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Eduard Limonov: "Fire jets whizzed over my head ..."

May 24 2006

On Wednesday, May 24, at the premises of the Central Committee Communist Party on Small Sukharev street held a press conference with the eloquent title - "The repression against the opposition." A meeting of politicians with sharks pen was devoted to political repression against the opposition, particularly the recent arrest of the National Bolsheviks in building the Communist Party City Committee. Probably why the organizers of the event were taken unprecedented security measures relating to one man - Edward Limonov . At each of the journalists had 0,5 members of the NBP, and next to the Leader constantly were four burly security guards.

The leader of the NBP in the last few months have been so many attempts, how many ordinary people will be enough for several lifetimes. Of the most egregious cases, you can remember a failed provocation with the machine. In September 2005, Eduard Limonov, has sent a letter to Vladimir Putin, in which he claimed that he wanted to kill him. Already two days later the party car NBP Volga-3110 ", in which there were deputy Eduard Limonov Vladimir Linderman , a spokesman for the NBP Alexander Averin and two activists of the NBP, suddenly lost control and crashed into a curb. Natsbolov save only that the speed of the car at the time of the accident was about 70 kilometers per hour. As it turned out, the cause of the accident was the weakening of the nuts the right front brake cylinder.

"All of this could be considered an accident - says spokesman Alexander Averin NBP. - If it were not for some additional circumstances that do not allow to write off a fatal hit a curb on the lack of driving skills driver of the Volga." Namely - just at the time when the party "Volga", squealing brakes, tried taxied to mean "a small street with little traffic, the leader of NBP anonymous caller." Do you sell "Volga - 3110? - In a hoarse whisper he asked. Something inescapable familiar emanates from this phrase. "You sell a Slavic closet?" Spy lives a floor above! and numerous variations on a theme. Apparently, these associations and allowed Limonov suggest that a wake up call on purpose. He immediately appealed to a certain "sympathy NBP retired KGB officer and he did not hesitate to" appease "the leader: of course, we are talking about professional" operation of intimidation, intimidation. "

There were other attempts, such as during a speech by Edward Limonov in the club Bilingva " . At the time, three hired killers, cowards hiding behind the corner, trying to impress the leader of NBP chicken egg. And if not for concerted action 5 dozen NBP, it is unlikely Eduardo Veniaminovich would participate in that press conference.

Speaking of the conference. NBP leader visibly nervous and literally shied away from the sudden movement of each journalist. Just before the news conference to Limonov approached a reporter, intending to get an autograph from the Leader on the book with his poems. At first, when a young man handed him a book, The Chief stepped back, and behind the journalist immediately rose guards Limonov, ready to devour anyone who will approach their leader. But here Limonov, realizing the danger he is not threatened, yet become generous to the autograph, though long kept asking the guy why he needed his signature is on this book.

While at a press conference attended by members of Limonov apart from the Communist Party , Vladimir Ulas and Valery Rashkinas well as the head of the Communist Party of the legal center Vladimir Solovyov, the true star was just a scandalous writer. According to him, all the trials and tribulations that have fallen recently on NBP - the result of personal revenge Limonov by Vladimir Putin . It turns out that the version of Limonov, when the Russian president, along with German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been in Tyumen, in the way of their motorcade insurmountable wall stood National Bolsheviks, who gave Merkel its leaflet. They are so scared of Vladimir Putin, that he immediately fled the scene in the car, leaving Merkel's one on one with the National Bolsheviks. "So, followed by revenge," - said the leader of the NBP.

Eduard Limonov, also spoke about those who attacked him. The author of the novel "It's Me, Eddie" confident that under the guise of teenagers from the youth movements that oppose the NBP to be hiding "adult men specially trained in the camps of the Russian secret services." "As I do not throw eggs, - he said. - In me throwing stones and grenades at me flying a jet and fire a shot rang out from the rockets at us ... once attacked, then we have a moral right to fight back."

To permanently prevent any assassination attempts, was allowed to ask only one journalist from the newspaper "Kommersant" and "Soviet Information Bureau, and is already leaving the room, every journalist photographed. Perhaps it's for the better. Maybe even the LCCs is to introduce special press card, which would be issued trustworthy journalists to ensure staff safety bolshevistkoy National Party in the next were a free hand to locate and capture other provocateurs.

Anna Vavilova


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