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Bob Rabinovitch fight for their homeland and grub

July 24 2007

All the Russian opposition is in a state of deep shock. Few of the leaders of the protest movement was expecting to see a candidate whose appearance completely destroy all their plans. Indeed, it is unlikely that Mikhail Kasyanov, Vladimir Bukovsky, or there are arguments against the election of a man named Bob Iisusovich Rabinovich.

Information about the claims of Mr. Rabinovich to the role of the opposition leader appeared on the site Forum.msk July 23, 2007. Immediately after it was made public a statement of opposition coalition The Other Russia's intention to September 20-25 to conduct a series of regional conferences to nominate a single opposition candidate. However, none of the already proposed candidates (Vladimir Bukovsky, Gerashchenko, Sergei Gulyaev, Gennady Zyuganov, Mikhail Kasyanov, Vladimir Ryzhkov, Oleg Shenin and Grigory Yavlinsky.. - Ed.) Did not satisfy the well-known opposition journalist, editor in chief Anatoly Forum.msk Baranova, who announced their support for the man who, in his view, the head surpasses all other candidates.

"This is the number one candidate, the leader of the race", - said Anatoly Baranov told Such a candidate like Bob Iisusovich nothing is known, however, Anatoly Yu insists that Mr. Rabinowitz - One of the oldest figures Runet, a very famous person. " The need for its nomination as a candidate of the united opposition of the former site Glavred explained by the fact that all the candidates from the previously articulated the "Other Russia" does not satisfy his needs. " "They are far from Iisusovicha beans, all of them away. Here is approaching only Gennady Andreyevich, the only one who is close to charisma, the seriousness of intentions, their intentions," - said Anatoly Baranov.

With regard to the election program of the main opposition candidate, Anatoly Baranov argues that it contained only two items: "Homeland" and "grub" . When asked that also includes the concept of grub, Mr. Baranov sent us to the works of Gennady Andreyevich Zyuganov. "This is a very complex, deep philosophical term. You know you're interpretation of the term can be found, oddly enough, the last major philosophical work of Gennady A. Zyuganov, called the" 100 anecdotes from Zyuganov, "- advised Baranov." Gennady A. still the biggest Marxist, the biggest thinker of our time, the author of works that are generally changed people's mentality, the mentality of the country. The same tremendous work, I can only compare them with capital, perhaps Marx "- thought, added the reporter.

However, according to Anatoly Baranov, Comrade. Zyuganov long run remains the Communist Party. "If he (Boba. - approx. Aut.) Will be president of all Russians, and perhaps not only the Russians, if only the Communist Party will wither away" - outlined a rather gloomy outlook for domestic Communists a former member of the Communist Party. In this case, as the proxy of a candidate Rabinovich, all the Russian Communists gladly meet phenomenon Rabinovich people. "I even think that it will take some time, and people realize the importance of the individual beans Iisusovicha. And suppose the same Cashin, who is now with vigilance perceives the phenomenon Iisusovicha Bob, I think he will change his position and become one of the most notable supporters of this movement, which creates Iisusovich Bob "- with quivering aspiration cooed into the phone Baranov.

azumeetsya, we could not ask another important problem, moving the majority of young people: how Bob Iisusovich looks at the problem of sex. "I think after some time he'll learn to answer these questions. I would not engage in guesswork. God knows, or rather my father knows him," - replied evasively, Anatoly Baranov. But still hinted that the sex life of Boba Rabinowitz - not the main element. "You know, Bob Iisusovich very strict. He does not like foreign words, they irritate him very much, he is very patriotic", - said Anatoly Baranov.

Unfortunately, Anatoly Y., today is the most knowledgeable person about Bob Rabinovitch, did not disclose information about the personal life of a potential candidate for the presidency, telling only that his client was not celebrating his birthday. "And why did he celebrate it - surprised Baranov. - The time will come, and his birthday will be celebrated all progressive humanity. And now what do amateur?".

Regarding future plans Beans Rabinovich, Glavred FORUM.msk explained that everything would be done by the law: to apply for registration, held the Congress, established the headquarters, etc. Meanwhile, at the initiative of the former Communist Party chief editor of the official website of the Communist Party does not cause nothing but irritation and ... pity.

"I do not know who Baranov! One this name says a lot! What there Baranova, which Rabinovitch?" This is certainly a provocation. What's out there Baranov, so something else Heranov! ", - Commented on the situation with the unexpected Zyuganov's main rival in the presidential elections of 1-st deputy head of the Communist Party faction in the Duma Sergei Reshulsky. But a member of the Communist Party faction in the Duma Viktor Ilyukhin configured more conciliatory. "This is nonsense, nonsense, they probably do not realize it themselves, what nonsense they breccia - he marvels. - Do they have a future no longer be anything they have not come out, especially in such endeavors in the presidential election." At the same time, Viktor Ivanovich did not rule out that Anatoly Baranov simply does someone's order. "As soon as the next elections to the Duma and presidential elections, immediately goes reel: reel to Zyuganov, the Communist Party reel. I think people have started to understand who is who. Nakata Most of these are ordered and disburse - I am more inclined to this option, "- said State Duma deputy.

Arina Semenova


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