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Scientologists recruit parishioners in Moscow supermarkets

September 22 2006

Black teenager teaches life "bear Kvakin", and drove the boy from the basketball court. But the boy did not lose heart and collects from all corners of the Earth to help friends who restores justice. "Know your rights! On the other rights you can visit the website of movement" Youth for Human Rights "- these videos now broadcast advertising displays in major shopping malls in Moscow, such as a" Muscovite "," Eldorado "," M-Video ". Interesting story attracted the attention of many shoppers. But not many know about who is behind this good-looking movement.

Human rights issues are always in fashion. On the upholding of their rights and others say not only are all known organizations such as the Moscow Helsinki Group, human rights movements are formed and the left, pro-minded citizens, and among right-wing, national-patriotic structures. Therefore, presentation of a new youth movement, speaking with the education projects "Know Your Rights", was in fact not unnoticed by journalists. At least not yet.

International Movement of Youth for Human Rights "appeared in the bosom of the Church of Scientology American science-fiction author Lafayette Ron Hubbard. In 2005, a number of young people who wish to create a Russian branch of the organization, appeared in the Moscow Church of Scientology. In December 2005, during a roundtable discussion held in the church, the participants were presented a few-kids, to act as the initiators of the youth movement. A little less than a year, and now in the Independent Press Center held a presentation of the motion and the new educational project "Know your rights. "I have a few months ago, met my friends from church and decided to join" - enthusiastically says Scientology leader of the youth of Alexander Yurchenko. Julia enjoys hip-hop, singing in a band and thinks that rap and hip-hop close to young people, who through music more receptive to the proposed ideas. The ideological base of the human rights movement, however, is not based so much on the articles of the Declaration of Human Rights, but on the essence of the religious teachings of Scientology founder Ron Hubbard.

On the identity of either a maniac, or shrewd businessmen have already written a lot. The mere fact that the organizations that preach the doctrine Hubbard and postulates of his book "Dianetics", banned in many countries, says a lot. In Russia the Church of Scientology while experiencing difficulties in some regions (notably in 2004 in Bashkortostan was eliminated non-governmental organization "Center of Dianetics," because, according to prosecutors, the educational process, practiced in the center and based on the techniques of Hubbard, affects the thinking and psychology students), yet not officially banned, and that made it possible to turn them on full. Moreover, the Scientologists are supported by all kinds of Russian human rights organizations, one way or another connected with the Western grants.

Material well-being of Scientology no one in doubt. Elegant office central organization in the heart of Brussels - one of the reasons to be proud of Moscow Dianetics, "yutyaschihsya" in the former building of the kindergarten. Of course, that the interior of the church is not in any way be compared with the decaying eyes acting in children's institutions. One of the researchers of totalitarian sects in Russia, Alexander Dvorkin assumes that only from Moscow to the headquarters of the organization sent a monthly basis over 200 thousand dollars collected donations.How much is "out of pocket expenses" and what amounts are sent back to the realization of these projects, we can only guess.

If in some countries, the Scientologists experienced some discomfort in dealing with authorities, the United States for the fans of Ron Hubbard's teachings - a sort of paradise on earth. Hubbard Dianetics Centers maintain good relations with the U.S. government. There are a number of U.S. government or quasi-human rights organizations, which implement the state order for lobbying their interests around the world. Naturally, the Russian human rights activists readily interact with Scientology.

"I do not pretend to say, when Scientologists have established separate relations with the leadership of the Moscow Helsinki Group," but the last 10 years talking about the close ties between them are always "- implies Alexander Dvorkin. Even 5-6 years ago MHG denied that cooperation with the Scientologists. But after the book was published in the Moscow Helsinki Group, released by the Center for cash Dianetics (another name for the Church of Scientology - approx. Aut.) Talked about their collaboration in the open.

"The Church of Scientology, perhaps more than all the religious organizations in Moscow paid attention to is the human rights problems, I am particularly close," - said the chairman of the Moscow Helsinki Group Lyudmila Alekseeva, in his speech at the roundtable, "How to protect human rights in the modern world" organized and conducted by the Church of Scientology of Moscow on Dec. 8, 2005. "In Russia, unlike other countries, young people are not committed to participating in public life, so I think this project is very important and timely" - to convince himself and others, it is for the September presentation of the youth movement. "Scientologists first talked about human rights in 1998, though I think that Ron Hubbard's ideas - this is human rights in its pure form, is the essence of his religion" - will continue to praise the "religious human rights" the secretary of the Committee "For Civil Rights" Valerii Gabis.

Present in the orbit of interests and policies of Scientology, having an opportunity to defend the interests of the Church in government. All the same, Alexander Dvorkin is convinced that "our right-wing parties are deeply tied to totalitarian sects and repeatedly lobbying their interests." However, if the alleged partners Scientology - Yabloko and SPS, and maintain any contacts with the religious human rights defenders, then at least try not to advertise them. But the need for additional promotion and support of political organizations, ready to take advantage of the ideological (and not only ideological) basis of Scientologists.

The real sensation was the participation in the presentation of the youth movement of the political parties' freedom and democracy. Head of party's youth wing Nikita Gabov long apologized to the organizers of the conference that his boss, State Duma deputy Viktor Ivanovich Cherepkov, was unable to attend, although I wanted to go to this event. But he, Nikita, brought with him two of his companions, that they too have felt like this is important - to protect human rights, especially since, in cooperation with such wonderful people. In this case, however, the young politician advocate strongly entangled. Initially shocked by the fact that the St. Petersburg group of so-called anti-fascists beat up and injured children from the "Movement against Illegal Immigration", published by an authorized picket in defense of the rights of Russian-speaking populations in Kondopoga.Then, caught the surprised looks of defenders, corrected and told a friend a harrowing story of how his colleagues were detained at the metro station "Dobryninskaya, next to which students held a rally organized by the same DPNI. "Our kids were taken to the police station and held there for several hours with criminals Nationalists - dramatically changed his outlook on life, Nikita, saying that his friends there" was lowered in all senses. "

A few days ago on the radio Ekho Moskvy interview was conducted among participants who were asked, are you ready to vote in elections for the party, like "National Democratic Party of Germany, which has already been compared to Hitler's Nazi Party. Surprisingly, more than half the listeners the most liberal station in Russia were ready to do it at least a minute. But then it turned out that listeners most banal way framed. Opening the vote, leading Sergei Buntman read a few paragraphs from the party program that meet the most demanding Democrats: Government must serve the people, the country must take its rightful place in the world, so it will not be blackmailed and did not reproach the past, the new economic and social order that would supported by a German family ... On the other goals, objectives and ideological assumptions party program (except perhaps that the thesis of the need to get rid of migrants) ehovtsy "chose not to get stuck. In the end, and get what happened: the Democrats convinced that the national-socialist ideas in any way disagree with their beliefs.

Hubbard's followers have also claimed that only he knows how to prevent the degradation of society as to save humanity from war, crime, drugs. But they claim to know how to effectively manage the enterprise and capital, to lead nations. This statement defines the main objective of Scientology: to occupy key positions in society, business and politics, everywhere introducing Hubbard management and total control over people. The latter, of course, no longer speak aloud.

Ilya Gerasimov


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