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Vampires and neo-Nazis. They share not only the desire to ...

October 23 2007

In scheduled for Nov. 4 so-called "Russian march" will be attended not only activists of the nationalist movements and their new allies from the Other Russia coalition, but also representatives of youth subcultures. In particular, the Russian support in the fight for their rights will go "goth-vampire."

Black (or dark) clothing, unnaturally pale face with red lights tormented by sleepless nights, eyes, high laced desert boots, black armbands on their hands (wrists), silver (or other white metal) jewelry occult themes. This is - "Goth".

It is generally accepted that the Goths, as well as members of other youth subcultures aestheticism, reject the policy is not in any form. They are eccentric, bisexual, vicious, drug addicts, violent, but in any case is not political. That is so wrong simultaneously. Indeed, the fans see satanic cults on opposition rallies have been virtually impossible. Yes, and nobody could not come to look for in a crowd of nationalists or Limonov some "goth-vampire." On the other hand, the same Goths quite actively interact with representatives of nationalist movements, and even they are full members. There is nothing surprising. Apart from general uniform and cultural tastes, they belong to the same layer of marginalized youth, fated to be on the streets.

For example, one of the factions in St. Petersburg "Che-er" (named after the subway station "Black River"), formed through the successful repression by law enforcement agencies from other areas of the city hooligans, neo-fascist, satanic and other extremist groups. It includes post-hippies, punks, okolonarkoticheskie subculture (Rastaman addicts), skinheads - slaboideologizirovannye group of neo-Nazi orientation, of a group of skinheads "Russian kulak" ("Svarozhichi), skin-Huls, football hooligans, Satanists and dyavolopoklonniki. Since the Goths do not tend to centralization of such groups in St. Petersburg, Moscow and other Russian cities, quite a lot. At the same time, some of them are real dangers.

If before "goth" is limited to childish pranks navrode drawing graffiti on the walls or, in extreme cases, an imitation of animal sacrifices in the cemeteries, the influx of these groups are representatives of the criminal world and zaideologizirovannyh nationalists changed the status of "aestheticism vampires."

Of course, not all neo-fascists positive image of the Goths. But as a rule, it was unorganized gopota, which, in general, it was still something to believe and whom to strike. Intellectual elite as WP / NS quickly found common language with the Goths, decadent.

For example, the creators of the ultra-right nationalist site "MESOGAIA Imperium Internum" sent a proposal to co-authors of many goth sites, after which the banner "MII" was in exile in the category of "friends" at least 8 Gothic sites. In tracing the letters ready sites and personal web pages, have been identified regular instances of participation in such correspondence fairly well-known participants DPNI (Movement Against Illegal Immigration), NNP, WP / NS ORGANIZATION RUSSIAN Biryukov, NBP (National Bolshevik Party, E. Limonov), a neo-Nazi group Russian Mystic Rock Liberation ", etc. The most visible attempt DPNI (St. Petersburg) and NBP (Moscow, St. Petersburg) in the organization of work included within the movement is ready guise ready.

Correspondence analysis revealed the presence of NBP participants in their composition is ready - the active participants of the NBP. By the "Gothic" movement belongs to the participant shares the NBP to capture one of their offices receiving Presidential Administration Anna Nazarova.NBP site under "NB-ART" promoted "Gothic" works by the artist Natalia Chernova. There is a special project Kultfront NBP, carries an ideological expansion among informal groups including the environment is ready. Tremendous progress on the implementation of Moscow is ready to move, and partly in the movement is ready to St. Petersburg, reached NBP activist Michael Pozharskii the nickname Velez (Veles). As a Goth, he took an active part in the correspondence of a considerable number of gothic forums, describing their activities in the NBP. And that "Gothic" theme promoted closer to the seemingly hostile to the NBP and the Movement Against Illegal Immigration. "Time has passed arguments - we are ready to start moving VS. Against the existing order, against the practice of repression and lawlessness against the totality of the current government. We are ready to create a broad coalition of all forces, one way or another opposed the Kremlin elite. And in the first place - with the NBP and other members of the Union of dissent. We have a common enemy, and our ideological differences in time to the time set aside. Before our victory ", - confessed the coordinator of the Central Council of DPNI Vladimir Basmanov.

What you need from each other by the NBP and DPNI - a separate issue. And that's why political outcasts seek an alliance with the Goths and other youth subcultural movements - more than obvious.

First, the new "goth" actively started redistribution of spheres of influence in the market of the sex industry. Specificity of the Gothic movement entails the freedom of sexual relations, including non-traditional. And since the members of these groups usually do not work, make money, many were ready pozhertvovovat his body. Due to the eccentric appearance "goth"-prostitutes had a marked advantage over their colleagues in commercial sex. Of course, that the more enterprising "vampires" can not miss this goldmine.

Vivid demonstration of the possibility of a new roof is ready to "a scandal that took place this summer in Moscow, near the monument to heroes of Plevna - a traditional point of" blue "love. "Point" was kept, as they call them persons of Caucasian nationality, which ultimately contributed to and appeared later version of the conflict between Russian nationalists and "Hot Caucasian guys." As a result of the collision was recorded battle a draw and announced a temporary truce.

Secondly, the ideology of the cemetery is "ready" has been very successful for so-called actions of intimidation. Moreover, among the nationalists were many idolaters, are also prone to ritual murder. In the past, it all looked innocent fun and experiments on rats and cats, but now "goth-nationalists" were ideologically reasonable opportunity for more serious crimes.

In August of this year, the Khabarovsk regional court found guilty of committing a ritual murder of 15-year old boy's 22-year resident of the Khabarovsk region Alexander Osipov and his juvenile accomplice. Boys lured their victim into the apartment, wrapped in bandages and placed in the center of the pentagram drawn on the floor, hit him with 26 blows with a knife in the chest, and then carried the dead body on a wasteland. Juvenile murderers were members of an informal youth organizations "Goths."

Many similar cases. And to convince fans of Satanic cults, that the role of the victim are best representatives of non-Slavic race, are not so difficult. Also, do not forget that in the group is "ready" of activists of nationalist movements, in time hinting how, what and why you need to do.And so in police bulletins are increasingly common reports of those killed with a special caretaker, construction workers, market traders, who came to Russia to work from neighboring countries.

Now, as we approach the "Russian March", the activity of "ready-nationalists" will increase. Expected to yield at shares on November 4. And now, one of them writes about himself in the portal "Gotheologia" : "Interests: the incitement of ethnic and religious strife." As part of its character, it uses a portrait of Satanist Aleister Crowley, and calls for "Beat the Cobra!". Well, the best description of today's "goth-nationalist" and you can imagine.

Arina Semenova

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