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Call the nurses! In Russia there were "new nationalists"

April 24 2007

The opposition of the "Other Russia" decided that if they are right now, this minute not take the problem of Russian nationalism, the life lived in vain, it is necessary to pour the water and go into exile in some tropical island. To promote the ideas of liberal patriotism in the masses, they felt, they have all.

There are, for example, Garry Kasparov, who introduced use of the term "Russian political nation." "He is known, half-Armenian and half Jewish, and together - a Russian, so it was he who can pronounce such words - no one will suspect of nationalism, national patriotism, or even in something so", - considers the ex- Deputy of St. Petersburg Sachs and one of the leaders of The Other Russia in St. Petersburg, Sergei Gulyaev. And it is studying the works of former chess prompted Gulyaeva the idea of creating a "Russian national-liberation movement" , which will bring "passionary youth, yearning to the barricades and carried away by the romance of protest." As passionaries date yet discussed the candidacies of "National Bolshevik Party (NBP)," Vanguard of Red Youth (AKM) and the United Civil Front (OGF).

Humanly Sergei Gulyaev, certainly, sorry. Fighting the officer clearly had stayed in a dusty cabinet Legislative Assembly. Carried away by the romance of protest, he was in the forefront of the "Dissenters' bursting at the storming of the barricades police cordon. For the first time, when riot policemen, removing it from the parapet of the building, failed to keep surging to freedom Gulyaev and he fell down and hit his head on the stage, rumors of his intention to put forward as a unified opposition candidate in the 2008 election. And during the April "March of Dissent", during which he broke his hand, he announced the creation of the nationalist movement.

As stated Gulyaev "National Journal" He has two years watching the development of patriotic thoughts in Russian politics. What led him to the urgent need to rehabilitate the word of Russian. "Today, this idea trying to privatize the people that this is absolutely not have any relationship - he said. - We do not want to give the idea of patriotism and national rebirth scum. Today, with the Kremlin's forces type Rogozin and Belov-Potkina they are trying to privatize the ideas of patriotism and nationalism. But we have them they will not give up, because it's ours, it is also part of our struggle that we have suffered at the barricades. They are constantly trying to arrange the action alternative "March of Dissent." I see Alexander Dugin and Dmitry Rogozin, since 1992, and I think the feelings of these people through. I can see who stands behind them and how to manipulate. When Rogozin out of stock, alternative to ours, it becomes clear why he had been pardoned by the Kremlin, and pulled out of the political naphthalene.

Today the main task for Gulyaeva is "pull out of the same Rogozin, from the same Potkina normal people, who today are torn in their organizations." "They come to us for the" March of Dissent "and say:" We want you, because you drive here, the real relationship, the present policy. You - the real thing! . Here I want to collect all the Russian national liberation movement under the banner of your organization - this patriotic organization. "

I must say that Sergei Gulyaev knows what he says. When Garry Kasparov, in his version, because of origin can claim to be the ideologue of Russian nationalism, Sergei Gulyaev has an excellent pedigree, dating back to the roots of Rurik."You can buy any position, but you can not buy past - he said. - I am from the good old officer's dynasty. My grandfather served, my grandfather worked - took Berlin, great-grandfather served in the Russian army. Through her grandmother, mother, father, I also good family history, dating back almost to the very Rurik. I have an old Little Russian family - was repressed in the twenties of last century. My grandmother, having married a Red officer all his life fretting and hid her roots. Although her family had served honorably Russia " .

Sergei Gulyaev initiative has already received approval from one of the leaders of the Russian People's Democratic Union of Ivan Starikov. "In general, approve of the proposal Gulyaeva establishing a national liberation movement - the Russian national-liberation movement - as the need to gather under the banner of our young people who are ready to become a new responsibility of the national-oriented elites," - he said.

Despite criticism, commends the nationalist potential Gulyaev and leader of the Congress of Russian Communities, Dmitry Rogozin. "I was told that he was from Kashchenko. It is their client. In a past life he was a prosecutor, before Napoleon, and now leads his race from the Rurik - demonstrates a surprising awareness of the new biography of St. Petersburg nationalist Dmitry Rogozin. - Now Peter is and it creates a national liberation movement of the Russian people, and then going to storm Paris. He also stuffed to Abramovich in space flight, so he took it instead of Protein-shooters. " In this case, Dmitry O. worries for his "colleague", which is open for hunting. "At a meeting with him should call" 03 "and immediately call an ambulance because he had long sought by the good doctors - men in white coats after him hunt" - said Dmitry Rogozin, a correspondent

However, Dmitry Rogozin optimistic. "In May, these cases will be lower because the aggravation normally falls on the month of April. This is probably due to the weather. In the fall, too, is bound to burst, but short - because I think we will produce a large number of people in white coats, they immediately figure out, "- says plans for the future leader of the CDF. "But seriously, I think that everything happening now is just absolutely insane asylum!" - Said Dmitry Rogozin. - When everything has changed, serious talk about our policy is quite impossible. At least, if Napoleon was a name Gulyayev wants to liberate the Russian people, then we really should not even speak about a general inadequacy. You just have to muster up the courage, took a deep breath full breasts and just go through this time. "

Arina Semenova


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