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By Ismailov crying "Holocaust"

June 23 2009

Human rights activists angered by an unprecedented outburst of Turkish authorities towards the Russian businessman Telman Ismailov. However, some grants of domestic human rights activists are prepared to support the entrepreneur only in case of an appropriate contractual relationship.

May 23, 2009 near Antalya, Turkey with a grand fanfare opened Mardan Palace, the construction of which the head of a group of companies "AST" Ismailov has spent about half a billion dollars. A few days later the press got the information about the intention Ismailov contact the Turkish authorities with a request to grant him citizenship of that country. However, after some more time, it became clear that the Turkish authorities do not burn to see the Russian businessman among his subjects.

The head of the municipality Turkish city of Antalya Mustafa Akadyn instructed the department of architecture of the local administration to investigate violations of the architectural plans for the construction of the hotel Mardan Palace. It is reported that the plan of allocation of land for the construction of the hotel, despite the objections of deputies from the Republican People's Party (CHP), which represents Akaydyn, four years ago have been amended. As a result, changed the route of municipal roads in the area of Kunda, where the hotel is situated. It is not excluded that the municipality may raise the question of demolition "illegally" built hotel. Threatened and Turkish citizenship Ismailov.

Russian human rights activists say it is a manifestation of state terrorism against the businessman. "If at all successful business people will lash out, no business will not be - outraged president of the Holocaust" Alla Gerber. - There is honestly earned money in business - by what right do they have to blame for the fact that he builds a beautiful luxury hotel. What are the grounds? In my opinion, this is pure nonsense and some of their competitive business. They're just not interested in that he built this hotel, which will be competition for some of their hotels. "

Alla Gerber, the emotions can be understood. It is likely that the cause of attacks by Turkish authorities was the nationality of a Russian businessman.

Ismailov is an outstanding representative of the Azerbaijani and Gorski Jewish diaspora in Moscow. According to some sources, Ismailov two years ago became president of the Keren Ha-Yesod, "the territory of the Caucasian countries of the former USSR - the fund responsible for collecting donations for the State of Israel. In 2005-2006, he, along with Arkady Gaydamak, and other rich businessmen sponsored reconstruction Choral Synagogue in the Russian capital. Earlier, in 1997, Ishmael built the magnificent synagogue, "Baruch Mordechai" for the Mountain Jews in Acre. Super hotel in Turkey has also been named in honor of his father Ismailov - Mardana (Mordechai).

Recently, in Turkey there is growing anti-Semitism. According to polls 64% of the country's citizens do not want to live next to Jews. In Istanbul, everywhere hung posters with anti-Semitic slogans on the wall of one of the synagogues in the Turkish city of Izmir, unknown wrote: "We will kill you", and over the entrance to the store you can see the poster read: "Jews and Armenians entry is prohibited and dogs - is allowed" . In this case, according to the head of the international Center for Global Studies GLORIA Professor Barry Rubin, the Turkish government actually encourages his statements anti-Semitic propaganda in the Turkish society. "The world should know about this anti-Semitic propaganda, which is superior in its scope, even what is happening in Europe" - said Barry Rubin.

other matters, part of Russian human rights activists prefer to ignore the national dimension of this problem. And generally not paying attention to this incident to as long as he Ismailov not ask them about it.

"Human rights defenders working on the applications, as a rule, including claims of entrepreneurs. Now, if Ishmael would appeal to me for protection, then I'll look into the arguments and will defend it" - said in an interview head of the Movement for human rights "Lev Ponomarev.

Executive Director of the Moscow Helsinki Group, Nina Tagankina also not against the advocate for Ismailov, because "ownership today is one of the fundamental human rights, which guarantees international treaties, in particular the European Convention on Human Rights." But for this, she says, "people need to refer in some way to argue a violation of his rights."

Incidentally, the head of the Moscow Helsinki Group Lyudmila Alekseeva once said that human rights activists "need to protect business" because "that these active, educated, intelligent people are more likely than ordinary citizens at risk of arrest." "If the employer unlawfully arrested only because they want to assign it to a business or obtain from him a large bribe, where to go. Who? Only to human rights activists?" - L. Alekseeva claimed.

However, as it turns out, human rights obligation to protect not all entrepreneurs, but only a few, with whom agree on options for cooperation. Or those who for one reason or another expresses the political confrontation between the authorities of the Russian Federation. Actually, it is these things are the most resonant, while the facts of customary rights, not taking part in political events human rights can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

Mikhail Gritsman

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