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On the graves of heroes walking prostitutes ...

April 25 2007

Some representatives of patriotic, as they believe the movement in Russia can be calm - Estonia got a great chance to be justified in the eyes of world public opinion for the dismantling of the memorial to Soviet Liberator Soldier in Tallinn city center. The scandal around the bloated transfer the graves of Soviet pilots in Khimki near Moscow on Novoluzhinskoe cemetery allows leaders of the Baltic countries do not pay attention to the angry notes of protest to the Russian side. Say, you first with his "bronze soldier" will be examined, and then in another's affairs nose pop.

Monument and the graves of six pilots shot down near Moscow during the war, were on the 19-kilometer highway Leningrad Leningrad highway near the NPO. Lavochkin. As it is, unfortunately, often happens after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the memorial was no use to anyone and, finding themselves without the proper attention and care, quickly fell into disrepair. Yes, and it was located far from downtown. A few dozen meters from the monument noise "from Leningrad, with its constant traffic jams, and from the rear fence of the monument covers the company. In addition, as it turned out, akkurat at the graves is sewage, and yes even "night butterflies" which runs side by side with tracks chosen by public garden near the memorial for trucking their natural needs. "In the morning you go - on the monument condoms hanging, this is blasphemy!" - Outraged member of the Board of Veterans Khimki pilot Nikolay Kurshev, writes Nezavisimaya Gazeta. In short, the prospects for the monument were frankly unflattering.

Case headway after the election of a new head of administration of Khimki, to address this problem. Since the place and in fact was too restless, it was decided to build a new complex on the mall Heroes Novoluzhinskogo cemetery, located in the heart of the city, and there transferring the remains of the dead. Since 2004. Khimki united military commissariat were sent queries to search for relatives of the victims. Managed to establish a family of Hero of the USSR ml. Lieutenant Rodionov MA, Red Borodavkin BA and Maksimov, SV and get their agreement on the transfer of graves. In this case, it was agreed in principle to keep the monument in the old place, bringing it into the appropriate form. During 2006. This issue was discussed with the public of the city. Including those with veterans' organizations and local communists, only welcome the decision of the mayor.

Morning of April 19th Brigade of the enterprise "Ritual" dug up the remains of soldiers and transported them to the city morgue of the city of Khimki. The monument itself was left intact, and the land around him loosen, leveled and planted seeds of lawn grass.

It would seem, should rejoice. But there it was. Likely played a role ignorance Khimki residents who have seen how to spot the graves of heroes shuruyut bulldozers. Calls began, indignant remarks on the Internet, etc. The first took their bearings capital communists. More precisely, the chief editor of the official website of the Communist Party, Anatoly Baranov. Published on resources under his control the news about the barbaric practices of the authorities that undermine the graves of war heroes and thus offend feelings of veterans.

Scandal gladly picked up virtually all the liberal media, telling how the night authorities razed monument. Could not take advantage of conveniently tucked case and Estonians. The Estonian press never tired of wondering "why Russia is so concerned about the fate of the monument on Tonismagi, when in Khimki city authorities decided to remove the monument to the victims during World War II and the ashes reburied at rest there pilots." What the answer is probably easy to guess.

to return to our sheep. Catch their theme, the site of Anatoly Baranov "Forum.msk" quotes "the local Communists, perturbed by the fact that" the administration did not warn of any committee of veterans or community organizations or members of the local council - that is, secretly decided to take this step. " "Just want to ask - what do we better Estonians who are just going to move the monument to the Liberator Soldier?" Against them stands all sensible public, but here in Khimki - the city where they were stopped fascist hordes on the outskirts of Moscow, the administration and secretly takes one not asking for dragging the remains of the defenders where she pleases, and even on the eve of Victory Day! " - Ask the Communists Khimki site Forum.msk.

What kind of abstract "Communists" had remained a mystery. The federal leadership of the Communist Party did not respond to a mythical "desecration of history", and Khimki district committee of the Communist Party issued a sharp statement against provocateurs. "In recent days, the media appeared unhealthy speculation on the alleged grievance Khimki district branch of the Communist Party on the transfer of the monument to the pilots who died during the war. On behalf of the district branch of the Communist Party claim that this event is held in accordance with the Board of Deputies Khimki District 2005 , and on the treatment of Khimki Veterans Council in preparation for the celebration of Victory Day, and no objections on this matter to anyone we have not imagined. All public, veterans' organizations Khimki supported the initiative of the Council of Deputies and the city administration. Unfortunately, there are forces that even such holy days trying to use to destabilize the socio-political situation and the gathering of political dividends, are trying to split the ranks of the newly elected Board of Deputies of the urban district Khimki, " the statement said the Communists , signed by the First Secretary of the Communist Khimki district branch of the Communist Party Suvorov FG

It soon became clear and the author of "sensationalism." "There is speculation that this information about the alleged illegal transfer of the memorial on the site posted the Communist Party District Committee of the Communist Party second secretary Alexei Perfilov - said the deputy head of administration of city district Khimki Alexander Danilov. - That's it for some reason and are guided by many who did not bother to come or call, to understand the situation, verify this information. All charges are based on only one letter that was posted on the site Communist Party. "

More specifically voiced statement of the Chief of homes, which "could not stay away and do not express an opinion on the events that were caused by the expression of the personal ambitions of one young man, a member of the Board of Deputies of the Communist Party of Alexei Perfilova.

"I express on behalf of the senior home my sincere gratitude to the Company veterans, an initiative to reburial, the administration, which drew attention to this proposal, on the very place where the remains of the heroes of the war. And where are they?" Where are communication, there where the noise and pylyat machines running alongside the highway. Do these guys deserve this "honor." And yet, the burial place of remoteness from the city center. I'm sure our younger generation does not even know that there is a monument to the heroes and the elderly is difficult to get to him - says the Chairman of the Coordinating Council of Senior home county N. Shibaev. - After the speech, one of the programs of the Central Television with comments on the action A.erfilova, puzzling, to put it mildly, is a note of Mr. Suvorov FG (KPRF, Khimki Branch) in Khimki news from 21.04.07g. In which he serves as an active supporter of the reburial, even reported on activities planned for this topic. And this is after all over the country one of its members, the Communist Party offices, to the same member city council to discredit a good thing, not vniknuv not understand its essence. Not with that began the young MP. And the head of the office party be ashamed to lead a double play. Admit their mistakes - you need to have courage. Council senior non-political organization and does not suffer from disease, "career", we do not enter into political debates, but we the voters and ask dear deputies from the Communist Party before the position itself, check all the documents. "

However, not only the opposition seized on the "hot" news, not bothering to look into the situation. Heard the bell, but does not know where he and the leader of Just Russia, Federation Council Speaker Sergei Mironov, compared with the case in the Khimki situation in Estonia, where the authorities, he said, still struggling with the monuments of Great Patriotic War. "To prevent their graves, must understand not only the public but also the appropriate authorities," - he said.

But the intemperate language and hasty judgments Mironov, you can still understand and forgive. It is quite another Glavred site and Forum.msk Anatoly Baranov, was not the first time the party substituted under attack . Only if his antics earlier focused exclusively Communist Party , now he is beginning to take an anti-Russian stance. Why are only publishing Forum.msk in which the U.S. State Department indicated as "credible foreign agencies" against which the government "has launched a real information war in its controlled media" . So inflated with the help of Internet-communist scandal for allegedly insulting the reburial of soldiers who gave Estonia and its allies to rise to blackmail Russia, not the last in the strategic line, led by editor

Dmitry Nosov


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