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FSB colonel poisoned in a sushi bar

November 24 2006

Former FSB officer Alexander Litvinenko died last night in a London hospital. Three weeks of British medics struggled for life 43-year-old scout, but to save it still failed.

Even the first of November, when Litvinenko was taken to the hospital, doctors noted his chances of survival as a minimum. His hair fell out, there was a deficiency in the liver and kidneys are not functioning koctny brain, the level of white blood cell count fell to zero at some point there was even a cardiac arrest and its vital functions is maintained through artificial respiration.

There was no doubt and that the cause of ill health and subsequent death of the former colonel was poisoned. At first, doctors thought that his body was put radioactive isotope of thallium. However, clearly demonstrate this fact is unlikely, since the radioactive thallium is rapidly evaporates, and if it was he, the true cause of poisoning will never be able to determine because of the fact that it took too long.

The poisoning and the death of Alexander Litvinenko have done a lot of noise in the Russian and world press. The point here is, of course, not so much in fact premeditated murder, but in his motives.

FSB Lieutenant-Colonel Litvinenko fled to London after the published data, supposedly attesting to the preparation of the Russian secret services attempt on Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky. In addition, Litvinenko published a book "The FSB Blows Up Russia", in which he argued that the Russian secret services organized apartment bombings in Moscow in 1999.

Having taken refuge in London, Litvinenko continued to work closely with Boris Berezovsky, who became his confidante. However, as in any business, participate in common political project did not mean the full and unconditional trust between Berezovsky and Litvinenko. Given also the fact that the former spetssluzhbistam not happen, exiled Russian oligarch trusted Litvinenko only as demanded by the conditions of political games. Indeed, it is distrust on the part of Boris Berezovsky was the cause of Litvinenko's death.

Murder Russian-American journalist Anna Politkovskaya, causing too many questions. It did not attempt to enter the Russian opposition as customers of the crime the Russian authorities, the evidence pointed to the fact that Politkovskaya was simply sacrificed to the interests of the opposition, received an extra trump in the struggle with the Kremlin. I could not understand this, and Litvinenko, a suspect in the murder of his boss and began his own investigation. First, because it feared that likewise can donate them too. Second, to insure that Litvinenko would gain leverage over Berezovsky. And that he has almost succeeded. Unfortunately, Litvinenko did not take into account the fact that Berezovsky is not such close friends and that he would not have been able to remove, in case if he felt emanating from them in danger.

At the very tragic day Mr Litvinenko had been appointed two meetings: in the morning he drank tea at a London hotel with two Russian friends, and later met at a sushi bar with an Italian, Mario Scaramella, who seemingly was to give Litvinenko dossier on murder of Anna Politkovskaya. It is unlikely that being an Italian in England could be aware of the investigation into Politkovskaya's killing in Russia. Most likely, he had other information leading to Boris Berezovsky. As the meeting was confidential though, still about her was known to many. Including Berezovsky.

Most likely, Litvinenko was poisoned not a sushi bar, and a little earlier, during the morning coffee break with his friend Andrei Lugovoi. Can suspect Lugovoi? Absolutely.We were at the meeting Lugovoi and business partner Dmitry

Kovtun and Vyacheslav Sokolenko. But, attended the meeting and another man whose name still remains unknown.

Former KGB colonel Oleg Gordievsky, who defected to Britain in 1985, convinced that direct poisoner Litvinenko was a man who was his familiar and to whom Litvinenko trusted. It could not be. Experienced intelligence officer, waiting to catch his former colleagues from the FSB, was always extremely cautious and could not become a victim of a random poisoner.

Another point, indicating a sticking out of a coffee cup ears Berezovsky - a reaction to the press. Needless to say, among the first who clearly stated that "the hand of the Kremlin, Boris Berezovsky became friendly media. In particular, the publication media empire Berezovsky, a close friend of Rupert Murdoch. Do not remain aloof and sponsored by Berezovsky, Russian political organizations. "Icteric" National Bolshevik Party of Eduard Limonov broke angry statement, no doubt that Litvinenko was the victim of Russian secret services. "These bastards got me. But they will not be able to get it all" - he said two days before his death - said in a statement. - The killers of Alexander Litvinenko are in the Kremlin. Other options simply do not. "It is possible that such statements will follow from the other opposition parties and organizations.

Meanwhile, representatives of the Russian government clearly stated that they would not in any way interfere with the actions of the Metropolitan Police, influencing the course of the investigation. "We do not comment on such speculation, bordering on delusion," - said the press service of the Russian embassy in London, Vladislav Novikov. He advised interested in this situation to contact the British police. "This is a matter for the police, which should investigate this situation," - "Novikov said. Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) Russia has rejected accusations of involvement in the incident with Litvinenko. "It is absolutely not in our interests to engage in such activities," - said earlier "Interfax" the head SVR press bureau Minister Sergei Ivanov. "Between Russia and Britain have developed a relationship of trust and understanding, which have been enhanced during the summit of the Group of Eight in St. Petersburg. And to violate this understanding because of the ridiculous accusations against the Russian side, absolute nonsense", - stressed Ivanov. According to him, "Mr Litvinenko is not the man for him to spoil bilateral relations." "The scale and magnitude of geo-political identity can not be compared," - said the head of the press bureau. He noted that with the universal position, what happened to Litvinenko, evoked sympathy and compassion.

Several Russian media also believe that Litvinenko was originally designated as the "detonator" another anti-Russian campaign. "At least, Berezovsky, and those who support him in the West, still managed to take off with an ugly history of the cream and continue cranking hysterical - suggests the" Komsomolskaya Pravda ". - Also, do not exclude the version that the disassembly of some were surrounded himself Berezovsky and Litvinenko fell victim to the "intraspecific struggle" waged by individuals, stuck to Boris Berezovsky. It is possible that the deaths are interested and those who are hiding from Russian justice abroad - that Chechen terrorist Akhmed Zakayev, and co-owner of Yukos, Leonid Nevzlin, and Berezovsky, whose extradition the British side still requires the Prosecutor General of Russia.'s death an "enemy of the Lubyanka" will give this and other "political refugees" the hope that they will be able to convince the British justice in the fact that at home waiting for them in mortal danger. And we must assume this explanation foreign Themis suit.

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