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Profanity at a rate

August 22 2006

Publicly mother is not only unseemly, but often not profitable in all senses of the word. At least, this applies to a person with a status above the average. Self-respecting organization take full measures to combat the rude employees. First of all, this applies to those who, one way or another, is the face of the company. And it is not only a moral or religious precepts, and in the elementary respect to their own corporate image. Which is known to be worth much.

Notation, sentimental conversation and companionship courts have long ceased to be a panacea for "high-rise utterances" offensive to public morals. Hama, cynical, vulgar, linguistic hooligans and citizens with disabilities irrepressible seksopatologicheskimi - alas! - Only understand "the language of the ruble and sanctions." Hence, the "talk" with them should be given to this feature. Even in a sport where a seemingly sturdy little word can get out by itself, to stop swearing very seriously and effectively.

Last week, the Control and Disciplinary Committee of the Russian Football Union (RFU) made a public rebuff verbal hooliganism, was fined five thousand rubles head coach of FC Spartak-UGP (Anapa) Zakirov Tamerlane. Moreover, the foul-mouthed and still banned for two matches. Information on the Punishment of spread through the media and through the RFU. So, a relatively moderate fine and short suspension was added a professional public disgrace. Which, incidentally, may well "haunt" Zakirov when renewing a service contract.

Head coach anapinskogo "Spartacus", as it turned out, after playing with Astrakhan "Shipbuilders" in front of witnesses obscenely insulted the chief justice of the match in podtribunnom room. It would seem, the business-something who does not happen! But soccer masters of the RAF were adamant. They found it necessary publicly to stop verbal hooliganism, and to Zakirov, and other sports figures to give an instructive lesson in sports and human ethics. The publicity of punishment already yielded results. Sports community has supported this decision the RFU, and the Russians were given reason to think again about the unit of speech and respect for human dignity. After a public swearing - is not only a dubious expression of personality, but also arrogant contempt of others.

Doctor of Social Sciences, professor, world-class athlete, director of athletic and sports complex "Olkhovka (Moscow), Victor Schankina sure that the RAF had made the right decision. "Of course, in sports can not exclude the strong words. But they have a right to be only in extreme cases and, of course, only behind the scenes of competitions and other events. This athlete should be able to behave in public. Always!" There can be no exceptions, "- he said in an interview

In this case, Victor Schankina noted that the problem of obscene speech in the sport is not as sharp as, for example, in politics. "These abominable manifestations in the sports world, as a rule, always hard to combat and even the" inveterate "fans can not afford to foul in the stands of stadiums. In this respect, sports and okolosportivnaya" the public enough cultural, can not be said about the representatives of some other areas of activity . The public is foul-mouthed, even where they can not in principle be "- shared with us his discovery of Victor Schankina.

- Recently, I was shocked a popular radio station Ekho Moskvy. Included a curious transfer, which was attended my namesake - the famous banker and politician Viktor Gerashchenko.Led the program itself master of the Russian Alexei Venediktov broadcast journalism.

Of course, I tuned in for serious information, but I got ... swearing on the ears. Gerashchenko so foul! Moreover, many times. At one point I even thought it was some kind of brazen provocation. After all, can not be respected as the "echo" to this fall ... It turns out, can. Logically, the leading should immediately suspend the program and apologize to the audience. Especially since such a "bison" as Venediktov. But this has not happened - in Gerashchenko will namatyugalsya, shocked and humiliated all the listeners.

And for some reason or to let himself go ex-banker, nor to the master-"provocateur" (and anyone else considered Venediktova in this case?) Was not adopted any measures. Bankers said nothing, said nothing the Union of Journalists. Why? If Timur Zakirov, allowed himself no profanity in podtribunnom room and at the stadium, and with a microphone in hand, I think it would be fined not five, but all five hundred thousand. And most likely, would be disqualified for life.

It turns out that in sports public profanity is suppressed, and in journalism, and banking environment - it seems to be the norm. Although, I believe that in any society, representatives of the status of the fourth estate and the banking community to be an exemplary example of a culture of communication. However, the program Venediktova involving Gerashchenko showed Russians something else entirely. Thank God it did not hear my children - said the master of sports.

Unfortunately, the ears are folded into a tube is not only respectable fathers of families, but also those who are constantly working with young people, spreading them in a reasonable, good and eternal. For example, the president of the Moscow Regional Branch of the Russian public organization "Children and Youth Social Initiatives" (Deems) Julia Romashina very sharply expressed concerning set phrases Chairman of the Board of Directors of YUKOS Viktor Gerashchenko:

- As an educator and director of the youth organization, I think that profanity is unacceptable anywhere, especially in the popular radio stations and broadcast media, a significant part of the audience who is young. Must take all possible measures to prevent similar incidents. I am not competent to list the sentence and conviction in such situations, but I'm over it, to make every effort to prevent similar incidents in the society, based on high culture and morality of each working staff in the media. With regard specifically to the story, then respond, in my opinion, should all - and the guests of the program, and lead. Gerashchenko as a guest of the program, could apologize to the audience. As for Venediktov, he, as leader, should not be ignored obscene remarks on the air of a respected radio station.

However, Victor Schankina suggested ... sorry make a slip banker. "What is swearing in a public place? This, firstly, the full manifestation of his own professional failure. Secondly, it is quite specific self-exposure of the individual. After all, is capable of either people with the deepest psychological problems or even mental disorders, or frank cynics" - he explained.

Elena Leonkova


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