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Go to fight some old

May 25 2007

Like a few years ago, the former head of the Central Bank and now chairman of the board of directors of Yukos Gerashchenko not going to engage in politics, playing quite convenient to anything non-binding role of a wedding general. But the 70-year old man again asked to perform solo in the presidential election. This time, however, puppeteers quite wrong.

Majority of the population Gerashchenko known only by its nickname of "Herakles," the status of the former head of the Central Bank of Russia and savory phrase "ch ... Dili, bl ... di". So his statement about the decision to nominate candidates for president from the opposition for many was a surprise. Yabloko leader Grigory Yavlinsky, even thought it was a joke, adding that "the democratic opposition will have its own candidate," and "Gerashchenko and Kasyanov - not our candidates." Several angrily responded to the demarche Gerashchenko Kasyanov and his supporters were skeptical about the chances of Hercules in the election. But the leader of the United Civil Front, Garry Kasparov, defending the interests of the former co-owner of Yukos, Leonid Nevzlin, and another Russian tycoon Boris Berezovsky has supported the nomination of Gerashchenko, presenting it almost the only possible candidate that can unite everyone - from bureaucrats to street marginals.

In contrast to Kasparov's underclass, which has among other deficiencies also are not credible appearance Gerashchenko seems to fugitive Russian oligarch ideal candidate. "The statement of Victor Gerashchenko of his decision to run for president of Russia, confirms my thought that even among senior officials matured understanding of the need of regime change" - said Boris Berezovsky. Nevzlin has so far refused to comment, but here the blind, it is clear that the fugitive oligarch in Israel is not leaving Suitcase mood and it is necessary as the air the person who can avert his hammer blows of the Russian Prosecutor General's Office and as a consequence, the Israeli High Court of Justice to settle the case deprivation Nevzlin Israeli citizenship.

But the undoubted advantage Gerashchenko compared with the same authority Kasyanov became ex-banker in nationalistic environment. Gerashchenko quite closely related to the spiritual father of Russian nationalist Dmitry Rogozin, and it is possible that just under Hercules prepares party "Great Russia", the role of technical director until performs a State Duma deputy Andrei Saveliev. Despite the fact that they themselves "Great Russia" in all possible ways to emphasize their independence from the oligarchs, unexpectedly solid financing "Great Russia" that allows employees to appoint the party apparatus fabulous salaries, throwing hundreds of thousands of dollars on expensive color edition of the party newspaper, shows modest looming behind Rogozin and Saveliev shadow Berezovsky has long been trying to play the patriotic card.

Yes, and Gerashchenko unlikely to selections from haphazard and marginal "Other Russia", obviously disdaining to be on the same platform with Limonov. But be nominated by a registered party (unless, of course, "Great Russia" will be registered), while stressing its sympathy for the "Other Russia" - and why not.

Highlighted its participation in the electoral campaign of Viktor Gerashchenko and regular political consultant "Other Russia" Stanislav Belkovsky, determined by habit to confuse the marks and stating that a self-nomination Gerashchenko are "some of the Communist Party leaders and Kremlin-connected figures." However, neither the Kremlin nor the more the Communists are not interested in a presidential candidate Gerashchenko like to sit in London and Tel Aviv, former Russian oligarchs.

toke Trifonov


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