of Life Sergei Mironov was clear sensation. Two parties, one of which still calls itself "the largest opposition" and the other for all the years of its existence, so nothing done contrary to the current government, unexpectedly announced their decision to unite.

And although the technology merger, the two leaders made it clear very vague (Babakov said only that an agreement was reached on the establishment of several working groups, which are designed to explore the technical side of the problem), both sides intend to start in October this year to jointly participate in the elections in Perm and in the spring regional election campaign in 2007. The ultimate purpose of the merger should be a common list of nominations for election to the State Duma in the autumn of next year.

The ideological basis of "consolidation" tried to establish a leader with prostate cancer and concurrently head of the Federation Council Sergei Mironov, said that such a database will be left and patriotic ideology. And the leader of the Motherland "at once invited to participate in creating a new alliance of" other political forces ". Thus, apparently, advertising "appeal" found "the homeland" and prostate cancer consensus for the other forces of the left-patriotic. Or, conversely, trying to disguise their own anguish about the prospects of the alliance.

And the prospects are even with the closer scrutiny looks extremely doubtful. Suffice it to recall the current electoral rating Rodina, fluctuating around 2% (compared to 9% in the elections of 2003). If to him automatically add 1 per cent (the maximum possible by today's standards) support enjoyed by the electorate with prostate cancer, a new "family" is still far falls short of the 7 percent barrier that must be overcome to enter the State Duma in 2007 .

Besides the purely arithmetical addition of the percentage of "motherland" and PC correctly in principle, since the union, sealed so obvious "white threads, known to repel" the motherland "the overwhelming majority of the electorate. And "Life" Voters never supports not complain. So what about any cumulative effect of combining the efforts of the two parties, there was no question in principle.

Equally alarming prospect aware of the way, and by the participants of the alliance. Not by chance, at the same press conference, Sergei Mironov proposed to reduce the entrance barrier at the elections to the Duma to 3% (or at least to 5%). "Do not cut off the high barrier process of becoming parties in Russia", - he said. And it became obvious that he meant, above all, themselves and their supporters.

The obvious doubts about the electoral prospects of the alliance "homeland" and prostate cancer are compounded obvious fact: that "marriage" was the result of "random connection", moreover, very fleeting and forced. Now Babakov publicly declares that created the alliance makes it possible to "consolidate the left forces and will reduce the influence exerted by the party in power in the processes occurring in the country. But more recently he's answering the question, what counts Sergei Mironov, who decided to personally head the list of prostate cancer in the elections in Lipetsk, replied as follows: "Apparently, Mironov considers himself a very credible and a politician wants to get more votes for his party. The victory at the elections of Lipetsk raise the popularity of prostate cancer, but this is limited. As rival party Mironov we are not afraid. " And these are just a few days the leader of the Motherland "doing rapid evolution, changing from a political opponent of prostate cancer in its" beloved ".

Alliance between the two parties was likely to lead to the final collapse of the old "Motherland" and the outflow from it many of its current members.Unlike followers Babakova, who have decided to "marriage of convenience" with prostate cancer, the supporters of the same Rogozin will continue to have marked the rapprochement with the liberal political forces - the same Kasyanov. Anyway, one of the companions of the former leader of the Motherland ", Duma deputy Andrei Saveliev told Interfax that the ideological position of the" Motherland "and" Party Life "are diametrically opposed. So MP is set to initiate together with like-minded extraordinary congress "homeland" to put on it a question of no confidence in the current leadership of the party.

Yuri Filatov

Oleg Artyukov

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