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Anti-Soviet neo-Nazi guard

September 22 2009

Demonatazh signs with barbecue "Antisovestkaya" that on the Leningrad highway, caused a storm of indignation from the Russian human rights community. However, sympathy with the owners of "anti-Soviet" barbecue, losing to the pressure head of council and the prefect Shtukaturov Mitvol "known" anti-Soviet, member of oppozitsitsionnogo "Solidarity" movement, Alexander Podrabinek lashed out at the Great Patriotic War veterans by denying them in every respect.

Glavred Prima-News and a columnist for Novaya Gazeta, Alexander Pinhosovich Podrabinek sure that "complaints of veterans - zhlobstvo, meanness and stupidity." Turning to the elderly, Mr. Podrabinek wrote that they "inspired", that the rest of their "distinguished and honorable, and they enjoyed" universal respect ". "... Your time is over. Your country - not Russia. Your homeland - the Soviet Union. You - Soviet veterans, and your country, thank God for 18 years as a not - wrote human rights activist. - You are so outraged," anti-Soviet "name because, truly, you were the guard in the camps and prisons, commissioners in detachments, butchers shootings at landfills. But at the same time, according to Podrabinek, in the Soviet Union were other veterans - veterans of the struggle against Soviet power "who" fought against Nazism, and later fought against the Communists in the forests of Lithuania and Western Ukraine, in the mountains of Chechnya and sands of Central Asia. " "It's time to stop the hypocritical lamentations about the feelings of veterans who were offended attacks on Soviet power. Evil must be punished. His ministers - as well. Contempt for children - the smallest of what earned builders and defenders of the Soviet regime," - concludes Mr. Podrabinek.

It is noteworthy that support liberal defender rushed ... Neo-Nazis, whose comments are (unless, of course, omit the obscene speech), were the following: "Veterans - shit. Pobeda - shit. And, of course, the scoop - the same shit." "It happens - says the situation expert Human Rights Watch. And I remember perfectly that Mr. Belov (referring to the former leader of Movement Against Illegal Immigration Alexander Potkin, acting under the pseudonym" Belov. "- Author.) Came to the press Conference Svetlana A. Gannushkina of civil assistance and said: "Here we have, Svetlana, are you the same interests. You and I together are going to protect freedom of assembly. Because you and we are interested in it. "Sometimes even
is the intersection of spheres of interest. "

However, according to Lokshina, although she personally does not consider the text Podrabinek correct, but at the same time we must not forget that, "the author is entitled to a Board opinion" and "freedom of expression we have, at least formally, still has not been canceled. "

Opponent of any extremes serves chairman of the Foundation "Holocaust" Alla Gebrer. "When they (veterany. - Auth.) Walked to the front, they went to defend their homeland. For some, it was the Soviet Union, Russia for the other, and for some it was the land on which they were born and buried their ancestors. [... ] Therefore, I strongly opponent of any similar attacks in the side of veterans. Veterans are different too. Some crazy commentators absolutely furious, the other way around. However, from me as from a man whose family has learned a lot of grief associated with the war, kowtow to ,
Who in this war, the Nazis defeated, "- she said the Internet portal to Pravda.Ru .

In this case, Ms. Gerber said that "we can not judge the veterans, we can not divide them into groups. They say they were kommunyagi, those of Stalin, those of Lenin, and they went to war because it went to war. The people went fight, and he wanted to win. And God forbid we now deal with their tribunal, "- she pointed out.

p style = "text-align: justify;"> Frankly, Alexander Podrabinek long overdue to write such an article, which has become a litmus test for the human rights-the liberal opposition community. And the latest now is to decide: Do they plan to continue to identify themselves with the fascist anti-Soviet and, hiding behind "freedom of expression," to build in Russia a new order which, in essence, little different from Hitler's "neue Ordnung".

Arina Semenova

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