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"Love in a samurai": "blue" to the liking of ATP

September 24 2007

At the recently held congress of the Union of Right Forces leader Nikita Belykh him and Boris Nemtsov, not just repeating what they and their party are "The Last Samurai democracy." Many people immediately began to treat this as a premonition of the rights of their imminent defeat - after which they are present not only a samurai, but the kamikaze, should make a public hara-kiri. But, according to connoisseurs of Japanese art, the revelation of the White and Nemtsov also have an erotic meaning, and "blue" direction.

Recall that the "Union of Right Forces long as a truly liberal party that publicly supports the holding in the Russian cities gay pride parades and gay marriage. So, in April 2006, the chief ideologist of the ATP Gozman in an open letter to Metropolitan Kirill said that the gay pride parades have become the norm of the Russian liberal life.

And at the current congress of the Union of Right Forces, "the guest of honor was former State Duma deputy from the ATP (1999-2003) Andrew Wolf, is widely famous for TV shows in those years for the legalization of prostitution, including the" blue ", as well as an invitation to the State Duma representatives "Blue" to the public. In this it has actively supported the then leader of the faction, Boris Nemtsov, now its outstanding number two in the election list of the PCA and removed from the bare-chested in the magazines, favorite among the Russian gay.

By the way, Andrew Wolfe, who began as a showman in the gay discos, still has great respect in the world of show business - from our Bory Moses to members of the legendary quartet from Sweden bisexual "Army of Lovers." His presence is widely seen as a clear desire to SPS leaders urgently to win votes "blue" and "pink" voters, which is already partially encroaches "Fair Russia", by including in their regional lists Alexei Mitrofanov. Last, we recall, was the only member of the Duma, who in May this year has been personally involved in all the actions the organizers of the Moscow gay pride parade.

Given all this, "Old" words "about the last samurai democracy" is not overwhelmingly. In the opinion of just these days visit to Moscow linguist and cultural studies Murasaki Kat, my cousin celebrated maestro movie Takeshi Kat, they give the party chief secret of ATP - the federal party leadership, where relatively few women, it became a closed caste, in which it thrived samurai manners , including sex.

Well, what are the morals of these samurai, especially the latter, you can learn from the famous and strictly scientific study of Winston King, "Zen and the way of the sword. Experience comprehension psychology Samurai." That's what this signals the pundit: "In the sixteenth and especially in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, during the reign of the samurai, when the traditional culture in Japan has reached the peak of development, homosexual relationships were widespread. They are not only not condemned, but also perceived as being much more "sublime" and "elegant" than heterosexuals. Particularly popular were among the samurai class. They were considered even 'useful' for boys: they supposedly teach virtues, fairness and the perception of beauty, while the love of women weakens the fighting spirit. many historical and artistic works, and praised the beauty of the valor of the boys, the devotees syudo. Boys are brought up men, and one of the means of education had homosexual relationships. " (St. Petersburg, Eurasia, 1999, p. 179-181).

Here are some interesting interestingness existed when "the board of samurai." But our "samurai" of the PCA is clearly oriented to the Japanese experience and are ready to implement it everywhere, if they dorvutsya to "governance".This may explain the failure of the White and Gozman included in the first three "federal list of sexy and exciting erotic optimism Masha Gaidar. On the advice of a scandalous PR man Anton Bakov ATP was replaced by the literary and sochinitelnitsu plohenkih Marietta Chudakova fairy tales, which have long ceased to cause any optimism. The very tanks that more than once publicly called Nikita White "handsome."

Incidentally, during the congress of the Union of Right Forces "in the foyer of the October Hall of the House unions hanging out a large group of ambiguous form" vyunoshey headed by State Duma deputy Anatoly Ermilin. According Gozman, they were members of "creative pool" which is their spiteful critics have already dubbed the "nerds reserve. Likely that the press did not ask too many questions about this suspicious-looking campaign, journalists, right during the Congress tried to make a drunkard third-booze like "leftist" brand, which caretaker ATP Victor Nekrutenko and Oleg Permyakov now trying to pass off as an expensive wine (apparently by accounting of these figures and it passed).

But the cunning master and mistress pen noticed that Ermilin behaved among "vyunoshey" as a real guru syudo. As the aforementioned King broadcasts, the word has occurred as an abbreviation for "Vacas" (youth) and "before" (the path). Is it really possible to always and easily find by referring to the former head of public relations department, and former editor of the former magazine "Number One" Denis Terekhov.

Incidentally, the Congress of the Union of Right Forces, "giving away a huge number of books. Very heavy and gorgeous published Talmud Yegor Gaidar's "long time" no one would. And here is a little book classic liberal thought of Ludwig von Mises 'Bureaucracy' dismantled immediately. Still - there on page 148 is a characteristic of the leaders of the young liberals of the time: "The leaders of the youth movement had been mentally unbalanced neurasthenics. Many of them suffered from morbid sexuality, they were, or rake, or homosexuals. None of them has distinguished himself in any sphere activities and made no contribution to human progress. "

Of course, there are rogues and detractors, who will trace here a hint of contemporary Russian realities. In fact in the ATP gathered not libertines, and samurai. And they want to introduce into society not away, and syudo. And who has not figured out what it is, let him watch the movie Nagisa Oshima's "Taboo" and vote for the SPS as he tells his sexual conscience.

Stella Black


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