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The guards brutally beat Nemtsov, "Young Guard"

April 23 2009

Two activists of the Sochi branch of the Young Guard was brutally beaten just because they wanted to attend a meeting in Sochi Mayor candidate Boris Nemtsov with voters.

April 22, right in the birthday of Vladimir Lenin Denis Bulygin and Nikolai Lazarenko went to the bus stop near the hotel "Chaika". The boys were members of the Sochi branch of the Young Guard of United Russia, were carrying symbols of the organization and this circumstance served as the catalyzing factor for further events.

Just at that moment, a few meters from the guys saw a group of people, above which rose a shaggy head Boris Nemtsov. Apparently, the candidate had a meeting with voters. Since the "Young Guard" of such meetings only heard of the internet reports the head of the electoral headquarters of the candidate of the "Solidarity" Ilya Yashin, and despite all efforts, so they've never been able to go personally to meet with Nemtsov at least on the street, they decided not to miss case and meet with Nemtsov closer. Or at least, to see him live. And they resolutely went to Nemtsov, sailing, discussing what question to ask the candidate.

But closer to the sacred body of the leader of the liberals and the guys did not. Meet them, jumped a man with a contorted face with anger and not too politely inquired about the purpose of their visit. Not satisfied with the answer, squirt (later found out that his name was Timur) proposed to discuss everything with him then and offered to go around the corner, so no one can interfere with conversation.

Guys, of course, refused, explaining that they would like to talk specifically with Nemtsov, and not with his "six", after which Timur had fallen into a rage and with the words "if I see you again - I'll kill you", hit Dennis on the kidney and left.

The guy crouched in pain, a thug that was telling his friends desperately gesticulating and pointing toward the "Young Guards". Suddenly separated from a group of one of the girls and headed towards the boys.

- Asya, where are you? - Shouted after her, but the girl did not even turn around.

Going to Nicholas she stared straight at him a long look, and then blurted out: "Well, why did you shot the Koreans?".

Several flustered by this turn of events, Nicholas did not immediately find what to answer. A girl who pointedly hmyknuv and pour a guy with a contemptuous stare, she went back.

But the "Young Guard" long bored alone. Somewhere suddenly popped up short dark-haired boy and briskly walked toward him, holding his hands in his pockets. This character Nicholas and Denis knew without a clue - Ilya Yashin, the formal head of election headquarters Nemcova.

Yashin did not ask clarifying questions, and began to roughly shoulder to shoulder to push the kid, accompanying their actions swearing. He hastened to the aid of Timur. According to Nicholas, the assistant Nemtsov explained, in some nasty guys heap of history. That now, of course, they will not batter, but once the elections will end and all leave (Timur expressively jerked his head toward Nemtsov), then it will have a free hand. That he - Timur - Ingush, he has many connections, he is holding the entire city and must find them. And what will happen next, he does not know: maybe just beat him, and maybe vyvezut in Chechnya, and there ...

The fact that the threat from supporters of Boris Nemtsov's not just Trepov, already had a "happy" to see 20-year-old Alexei N.During the visit policy in Krasnoyarsk, the guy decided to "pin on Nemtsov, met him with a butterfly net for catching butterflies, on which he wrote:" the political bug. " When the leader of the right went to the local House of Teachers, which was scheduled presentation, Alex cheerfully ran up to Nemtsov and, smiling, tried to throw a net on the head of the distinguished guest.

Nemtsov, as it turned out, the jokes of this kind is painful.

- Right now this scum we dress! - He exclaimed, and gave protection team subdue nevovremya merry student. Hefty, as it should have serious political, security quickly overpowered stunned boy. In the next few moments he fell hail cuffs and cuff. Finished it, "a humorous show," he Nemtsov. Politbelletrist left on the face of Alexey his trademark signature - a bruise from being hit in the jaw.

By the way, like a bruise on his chin and was formed in Sochi journalist Anastasia Hakobyan. The girl was interviewing an opposition politician and is rumored to have something that is not pleased candidate for mayor. However, the conflict was settled, and the campaign staff Nemtsov advanced version of that behind the attack on journalist faces opponents Nemtsov: "or some Krasnodar people, or any local government representatives of youth movements."

Arina Semenova

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