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Naphthalene playboy wins Sochi

March 24 2009

Over the past few days, co-chairman of Solidarity, Boris Nemtsov had done so many outrageous statements that they would not be enough for one campaign. The main message of which the politician is trying to convey to the electorate and the media - evil government, put a spoke in the wheel of his campaign.

And prevent Nemtsov not only local authorities, set at Nemtsov platoon of riot police, the petty thrill comes from the Kremlin, whose inhabitants are afraid of panic favorable to Boris Nemtsov, the election results mayor of Sochi, where in 2014 to host the Winter Olympic Games.

Actually, if not the latter circumstance, then a mayoral election this resort town no one would have remembered. Yes, and Nemtsov is unlikely puzzled to idea of moving to small home. More precisely, it is expected to present Sochi ... his daughter Joan, who, upon reaching the age of majority has decided to follow his father to go into politics and become the mayor of Sochi. "Honestly, at first thought it was a children's fancy turning into women. But now I'm starting to realize that this desire quite conscious, and she really thought much about what can be done to this city," - says BA Nemtsov, in an interview with AIF. Nemtsov even admitted that she is ready in every way to help in this matter. Asked about the fact that the father and daughter have already thought to do for this city, Nemtsov said, without hesitation: "In Sochi there is one area which is named after the daughter of Josef Stalin - Svetlana area. Here we have Jeanne was born the idea to construct in a new area and name it in honor of Joan (laughs). Apparently, this is the best way to become famous in Sochi. Of course, it is only a distant dream. Such a project if we can ever make, then a very long time. "

But as it turned out, the chance of privatization of the spa town has provided a policy much earlier. In the summer of 2007 it became known that Sochi won the right to host the Winter Olympic Games in 2014. Then, step back from politics, Boris Nemtsov, welcomed the decision, noting that "all countries that receive such a right to hold the Olympics, will use this opportunity for their development." "With regard to Russia and Sochi, then, of course, this is a huge advantage for the Krasnodar Territory and Sochi, which is in dire economic straits," - says Boris Nemtsov, a live broadcast of "Echo Moskvy" , noting that back in 2001 talked with Putin on this issue and considering the right to host the Olympics in Sochi merit then president of Russia.

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Moreover, Nemtsov, one known to him the reasons, mercilessly criticized the "Other Russia", which "showed its unsuitability for serious and long-term political activities, and Limonov and Kasparov did not think the general opposition, tying their hopes to the Union of Right Forces, which at moment of the summer of 2007 got certain preferences from the Kremlin and was counting on getting into the Duma.

But then the ATP scored less than 1% of the vote, which largely contributed to the Germans, stubbornly associate a voter with a nightmarish legacy of the 90's. "Behavior Nemtsov very strange.First he raped the whole lot and selling decisions about their entry into the top three, despite all the protests, and then came up with a very strange its presidential nomination - the party had consented to it, and now came out - told in an interview with the Times News "Co-movement people, "Alex Bulk. - I think that the Germans wanted to concentrate their efforts on a "new liberal project, which will be announced in March. He is as disastrous as the PCA, but can give many interviews and did not bear any responsibility. "

Neo-liberal project was called "Solidarity" in which Boris Nemtsov, was promoted to co-chair of the movement. After several unsuccessful attempts to declare itself and the idea to participate in the election campaign for mayor of Sochi.

And then it was useful scandalous biography Nemtsov became a major newsmaker of the upcoming elections. That only cost the story of the irrigation potential candidate suspiciously like urine "liquid ammonia. What does this have to the problems of the city? Yes No! Nemtsov just "someone" again interrupted to tell the truth and bring to the attention of voters their program abstracts. There is a suspicion that the "nuisance" Nemtsov will every time when journalists want to hear from the mayor's challenger for the seat some specifics.

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"In my opinion, it is given too much attention and is too big PR Nemtsov, because he obviously does not win this election, it is not a popular politician. He is a man of the past, the 90-ies and is associated with Yeltsin, with reforms, which are then carried out. For the "Solidarity", which positions itself as a new political force, to propose such person for mayor is not the best move. I do not understand, better than Nemtsov, the candidate of United Russia. "He was already in power in Nizhny Novgorod He was deputy prime minister, everybody knows that when it happened, imagine his qualities as a manager. I commend these low quality, this type of Playboy, in its time, Eduard Limonov, likened it to Ostap Bender. This is not a serious candidate. It is clear that he has a desire to return to politics, he is trying to somehow justify these claims, but this is ridiculous. With people past the opposition - and the liberal opposition, including - can not be any way out ahead. We must come up with new shapes, spotless dubious past. Now if they put forward Ilya Yashin, it would be interesting, but the Germans - it was originally a losing option, "- says Co-Coordinator of The Other Russia in St. Petersburg, Andrey Dmitriev. It is difficult not to agree with him.

Mikhail Gritsman

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