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Moral of the Civil Liberties

May 23 2006

LJ user Ansimov told a very instructive story. "The neighbor-priest elder daughter Luba goes to a local school in 5 th grade. Clever and serious girl." They've got is a wonderful thing - citizenship. The lessons to children explain their rights. As a result, Luba has ceased to obscure his own bed, clean up clothes in the closet, etc. And on my mother's comments responds correctly:
- This is my bed, my clothes, etc. I do with it what I want - I am entitled. "

Yes, the person has the right given him by law of liberty. But here, as when driving a car, we must not only know about the existence of rules, but also use them in accordance with generally accepted standards. But it turns out that each of the rules, some interpreted in his favor, as it suits them. And it is - a dictatorship.

The truth is ...

"In the heated debate, as noted, are born with disabilities, rather than truth. I recently went to my argument with an acquaintance about political freedom. Rather, say the number of freedoms - says Sartex . - And so, caught the eye of a curious site: A group of enthusiasts calling for chastity of the American administration and the peace policy toward Iran, and among other things, wants the resignation of Dick Cheney and a number of security officials, in connection with what is suggested the purchase, all there shirts with the words "Impeach Bush and Cheney! "for play money. Pre glotnuv coffee to stimulate the imagination, I imagined the internet pages of the following addresses:;; and so on ... Of course, a nation of immigrants with the Protestant ethic is undergoing an acute phase of development, wallow in the vile and disgusting corruption of everything, including citizen initiatives. However, let me ask: why do not themselves pogryazt? You are right: the cultural virginity Russian tradition, of course, so perfect, so pure that there is too much to spoil it somehow there Iran or prohibited Georgian wine! ".

Sexual minorities disillusioned with political parties

"What gay people have built over ten years? Prisons called the sauna, disco?" I do not want to go to jail, I want to do it openly on the street - at all. " Not entirely clear what exactly Denis Gogolev wants to do on the street at all (to bathe and dance?), But the idea is clear. More precisely, it has formulated a Sergei gay from Russia who lives in the U.S.: "Instead of having to create an organization capable of defending our interests and rights, we have created clubs ...". We have isolated themselves from society and by mistake took this self-imposed isolation for freedom, "- says Igor Petrov on . By keeping the conversation about the situation of gays in Russia, the author notes the disappointing fact: "The main issue" agenda "in our dialogue with civil society should be law and, in particular the right to privacy and protection from discrimination. Who is the gay community can engage in dialogue today? You'll laugh, but in the programs major focus of the liberal parties (SPS and Yabloko) The right to privacy, for example, is not even mentioned. Do not believe me? Check yourself. "

Membership card

Disillusionment with political parties coming and quite traditional in sexual relations of citizens. Ali-kgd host the confession of former natsbola. The concept of "former", incidentally, is increasingly being applied to members of the National Bolshevik Party.Perhaps this confession will shed light on the reasons for the collapse of one of the most radical organizations in Russia.

"I am a member of the NBP in 1997. Then it was another party altogether, with another soul. Dugin was. Although I am critical of his abstruse writings, but he made some useful color, not to mention the fact that he actually and told us all about NB ideology. There were many nationally minded young people, but gradually the national element has disappeared, leftist rebels left, anarcho-Passionate. Yes, the NBP is a lot of trouble the regime is seen in response to the reaction. But the ultimate goal of this fierce battle not clear. The party is heading into a sect! For example, this stupid prayer natsbola. I saw that not only for me disgusted to repeat this nonsense.

Unfortunately for the years of struggle with the regime of former wasted passion, the energy runs out, as if the fuss about her forehead against the wall, the situation in Russia is only getting worse, lose heart when you stand over the years with "pine" and these "vegetables" come and go by. How many guys were in jail, maimed lives of tens of boys and girls, really for the sake of "sexual comfort, or for Kasparov to Hakamada? It is painful and sad for what all has come. But so began! ".

Morality in the online community was looking for Elena Boyko


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