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Association ZhiRoPensov: one swan, the crayfish and pike ...

August 24 2006

All new and brings new scandals reaching union Rodina, the Party of Life and the Pensioners Party. It is not difficult to guess initially, none of the regional functionaries of the three parties did not want to cede the palm of their ancestral lands trodden, and on this ground has already begun at all with serious battles on the ground. After all, in every region, every city, every district where there are those members of the group of political marriage is only one vacant post of leader of the local association ZhiRoPensov. And therefore, of the three contenders will have to choose only one, inevitably faced with quite understandable and predictable reaction to two other disadvantaged.

In a similar situation were once heroes known novel by O. Henry, who after robbing a mail train left alone with one horse. Two seasoned gangster long thought out how they can extricate himself from a difficult situation: one of them, nicknamed "Shark Dodson, took his faithful" Colt "and gently holes head of his friend, saying the phrase that has become historic:" I am very sorry but Bolivar did not make two. "

Of course, now the yard is not dashing 90's, when introduced by us to manners, "Wild West" helped quickly and dramatically to solve complicated interpersonal problems. It is unlikely that today, local leaders of the political remake will measure the depth of the contradictions of TNT - the times still the same. But the future of the unified party that is not easy, as the ousting of the steering applicants can begin - and probably will - a relentless internal squabbling and intrigue hardware according to the rules of the famous "fighting bulldogs under the carpet," which is certainly not the best way impact on the affairs of the union, podhlestnuv already has become a mass exodus of adherents to the other party. So that the scandal in the Sverdlovsk region is only the first Scorchlings in the festering conflict flame ambitions.

It began with the fact that a State Duma deputy from the Rodina Eugene Zyablitsev declared himself the leader of "zhiropensov" throughout the region, citing some very vague advances given to him by the chairman of the Rodina party, Alexander Babakov. In response, the leader of "pensioners" in the Middle Urals Eugene Artyukh categorically dismissed all claims Zyablitseva on leadership and called his statement "information release". Along the way, the leader of "retirement" kicked and prostate cancer: "What is a" party of life? "I do not know. I do not see members of their party. This is an amorphous structure, which once protected the muskrats. What do they now will be retired to defend?". Artyukh said that he did not understand "why should we have to unite with the Sverdlovsk" homeland "and prostate cancer." In his opinion, the three parties, dubbed "only we do real work and are active and creative structure." Thus, another contender for the provincial "zhiropensovsky" throne said loudly about their rights.

He could not stay away from the skirmish and the head of the executive committee of the Sverdlovsk branch of the Party of Life Dmitri Utkin, who declared that "Congress will, and all those members of the Rodina Party and other parties who wish to engage in real politics will come into prostate cancer, and will form a big list for election to the Duma. " That is, in fact, Utkin invited other candidates to come to him to bow to the petition for admission to prostate cancer, clearly stake out "leading and guiding" role just behind him, not forgetting to add that personally Zyablitsevu in his waiting room doing nothing. And in the future electoral list, too.

eputat PCa Yevgeny Roizman, who now heads his party's election list in the October regional elections, reacted even more violently, calling Zyablitseva "a parasite and a bum, which can combine with the only psychiatric hospital electrodepot. In response to this "parasite and a loafer with a sweet smile outlined his vision for the question:" Motherland "more viable and stronger party than prostate cancer, with their ideas, slogans. Therefore, the majority of party leadership posts receive a "rodintsy. I, then certainly the loan of some senior position. "

Everything that happens to the pain resembles the well-known Krylov's fable about a swan, a pike of cancer and also decided to combine their efforts. Only for the characters Krylov's fable was all over, as you remember, not too sad: the swan flew into the sky, pike swam to a depth of cancer staggered backwards under a snag, WHO was "still there". Nobody won, but especially lost nothing except wasted time and effort. In a situation with three sisters, political, reshivshimi merge in the pre-ecstasy, things are much worse. Instead of the longed adding strength and ratings, most likely will turn bright annihilation of these are too different in nature and contingent parties.

It is unlikely that the owner, according to some reports, the 300 millionth state Babakov be able to persuade Russian pensioners in his loyalty to them until death. It is doubtful that it could make Mironov, over the past years have not had won laurels defender disadvantaged, except for the disadvantaged "building spot" of building the Barons of St. Petersburg and Moscow. And it is quite unlikely that this tandem was able to count on the great success among the supporters of the old "Motherland". Likely in the near future we will witness a mass political "Migrations", where slender columns "rodintsev" and "retired" to the drumbeat, with flying colors will be marching in the direction of the Communist Party regional committee and the "United Russia", where they are waiting for with open arms. And lead these columns regional leaders, brightly from the party trough. The process has started!

Nikolai Nevsky.


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