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"Sovereign democracy" invented not Surkov

November 22 2006

A large and essentially program article deputy head of the Presidential Administration Vladislav Surkov, "Nationalization of the Future", published Monday in the journal "Expert" carefully studied the political and economic elite in Russia and the media community. Many believe that Surkov convincingly prove that the "sovereign democracy" - is not he invented propaganda slogan, but an important concept that could become the basis for the Russian national idea, which unsuccessfully sought in the Yeltsin era.

"Article Surkov - indeed, a very serious step in the theoretical and practical understanding of such a thing as a sovereign democracy - said Deputy Secretary of the Presidium of the General Council of United Russia's State Duma deputy Andrei Isayev. - Sovereign democracy is not a newfangled combination and, especially, the invention Surkov. The author correctly writes that she has long existed in the world and makes a compelling examples. For example, the European Union treaties and agreements it is a community of sovereign democracies.

And at the same sovereign democracy is inherent in the Russian political culture, our national character, which recognizes two important principles - justice and freedom. By thinking Surkov, sovereign democracy can achieve freedom and justice, not only for the individual but also for the nation as a whole. And the very name of the article offers now return to our people the future of Russia, the Russian nation.

In my opinion, Vladislav Surkov, opposes sovereign democracy other systems that have been here before, and whose representatives are continuing to fight for power. Namely - to state socialism and the oligarchs 90-ies. And proves that only sovereign democracy ensures sovereignty of the people in his own interest. "

By Andriy Isayev is worth adding that the EU fundamental treaty "Convention on the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms (Rome, 1950), all basic democratic values are directly linked to the priority of sovereignty. 16 of the agreement expressly allows EU countries to impose restrictions on political activity of aliens ", and 9-11 links the rights and freedoms with the interests of public safety, order, health or morals.

According to Andrei Isayev, it is essential that Vladislav Surkov, drew attention to the need to support and develop national culture, especially the most abundant species - cinema and literature: "As an ideology is an integral part of culture in the broadest sense, and applied culture has great importance to ideology, for the people and for society as a whole. Surkov correctly set a goal in this area, which is largely overlooked - is gradually conquering back the charm of the national culture. "

The same views shared by the commission on interethnic and interfaith relations of the Moscow City Duma Igor Eleferenko: "For me, the article Surkov, the most important seemed the thesis that profit center of international projects on the use of our resources must be clearly enshrined in Russia. Because this center is and the center of power over its present and future. Surkov thus rightly said that when we were Yeltsin's reforms, the present and future of Russia is not defined our nation and its elected representatives, and all other forces, is inherently anti-national.

Sovereign democracy, I take it as a democracy with national characteristics, which naturally follows from the history of cultural traditions. For example, in Spain's transition from totalitarianism to a democratic society was effected by the introduction of the monarchy.And the Spaniards feel free living in a democratic society, the monarchy completely obstructed.

The last fifteen years, we impose all the examples to be emulated - the American model of democracy, Swedish, French. But democracy in Russia can only be his own - when the people themselves take responsibility for the management of society. Unfortunately, this happens only in hard times. How, for example, in 1612 - that is why symbolic appearance of such an important and critical articles almost immediately after the holiday of National Unity on Nov. 4

I agree with Surkov, the first time in a thousand years our society has become so freely. But the quality of life of not improving and deteriorating. I therefore agree with the author of the article and in another - we need narodosberegayuschie technology of democracy, the program humanize the political system, social relations, consumer culture. There are a lot could and should do the elected representatives in the regions.

And I want to make words Surkov that backyard teeming democracy radicals. These radicals want to go back to politics that is very dangerous. And it bothers not only me, but voters

Yelena Sakharov


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