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Nazis in the U.S., or the mysteries of the Fourth Reich

June 25 2008

The reason for the long-standing confrontation between Russia and the U.S. are formed the basis of Nazi lobby emigrated to North America executives NSDAP. It is their participation in the "cold war" became the means for criminals, which allowed "to escape responsibility for the murders committed by them."

In his book "The Rise of the Fourth Reich - the secret societies that threaten to take America", a famous American writer, conspiracy Jim Marrs claims that "during World War II were defeated by the Germans, not Nazis, who simply had to escape - they were scattered all the four cardinal points, and many of them moved to the United States, entered into what President Dwight Eisenhower called the "military-industrial complex." "They brought with them the miraculous technology of weapons that helped the U.S. win a race in outer space, but they also brought with is in our country their insidious Nazi philosophy, which relies on the authoritarian principle that the end justifies the means, including the outbreak is not instigated wars of aggression and curtailment of individual liberties "- the author stresses in his preface to the book.

Marrs gives in his book, several well-known statement of American political scientists point to the anti-Russian action of the Bush administration, as NATO's eastward expansion, and plans to deploy missile defense (NMD) in Poland and the Czech Republic. "Some researchers believe that the return of America to the Cold War" is another example of what global National Socialists still have not given up attempts to suppress Russia ", - writes Marrs.

Attitude towards Jim Marrs is not unambiguous. For example, the journalist claims that the death of John F. Kennedy was caused by a decision of the president to disclose information about the phenomenon of UFOs. D. Marrs says that there is a CIA document from 1962, which outlines the contents of an intercepted conversation between Marilyn Monroe and the Hollywood reporter Dorothy Kilgallen, held two days before Monroe's death. "During a telephone conversation Monroe Kilgallen reports that JFK told her about his visit a secret air base, where he examined the objects from outer space" - says D. Marrs. According to the "Hunter's secrets" in 1963, Bill Holden, a steward on board the aircraft number one, reported on his conversation with Kennedy in which he asked the President what he thinks about UFOs. Kennedy became very serious and said - "I would like to inform the public about the situation with a UFO, but my hands are tied." "However, there is evidence that the November 12, 1963 Kennedy ordered the CIA to submit all documents on UFOs to the White House, and it was two weeks before the fatal shots," - says Dmitry Mars.

As for "American Reich, here Jim Marrs is hard to blame fantazerstve. In 2006, the CIA took the unprecedented step of declassified documents showing the postwar collaboration of U.S. intelligence and U.S. government to Nazi war criminals. In particular, publicity materials were put on the use of U.S. intelligence agencies of Nazi war criminals in the work against the Soviet Union during the Cold War. " The Working Group was established, in particular, that at least five aides Obersturmbahnführer SS and leader of the "Jewish Department" imperial control security Adolf Eichmann after World War II worked for the CIA. In total of 23 Nazi war criminals received offers of cooperation by U.S. intelligence.

zvestno also about the secret meeting in August 1944, Nazi leaders with leading German industrialists to plan a secret postwar organization of an international network that was supposed to bring them back to power. The meeting was chaired by a certain "Doctor Shade ', Obergruppenfiihrer (General) HS and director of" Hermsdorff and Schoenberg, and among its members were official representatives of seven German companies, including Krupp, pulpits, Messerschmidt and Volkswagen. A well-known Communist, the author of "Mafia SS Viktor Alexandrov quotes Shade, who said that the battle for France was lost, and as of today: The German industry must realize that war can not be won, and she needs to take steps to prepare for the postwar commercial campaign. " "As soon as the (Nazi) party would be strong enough to restore its control over Germany the industrialists will be paid for their efforts and cooperation of concessions and orders" - goes on to say.

The same topic raises and K. Simpson, a reporter in the book "Blowback," arguing that after the Second World War, the CIA subsidized the Nazi immigrants so that they have laid a strong extreme right-wing base in the U.S.. These Nazis occupied prominent positions in "ethnic committees to provide assistance to the needy in the Republican Party. Simpson documents the fact that the Nazis came to America not as individuals but as part of organized groups to deal with the Nazi political agenda.

Simpson shows how the State Department and CIA have included high-ranking Nazi intelligence payroll "for the use of their knowledge and experience in the conduct of propaganda and psychological warfare, as well as with other intentions. The most important Nazi who worked for the U.S. was Reinhard Gehlen, the highest rank of military intelligence on Hitler's eastern front. After Germany's defeat became apparent, Gehlen offered the U.S. certain concessions in exchange for his own protection. He was instrumental in promoting the Cold War propaganda in favor of the right of the political wing in this country, and helped the Americans to create the perception of the Cold War.

The consequences of this "resettlement" and "Adaptation" Nazis in November 1988 opened a small newspaper, Washington Dzhyuish Week, "arguing that the coalition supporting the Bush campaign, includes a number of outspoken Nazis and anti-Semites. This topic is a few years later was picked up by K. Simpson, said of his father and grandfather of George Bush Sr.. were directly related to the financing of Adolph Hitler.

May 9, 1984, Simon Wiesenthal curled: "Nazi criminals have learned the greatest benefit from the Cold War. The mentality of the Cold War, blatantly advertised R. Gehlen and other Nazis, became a haven for tens of thousands of Nazi war criminals. Help the far right in this country to promote cold-war hysteria has become a "source of the" Nazi war criminals in the U.S.. Says K. Simpson, the Cold War became the tool for criminals, which allowed them to "avoid responsibility for the killings committed by them."

Michael Strelnikov


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