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Dmitry Rogozin: "the Communist Party was a huge deception for the Russian people"

March 23 2007

Russian Communists have decided to re-branding of its ideology. Realizing that the current conditions on the bare internationalism go nowhere, the Communist Party began assiduously to till the field of national-patriotic ideology. Clumsy, but quite sure of the Communist Party was heading towards the study of the "Russian question". And in fact reached. Domestic Communists for the first time in its hundred years of history bore the Plenum of the Central Committee of the "Russian question" - "the problem of preservation of Russian culture as the basis for the unity of our people". That forced the Communists to speak to her unusual language national patriot, what would all end and how relevant for today the question this way, we talked with the leader of the Congress of Russian Communities, Dmitry Rogozin.

- Dmitry O., that Mr. Zyuganov said on state-forming position of the Russian people ...

- Do you know that Lenin was an expression: the proletarians have no country. But in this case, the Marxist-Leninists can not be patriotic in principle. They are for the proletarian revolution, for the rule of the poor and stuff, so when Zyuganov starts talking about the fact that the communists should discuss the Russian question, then such a declaration must be preceded by another statement that Zyuganov should abandon markcistcko-Leninist heritage and rename the Communist Party in another - it would be logical. And when the party is communist, and they walk on April 22 to worship their leader in a mausoleum, I, like Stanislavsky want to shout: do not believe.

On the other hand, we must understand that the Communist Party and its leaders could not ignore the Russian question and the Russian people as such. And it even led to what is most important Leninist mid 20 th century Joseph Stalin in 1945, bowed to the Russian people, and thanked him for his great feat, and by the end of his life he did become a real Russian nationalist. So I assume that a similar evolution could happen to Mr. Zyuganov, who suddenly at the end of his political life sight and began to take the Russian national idea.

- But still, after all, the Communist Party, and its predecessor, the Communist Party acted and act on the territory of Russia. So on the fact they were Russian parties ...

- Communist Party itself was a Russian party, because the majority of its members were Russian. But the Communist Party was a huge deception for the Russian people: it was led by people who hate in many respects the Russian people, but forcing itself the Communist Party being the party of the Russian people, Russian people are mobilizing in the great construction projects. Always be some ambiguity.

Soviet Union - it was a great country, which we are all proud. But the problem is that all these deeds were committed mainly by the Russian people. Take the Baltic states. How to showcase it was built at the expense of investment from the RSFSR. Take a territorial issue, which are largely due to Russian territory, starting from how to create Kazakhstan in 1936. Molotov then made a proposal to create the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic with its capital in Tashkent, to which Stalin said that Tashkent give the Uzbeks, and the capital city of Kazakhstan will be faithful. Also decide the fate of Crimea, transferred at a later time, Ukraine. The Soviet leadership, especially in the Khrushchev-Brezhnev period, largely pursued a policy that has been associated with the depletion of Russian territories and outlying areas filled juices. They say that the USSR was an empire. But in this case it was very strange empire. It's in the empire metropolis juices saturate the colonies. And then turned out the opposite - the metropolis funded and supplied the human potential is the union republics, the so-called colonies, which grew fat through the Russian territories. This was the policy pursued by the CPSU.

p align = "justify"> - Good. By the Communists you do not trust. But then who has the right to deal with this problem?

- From the real protectors of the Russian people I would name two organizations - the Congress of Russian Communities and the Movement Against Illegal Immigration. DPNI mainly works in the youth segment, and the AOC with older men. And if you talk about political parties, then such party has not yet created. If Andrey Saveliev, who is currently announced the establishment of the Organizing Committee of a new political party will be able to register and create, I think that this will be the most effective tool.

- Do you personally somehow involved in building this party? Does this mean that at some point you leave the Congress of Russian Communities?

- My task - to create on the basis KRO very broad coalition of patriotic forces. If an association was formed, it will be determined before the election with their sympathies. And you need to have before my eyes set of political parties that can participate in the elections. But for the moment the choice is very meager, as party activities licensed by the Kremlin. If it does Savelyev and his colleagues will be able to form a political party, then the conversation will be more substantive and serious.

- Dmitry O., once you said that in March, make a decision regarding his entry into the Fair Russia . Now this decision is postponed until the moment is getting a new "homeland"?

- And we are not talking about the "Motherland". With the title no one has yet determined. Probably only at the Congress to get the name of the organization. While we are talking about the fact that there is a group of our companions, they informed the AOC of the beginning of their work. And when this work is completed, then we will take is a final decision. It is likely that this will involve both me and with other famous people. We have a feeling there is to many patriots - not only to Russian, but also to Belarus.

- That is the option of accession to Mironov, you have not already considered?

- And I, frankly, no one is driving the adoption of this decision. Until we have one task - to make KRO largest organization in this spectrum. This is a task that Congress has put in front of me, and I try to solve. No one before me did not set a task related to December 2007. Most likely, this problem may be posed. Then I identify.

- Since we are talking about the "Fair Russia", then, in your opinion, can this party be a defender of the interests of the Russian people?

- I never heard about that, "Fair Russia" claims to be the defender of the Russian people. I heard the opposite statement that "CP" did not want to deal with the national theme, the national question and distancing itself from this perspective. That's what I heard.

- And what about those within the "homeland", which entered the "CP"? It was expected that with their transition from the party Sergei Mironov will and national rhetoric. And now these people, it turns out kep?

- No. In "Fair Russia" became only the part of the party "Motherland," which stood for the line center. And the Patriots, who were the majority, will not included.

It turns out that the Fair Russia and the Communist Party and other parties only pretend to be patriots, but in fact the people of powdered brains? Or maybe there is in this kind of grain?

- I understand that you now want me to hear, but you do not hear. Why do I say that someone is someone powders brains? I do not give anyone assessments. My job - this is a positive, positive activities for the benefit of the patriotic movement. Of course, any political party someone powders brains.

I just can say one thing: neither the Communists nor the "Fair Russia" are not parties of the Russian people. They declare quite different values. Communists declare international values, "Fair Russia" - the social values. Are they effectively do it, too, do not judge me, it's voter must make a decision. But the theme of national dignity of the Russian people today almost no one mastered. Therefore, if such a party is created, it is just that and gather the harvest, which is beyond the power of someone else from the existing political organizations.


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