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Eggs and "orange" revolution

April 25 2006

Internet community continues to follow the most current developments in the Russian public and political life, giving her, nontrivial estimates of what is happening. Not bound hand and foot editorial policy and other conventions, LJ-users have the ability to directly and openly declare what they actually witnessed.

On the front line

Subject xenophobia, fascism and ethnic hatred still continues to excite Russian LJ users. New informpovodom was the murder of Armenian student at the Pushkinskaya metro station, in which the media immediately - apparently out of habit - was accused of skinheads. Now it turns out that the murder is likely to happen because of a girl and a suspect in the murder of a young man - odinnadtsatiklasnik one of Moscow schools no relation to the skinheads did not have.

"Even without going into details of the investigation into the murder V. Abramyants, we can assume that will start shouting:" Killer defended his honor, the girl, her grandmother and so on. "Such cries only provoke new murder if they are, then there will be new crime if such cries will not have a chance to stop this horror, "- wrote Ekaterinburg gyurgy community ru_politics . However, not all of his opponents agree.

"And if he (the killer) it is actually defending their honor or the honor of his girlfriend?" - Asked the National Bolshevik rsadovsky - Either you do not know such a thing? You probably antifoshyzm going to preach, even when you Armenians are in force .. start? "

Theme of "the terrible Russian foshyzma" generally very popular among the authors ru_politics. "Fighters" for the rights of Russian in Russia "does not understand what they are - first the gravediggers of their own country - passionately assures his readers silver_mangusta . - I am sure that they give money to just those who are interested in the disintegration of Russia. Aggressive nationalism generates a response. Russia - Empire, as you can not understand this? It combines a multitude of people. As soon as we forget what unites us and let us look for what divides the country will cease to exist ... Defenders of Armenian students and Tajik girls are the real patriots of Russia, care about their country. "

Unfortunately, Silver Mongoose is not yet very well known among the inhabitants of LJ-space. But a well-known member of an elite club tysjachnikov " pioneer_lj with caustic sarcasm, ridicule those same defenders of the rights of national minorities, who tend to blame all crimes "Russian foshystov." "But dozens of witnesses have sworn upon the Declaration of Human Rights that his own eyes have seen dozens of unruly skinheads attacked the Armenian children and with the terrifying inhuman screams "Russia for ruSSkih! Haylgitler!" Accident slashed with knives. It is clear that the authorities patronize skinheads and hide the awful truth about their crimes. Yesterday in the journal of humanist public appeared truthful testimony of witnesses that a horde of skinheads swept through the tunnels of the Moscow metro, killing Caucasian children and the elderly, vsparyvaya stomachs of pregnant women, smashing babies heads against the railings. Miraculously surviving witnesses ran to his knees in the blood of the innocent victims of Russian nationalism. "

Political "Action"

p align = "justify"> Interested parties from the Democratic Party and the Liberal Democratic Party still communicate with injections, recalling yesterday's battle at the Central Office of the Liberal Democratic Party. Starting positions of the parties originally were unequal: a dozen depeerovtsev were open on all sides than the defenders were quick to take advantage of the Falcons of Zhirinovsky, had overtaken the uninvited guests "more than 20 balls with water, a few dozen eggs and plastic bags filled with colored water," wrote sergey_lapshin . The protesters from the Democratic Party, led by their leaders, did not flinch, even though they thought that the package was not the water, and human wastes, and survived until the end. After that, pleased with himself, departed for home.

Democrats and oligarchs

While chairman of the SPS Nikita White conquer America, his colleague at the camp demokrticheskomu Grigory Yavlinsky drew his gaze to rosiiyskuyu hinterland. Driving past the Ekaterinburg, Yabloko leader cast as a shock to all local democratic public, telling who is actually interferes with "Apple" to take a leading position in the democratic movement. "On the recent situation with the" Defense "in Moscow, he said that Yashin (and" Apple "in general) has always opposed accepting money from oligarchs. In" Defense "in Moscow, he said, were people who said that no matter from the money. This is the main reason for exit Moscow "Yabloko" from "defense." In addition, Yavlinsky said proplachennosti some people who are not allowed, in particular, Yashin go to the Duma in Moscow "- talks about meeting with Yavlinsky Yekaterinburg Andrei Khachaturov and quotes from speeches "apple" of the King:

"In our country, two of paranoia:" Orange Revolution "and the fact that all run in the Kremlin for money."

"VAT and FMG wants only one thing - move the Putin. What to do next, they do not know and do not want to think about it." I understand Kasparov as a chess player. In chess, the main task - to checkmate the king. "In fact, they advocate the" Orange Revolution. "I'm very cautious about the patient to any revolution. We will do everything possible to stay within the legal field. "

"In 1990, shouting that we have no money, so we can not do anything. We cry out that we have too much money, so we can not do anything."

"Asked whether he feels guilty for the failed reform of 1990:" I feel anger at all of these "democrats" who denigrated the true democracy. "

"When under Gorbachev allowed to travel abroad quite a lot of people decided that democracy - a supermarket. And when there we have big-box stores, they said:" This is it, democracy! "

"In 1996 I knew that Yeltsin did not beat. I wanted to be a third to Yeltsin negotiated with me before the second round, to change its social and economic policies."

"In elections to the Moscow City Duma, we have lost 25% of voters, because they said:" You have teamed up with the ATP, it means you are the same as they were thieves, etc. "

Spy Games

One of the leaders of the Left Front Ilya Ponomarevwarns of new danger: the "Kremlin polititehnologa" Marat Gelman , a new project. The project is called "State Duma deputy from the Rodina faction Oleg Shein. " galerist engaged Shein turning into a big left politician, leader of a new party, writes Ilya Ponomarev. - Only after Oleg's cockroach no less than that of Bori (Kagarlitskogo), and they've shown themselves at different points in history. Only one roll at a bare theory, the other vice versa - in practice. The only authority in the asset at Kagarlitsky something bigger is (was). Political technologies have got. "

The scandals of our town

Activist "Defence" Alexander Golmakov tells of the terrible case of plagiarism. "In Yekaterinburg, declared a" Social Security ". It is - the beginning of the election campaign of a politician. It calls itself the party, although it is not registered (and unlikely to be registered). The city placed orange tents in which the handed out oranges and the newspaper Social Security "- wrote" oboronets. "- But that's half woes: she uses as the logo of a fist Defense! That is because arrogance.'s interesting how they let such a hit upon, and how dare to use our logo. We have, of course, also no it copyrights, but it is outrageous, "- he does not conceal his indignation.

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