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Around inveterate rogues

October 24 2006

The refusal of the Ministry of Justice to register as a legal entity kasyanovskogo "People's Democratic Union, immediately called the car and the little cart indignation on the part of liberals of all stripes. But careful examination of the application Rosregistratsia about this suggests, or rather - for two. Either Kasyanov documents prepared by lawyers, drunkards, hired, as they say, for three cents and having worked on well-known result. Or, conversely, someone betrothed "Misha two percent" highly experienced specialists, to obtain additional fees will pull his business until recently.

Judge for yourself. In documents filed with the Justice Ministry representatives VAT revealed blatant violations. For example, kasyanovtsy want to register itself as a movement, but in the name use the name of the other forms of social organization - a "union". And this is a direct violation of the law "On public associations".

PR hack Kasyanov Madame Dykun never err on legal literacy, immediately launched a druzhbanov in the liberal media thesis: "The Union of Right Forces registered as a party, although he also has the title" Union "and the VAT is not wanted. Because ATP has sold the Kremlin and the People's Democratic Union "- a real opposition.

The stupidity of this PR finds pretty amused by lawyers, even the well-known lawyer-wishers Vadim Prokhorov. The fact that the ATP - is not a public association, and political party, and by law she is entitled to include in its name the word "union".

More - more. FRS found that the documents from Kasyanov largely compiled from a large hangover. Especially intriguing violation when, instead of a legally auditing body, the Constituent Conference of VAT has chosen only one auditor. And this is the incredible amounts of sponsorship investment, which started pumping in kasyanovskoe collection of foreign sponsors!

Check Rosregistratsia showed that already by this time most sponsors really wonder where their money goes. Maximum scandalous look the facts in a number of regional organizations of their alleged VAT chairmen and members suddenly declared that no Kasyanov they do not know and do not want to know.

Thus, in the Mari-El citizens Seleznev and Izergina refused to recognize their signatures on the minutes of a constituent assembly of regional offices of VAT, which allegedly took place on July 5. Moreover, were denied even the fact of its participation in the meeting. It's done and five more alleged members of the regional office.

Even more intriguing, just mystical things revealed in Chuvashia, where the regional office of VAT supposedly been established on August 5. Specified in the documents filed with the Federal Registration Service as founders of the citizens and Nosov Prokopieva reported that on the day of the meeting in Cheboksary, they never were, and how the protocol took their names did not know anything. As it turned out, another participant mystical action citizen Ksenofontova May resides in the U.S. and still will not come back.

Similarly, the arms and legs disown their participation in the sacraments kasyanovskih and its signature in the protocol "founder" of Ulyanovsk Branch citizen Smeredchuk.

So is every reason to refuse the People's Democratic Union have been Rosregistratsia. And the latest facts put things observers thought that kasyanovskom "movement" has already begun coherent sawing sponsorship money, which is involved entourage Kasyanov, and quite possibly himself "Misha two percent."

Wishers noticed that all of this begins to look like in the election campaign for the ATP in 2003.Then, Anatoly Chubais allocate more funds to support regional party organizations, but to many of them they do not come down. Stuck somewhere in the central level, where the main piarschitsey then worked all the same Elena Dykun. Purchased the following elections, as they say, ultraglamurnoe cars and a very robust design corrected housing.

Now with the filing of Madame Dykun Mikhail Kasyanov will attempt to portray the scandalous confusion with using SMS in the regions as enemies of "freedom and democracy." Say, pressured authorities - these people and refuse their signatures. But soon, everything, everything is explained to others. Citizens of the parent promised a permanent and very steep funding, with the "black nalom" and threw in the well-known verse, "What trust people after that ... I gave him in the moonlight ..."

Is not it time the steering apparatus kasyanovskogo citizen Merzlikin Tsiolkovsky recall the epigraph from Gogol's "Inspector" - "nothing to blame on the mirror if your face is crooked? And look closely at the debit and credit irrepressible activity of their military girlfriend Helena Dykun.

Yelena Sakharov


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