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Stunted gold

May 25 2006

Why do people aspire to get into power? Then, apparently, honestly and faithfully serve the people. And even to call themselves have become not only as "public servants", thus emphasizing his humble position in society compared with the working class - the vanguard of the revolution. And even in school kids dreamed of becoming police officers, doctors, astronauts, etc., and those who wanted to be "store manager, as the Pope, was ridiculed at a public meeting. And when to take the Pioneers, it really wanted to live, study and struggle, as bequeathed the great Lenin, as taught by the Communist Party ... here only later, at home parents said: "learn, son, and thou shalt be all my life to turn the nuts ... we here at the time of foolishness went on working, but Uncle Vova is now the chief began, rowing money ...".

Since then nothing has changed. Is that young people have not the slightest desire to repeat the fate of generations of janitors and watchmen, a clear understanding for yourself - where power and money there. But the glitter of gold ducats blinds. And because fans cut down some money in an easy to forget that a lot of money on the bureaucratic office earn relatively simple. Here are just a risky business, as illegal. And for a crime, as known from classical music, surely be punished.

The scandal unfolding around the leadership of the Nenets autonomous district, just one of those. The fact that the acting governor of the region may be in the dock on charges of financial mismanagement, until recently could not even dream of any head of Russia's regions, even in the most terrible dream. It's in the Stalinist Soviet Union or one of the officials do not feel safe. And in the second half of the 20 century the Soviet bureaucracy was gradually transformed into a caste of untouchables, which tends to shield its members from external troubles. Over time, their positions are strengthened and a sense of their own security was transformed into unshakable confidence.

Ask any resident of the area: Do they have an honest governor, mayor, etc.? In 90% of cases the answer will be negative. And how, sometimes, is published in the press? But the local kings just lazily dismiss the charges brought against them by society, proudly seated on his throne. Another thing, when the state of financial well-being "servants of the people" are interested in law enforcement. Here, of course, have to be fidgety, especially if those bodies are beyond you.

When the head of the Nenets AO Aleksei Barinov, after questioning by the prosecutor's office asked for awhile, Aleksey Viktorovich not immediately realized the gravity of the situation. Perhaps why it took considerable time to post disclaimers to confess guilt, the refusal to testify and the denial of food intake to nominate the basic version - it is a political order.

Can not but agree with the Nenets governor - it is definitely political. But if, for example, a pickpocket stole a pensioner 700 rubles, then there fine Uglovka. But when a high official by simple manipulation becomes the happy owner of several million rubles, but even if this official is also the head of the whole region, the case of minor criminal grows into a large political.

But events took place even when a high official has controlled the affairs of "Arhangelskgeologodobycha. It is clear that pay taxes no one wants. Why, take away your hard earned! And therefore invented a variety of schemes, as if these taxes to pay less. JSC Arhangelskgeologodobycha "was in the plan now unique - less than three years, the company's management has managed to hide from the tax authorities of the order of 118 million rubles. However, as soon as this figure was featured in the records of the tax, the company attempted to challenge the test results.Trying to out successful criminal managed to knock off an amount more than double that, however, did not save the Governor of the prosecutor's office issues and allegations of tax evasion in especially large sizes, fraud and attempted embezzlement of entrusted property of others.

Barinov, probably a little more fortunate than his colleagues - the Deputy Governor of Chelyabinsk Region Konstantin Bochkarev, charged with abuse of office. Deputy Governor charged that the administration on behalf of the governor of Chelyabinsk region without competition on his own initiative he had acquired through the Moscow art commercial structure in excess of 180 million rubles for the Governor's residence, the actual cost is about 68 million rubles. Thus, 112 million rubles went ... in general, are gone.

In contrast, however, from his colleagues, Chelyabinsk, Nenets governor is counting on the support of their colleagues - members of the District Assembly. The latter, incidentally, interrupting each other insist it is on a version of a political order by its competitors. What prevented the competitors did not specify, but here's how the general economic competition has led to political clashes with those who do not have the right to engage in commercial activity - raises questions about obscure to others of the county government officials.

Well, let's say, with the main culprit scandal - a senator from the Nenets AO Alexander Sabadash, the removal of which from office insisted Federation Council Speaker Sergei Mironov, the all clear. Alexander Sabadash is co-owner of distillery LIVIZ, the Vyborg Pulp and Paper Mill, the company "Russian Diesel, has business interests in the U.S.. It is also obvious and the reason Nenets governor, along with some local MPs stood up for Alexander Sabadash - at one time they strive to "Vodka King" won the parliamentary mandate. However, and Sabadash not sit idly by finding the active use of proceeds from the sale of vodka.

Immediately after his re-election Sabadash senator from District Assembly deputy Igor Koshin became the happy owner of a jeep Lexus, Japanese snowmobile "Skid" and boats. Exactly the same kit (with the exception of boat), got another deputy - Grigory Filippov, nicknamed "Grisha." And given the young age of the deputies, barely stepped 30-year milestone, such gifts, they had to taste. It was now possible vengeance swagger before the girls, good, that their own families, they acquire no hurry. Hardly any of the inhabitants of the Nenets AO likes to visit Moscow casinos and strip clubs, otherwise they would immediately have noticed "sweet couple, with ease of moths, flies from one institution to another. However, homosexual young MPs do not suffer, but apparently reconsidered in the childhood of films about Eastern rulers. To our knowledge, Igor Koshin, for example, liked to book your room directly with 2-3 priestesses of love at the same time.

Not depart from the youth and another colleague - Viktor Fomin. From prostitutes to him, though, no luck - once, underpaid girls from ekskort services, he was severely bit the local pimps, and to top it all the adversity and still was in the police. After that, with a weak half Fomin began to behave carefully, looking for more available to men. So fight, arranged by Fomin in a restaurant, during which the MP has managed to beat just two visitors, no one was surprised. The whole town knew the well-known trouble-makers, who made his reputation on every kind of debauch. But even this rowdy knew the value of money. When he was the duties of the Director orphanage, Victor managed to snitch about 100 million rubles.And in 1998, Auditing check the district administration has identified the illegal expenditure of funds and material damage worth 9.4 million rubles, and the flow of funds, not confirmed by documents, amounting to 76 million rubles. At the time, Fomin lucky fellow, and he limited himself to censure.

Hardly, people who receive huge profits through the possession of administrative resources and other capabilities were honest and respect to residents of the District. Maybe it is certainly true, that's just unlikely honesty deputies will be accepted on faith in human beings, most of whom live in low cost money, most of which ends up in the pockets of bureaucrats gone too far. While these and perhaps other MPs and officials can safely drive on a Lexus, but, as popular wisdom, how much rope does not curl, and the end to be.

Igor Kulagin


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