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Mikhail Kasyanov, summed up the "number of the Beast"

January 23 2008

The reason for failure RNDS leader Mikhail Kasyanov, whom the Central Election Commission refuses to register as a candidate for president of Russia, lies not only in the criminal plane. It is not excluded that the former prime minister has become hostage to the devil himself.

Attempt of former Prime Minister to participate in presidential elections in Russia initially was doomed to fail. Scandalous reputation, "Misha 2%" complete lack of his own team and any significant support in society reduced its chances of success to zero. And then something happened, as many experts warned: much of the collected signatures, Mikhail Kasyanov was received is not a result of communication supporters of ex-prime minister with the people and by the census of passport databases.

On some of these cases have already written media. For example, one of the pickers signatures from a suburb of Archangelsk Solombala Pravdy.Ru, told that they were paid from 20 to 24 rubles. Pickers "for Kasyanov," said in an interview that the residents Solombala signed for Kasyanov, as they say, "not very", so she had to take a copy of the signature sheets, left over from past elections, the mayor of Arkhangelsk (where she also moonlighted), and simply " banish "them through a well-known to each student unit - draloskop.

In addition, the CEC received official letters from the regions with the list of violations committed by supporters of Mikhail Kasyanov in collecting signatures. In Bashkortostan, for example, from more than a hundred collectors represented formally (as required by law) concluded an agreement of only 45 people. 6 people did not know that they allegedly collected some signatures, and two others acknowledged that the forged signatures.

Appearance of guilt and wrote campaign manager leading the People's Democratic Union, Mikhail Kasyanov, in Mari El, Rustam Abdullin. Based on his testimony, as well as the work carried out revealed that Moscow was launched from the disposal to collect 50,000 signatures. However, on 9 January managed to collect about 7,000. As a result, Rustam Abdullin, "using his personal contacts, given that there was a significant lack of signatures, gathered a group of people, giving them an indication of" falsify the signatures of citizens in support of Mikhail Kasyanov, using the telephone base VolgaTelecom of 2001. "Thus, were falsified about 12-13 thousand signatures," - said in a statement the prosecutor's office of the Republic of Mari El.

Were recorded facts of falsification of signature sheets in Yaroslavl and Kursk regions. At the same time, pretty funny that the price of one fake signature of less than 10 rubles. "In this case, Ilyin, AS 100 forged signature sheets (500 signatures), referred them Sitnikova EB, for which he received remuneration amounting to 3500 rubles. Number of other individuals do the subscription lists currently installed," says the letter.

There are other violations committed collectors of signatures, which are explained in terms of logic, common sense is very difficult. In some subscription lists, for example, did not specify the subject of the Russian Federation, in which work was carried out. There was no signature of the candidate or of the collector, and in some cases, the audit showed, for them to sign somebody else. Who is this mysterious person? And if people in general led the heads of the regional headquarters of Mikhail Kasyanov in the abyss of lies and hypocrisy?

The answer to this question was given by himself, Mikhail Kasyanov, to CEC 2 million 63 thousand 666 (!) Signatures.As we know, believes a combination of numbers 666 with a "Great Beast." He, as emphasized by the researchers, "unleash a war against the saints and win, leaving behind a devastated land, and he teaches people to worship idols, and those who refuse the reverence, awaiting a terrible punishment. To monitor the spread of his faith, he puts on his forehead or arm 666. Those who consider themselves as "servants of the devil", with this combination of figures underline their belonging to the dark forces. For example, make the appropriate tattoos or try to use them in documents. And while Christian priests believe that "all the talk about such numerical combinations - is the degradation of Christianity as a free dialogue of free individuals to the level of numerology as a magical compulsion and inevitability", the practice shows the opposite.

Arina Semenova


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