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Virtual victory: Kasyanov's failure was predictable

January 25 2008

Most of the representatives of the expert community converge in their assessments of the main causes of failure that is come upon the leader of the Russian People's Democratic Union Mikhail Kasyanov. In their opinion, the reasons for the failure of Kasyanov lie literally on the surface.

The fact is that staying around the officer, not a politician, former prime minister was in chinovichi formally approached his presidential campaign - to his nomination to the need in such cases, party-building, to the political agenda and, most importantly, to Indicating in the end all the political hypocrisy collecting signatures in their support.

"If he really tried to act as a normal politician, he tried to create his own party - says" second retirement "Kasyanov, head of the Foundation Studies democracy Maxim Grigoriev - that regardless of the various legal or bureaucratic obstacles, sooner or later would have been registered. And those parties and movements, with whom he worked, the analyst believes, have shown that they can hardly function as a political entity.

According to the expert, the program RNDS a populist attempt to reconcile the impossible, a set of economic and political slogans, which is hard enough to agree with each other. "It seems that Kasyanov was in favor of free market, pro-integration into the global economy and the development of economic relations, - notes in this regard, Maxim Grigoriev. - However, it has left and populist slogans, such as limiting the growth in prices, free education and many other social benefits. "

In this case, the political scientist is sure that Kasyanov did not even attempt to organize the collection of signatures, and the intention to collect them in such a way that it was not registered in CEC, since "for former prime minister won the election with 1% or 2%, which it could type in reality, turned to cross on his conditional social and political career. "

Quite possibly, this is what explains the fact that after the second sample of CEC, rejected 13.38% of voter signatures in support of Kasyanov. All in all, it was revealed more than 80.2 thousand invalid and invalid signatures. Thus, the number of valid signatures collected in support of a candidate Kasyanov was just over 1.98 million, in other words, less than 2 million signatures to put the law on presidential elections in Russia. " What exactly was the reason, finally closing the road for Kasyanov for president.

Quite revealing, and that when the leader RNDS smell of fried - from regions to the CEC began to receive the first data on routine criminal cases in connection with the findings of fraud in collecting signatures, ex-prime minister quickly moved to the West. Thereby making it clear that he prefers to seek the protection of Western backers, and not to defend his political reputation in the walls of the "native" or CEC, for example, in the courthouse.

An ambitious presidential candidate would hardly dare to leave the country and leave their comrades to their fate at the moment, when deciding his future political career. However, Kasyanov, who, apparently, more has nothing to lose, and whose political reputation as a result of findings of massive fraud was thoroughly tarnished once again made a bid to the West. However, we note that just there, not in Russia started the presidential campaign of former prime minister. After all, his decision to run for the presidency of the Russian Federation Kasyanov took immediately after the visit to the U.S. in 2005.

beschayuschy "a fair price for oil at $ 20, as well as access to Western companies in the exploration and development of Russian oil fields, Kasyanov instantly received assurances the State Department, as well as support from the stakeholders in the Russian energy world elites. However, having arrived in Russia, Kasyanov, whose rating was at that time is absolute zero, instead of having to start politstroitelstvu and prepare necessary for svogo presidential nomination electoral platform, engaged in open-raiding.

What it has led - is well known. Ex-prime and could not buy on the vine now headed by Andrei Bogdanov, "Democratic Party of Russia." Unable to win him over to his side and the "old right" in the face of progressively marginalized, while afloat SPS and Yabloko. Even the dwarf, "the Republican Party," Vladimir Ryzhkov was, oddly enough, a former official of Class "A" is too tough.

All sluggish attempts to create a new democratic party from scratch, in the absence of any electoral base and did not lead to success. Kasyanovsky "Russian People's Democratic Union", leaving a narrow circle of fellow ex-premier, as we know, has not been registered with the RF Ministry of Justice.

Unable to Kasyanov, who lost the primaries even ex-world chess champion Garry Kasparov, and monopolize the opposition coalition The Other Russia ", apparently created in 2006 specifically for the presidential campaign of former prime minister.

Left at the broken political trough, Mikhail Kasyanov, was forced to simulate political activity, posing as the main opposition leader of the country. The truth is the whole ex-premier's opposition all the time somehow remained virtual. So for all of his presidential campaign Kasyanov visited, and the ten regions of the country. Do not bother the ex-prime minister and the massive pre-election shares. Bogged down in endless squabbles with his former partners in the "Other Russia", the leader RNDS held a few meetings at which, at best, going three or four hundred proplachennyh activists.

Although, in fairness, and it must be said that Kasyanov is regularly visited by then to Brussels, then Paris, where the order of the questions were mostly overdue democratic reforms in Russia on U.S. templates ... does not possess full-fledged party, did not express the interests of even a small part of Russian society and not developed a coherent political program, Kasyanov has nevertheless not ceased to harp on its exclusivity and present themselves as the main opposition politician in Russia.

In this case, it is important to note all the ranting about his superoppozitsionnosti Kasyanov held against the backdrop of thousands of opposition rallies in the dwarf Georgia, collecting one hundred thousandth protests. Can a leader RNDS collect at least a thousand people in his support, for example, in the multimillion Moscow? Obviously not. "Radical opposition lacks the confidence of our countrymen, - said political scientist Ilya Konstantinov. - The actions of the opposition Orange explicitly reviewed the interests of other states, the interests of the comprador bourgeoisie, the interests of forces hostile to Russia. "Moreover, people were convinced that radical change in Russia is always the worst. Revolution today, our people are not encouraged, under whatever slogans it had not been born "- said the expert.

As a result of two years of inaction, kept at the level of statistical error electoral rating gallant "revolutionary," Mikhail Kasyanov, has not left him absolutely no chance to take part in presidential elections. Sounded the same resolution the CEC, which has become, in fact, a legitimate assessment of the entire politimitatsii Kasyanov finally slammed the door in his face to politics.

AK would not want to admit to Kasyanov, in the minds of most Russians, he will remain an ordinary functionary who once headed the government.

Peter Alexeev


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