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Vladislav Surkov: "Let's tone down violence in our society"

September 23 2009

Article Dmitry Medvedev "Russia!" and an international conference "Current State and Global Security" in Yaroslavl, where the head of state delivered a sensational speech, gave rise to a new public debate on how the development of Russia in the post-crisis world. Was no exception, and held the day after forum, "Strategy 2020", which with its estimates of the incident was made first deputy head of the Presidential Administration Vladislav Surkov, excerpts from speeches are published today , "Arguments and Facts" .

According to Vladimir Surkov, if even five years ago, the leaders and intellectuals of the Western states to follow fashionable theories of the late twentieth century, according to which the role of national governments will be reduced drastically in favor of international institutions, today, in times of crisis, we see that it is the sovereign States have the responsibility for the welfare of its citizens. "

Indeed, as the president said in his speech during the current crisis, the responsibility for the fate of millions of people around the world committed themselves not multinational companies' anti-crisis program of stabilization measures, the social protection of citizens are carried out by governments, carried out by the States themselves and contribute to the normalization is, in its turn, the global economy. " In these circumstances, Russia has a chance not only to regain lost ground, but also become a leader in global processes. "We have a chance to build a new, free, prosperous and strong Russia, - says the president in his article. - In the coming decades, Russia should become a country whose welfare is ensured not so much a commodity as intellectual capital: a" smart "economy, creating a unique knowledge, the export of new technologies and product innovation. "

An important prerequisite for further successful development of the countries represented, and its political system, which, according to Dmitry Medvedev, will be extremely open, flexible and internally complex. " "It will be adequate for a dynamic, active, transparent and multidimensional social structure. Respond to the political culture of free, secured, critical thinking, self-confident people," - said in his article said.

Nevertheless, it would be naive to assume that the path to democracy will be strewn with rose petals. There will always be (and are) those who will indicate how, using what criteria need to build a democratic society.

"How do we measure democracy? In the U.S., only two parties in Parliament, and we have - four. This criterion? I do not think so. We need concrete, serious and unfunny, but at the same time easy to read, easily understandable criteria for what democracy means, "- said Vladislav Surkov. In this case, the first deputy head of presidential administration does not see the disaster that, if Russia is in something does not match the one specified criteria. "No one argues that Russia is the promised land of democracy worldwide. The President speaks openly of the backwardness, of paternalism, which we really thoroughly soaked, and corruption" - explains Surkov.

But speaking about the existing problems, Vladislav Surkov said, and that "there are people who do nothing to address them, are such that only in a hurry and require quick decisions and dismissals, and there are those who tuned in systematic work. But the latter, according to Surkov, too little.
"I think we should appreciate the caring attitude towards society and political system. And do not try all shoveled, hoping that the next mess something will grow.To create a productive society to move away from commodity dependence, the president and prime minister provide a way of evolution. Political stability, the consolidated state - is a tool of modernization. Maybe more fun would have been different. But the question - what is better? We are still not in the circus ... Over the past hundred years both nakuvyrkalis, enough already ", - stated V. Surkov.

Vladislav Yu cited the example of Leon Trotsky: "In every political struggle, a large scale can eventually open the question of the steak", - quoted Surkov, a supporter of permanent revolution. - Here is a picture of people as a prime steak eaters, deeply rooted in the minds of the supporters of the permanent revolution. It is a contemptuous and arrogant attitude to everything around. We remember recent conversations that people traded freedom for material goods, but now, when wealth became less, will take the liberty. But freedom is not opposed by material possessions. Intelligent, productive, rich economy creates new, rich and free man. This course must go slowly, because many revolutions do, and no, they do not generate any new economy. After them comes a dictatorship. Or chaos and collapse, and as a result - again, a dictatorship, "- he concluded.

In this regard, Mr. Surkov "seems absolutely correct" unbloody "ideology, which chose the president. "Today is the first time in our history we have a chance to prove to ourselves and the world that Russia can develop in a democratic way. What the country's transition to the next higher stage of civilization possible. And it will be implemented through non-violent methods. Do not coercion, and persuasion . is not suppressed, and the creative potential of every individual. Do not intimidating, and motivation. not opposition, but the convergence of interests of the individual, society and state "- wrote the president in his article" Forward Russia ".

However, according to Vladimir Surkov, this account has already gone commentary in the style that's if vosled article Dmitry Medvedev immediately went to the resignation, then yes ...". "It's a primitive way of thinking, an inadequate response to the problems that exist in the country, - says Vladimir Surkov. - What's so innovative about retirement, defeat, repression? This stupid archaic. Some sort of primitive, pagan idea that economic growth can be achieved through hardware-bureaucratic sacrifices. Let's tone down violence in our society. Democracy - a non-violent methods. It is about minimizing the repressive role of the state, so far as the reality. And I think that this criterion of democracy - the main ", - said the first deputy . presidential administration.

Arseniy Stepanov

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