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Antifashistcky week-end

May 22 2009

The upcoming weekend and early next week will be marked by anti-fascist resistance. Activists of the Russian and Ukrainian informal youth groups plan to protest against the repressive policies of the authorities.

"In recent months, Russia and Ukraine seen an unprecedented crackdown on anti-fascist activists. In some cases, against Russian anti-fascists made a false accusation and even convictions, while others - anti-fascists were persecuted just for being the defending Nazis" - says Outstanding anti-fascists.

In particular, the Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko put it, he "declared anti-fascists" extremists "and ordered law enforcement agencies to" carefully examine the political motives "in the death of Nazi Maxim Seagull, who died in Odessa while trying to attack the five anti-fascists in the company of 15 - T his friends. " "By calling the Nazis" patriots, "Yushchenko thus expressed their sympathy towards them," says Ukrainian anti-fascists.

Repression against activists of the Anti-Fascist movements are carried out in Russia. This 21-year history of the Moscow anti-fascist Alexej Olesinove nicknamed "Shkobar" convicted of a fight at a nightclub in the capital. And the St. Petersburg anti-fascist Alex Bychin, wounding a police officer with a knife, mix it with a skinhead. And several other similar cases. Antifa believes that most of provocation and repression against the Antifa in Russia organized by the Center for countering extremism. " "This new department, which replaced the OCD. Even before the reorganization, OCD famous provocation, and even killings of political activists, that is, the name change - this is just the latest confirmation that the government prefers to fight with the opposition anti-mafia '- they say.

Under pressure from neo-Nazi groups and law enforcement agencies, Russian and Ukrainian anti-fascists talk about the need for "international solidarity".

"Anti-fascists in Moscow, Kiev and all over the world. You can hold a rally, big or small, against the Ukrainian and / or the Russian authorities in their town the 24th or 25th of May. If your city does not have embassies or consulates, you can choose any large Russian or Ukrainian corporation - especially recommend Gazprom, which is inseparable from the Russian state, which is especially evident in recent years "- said in a joint statement antifa. To him also is attached and a list of subsidiaries of Gazprom, which, as I suppose, and are encouraged to use as sites for the protest.

Given how it held shares the anti-fascist groups, the leadership of Gazprom and its subsidiaries would be good to strengthen the protection of its facilities in those days.

Here's how to describe action in memory of Markelov in January this year one of its members:

"We have been criticized openly is that on the march against hatred hosted in honor of the deceased S. Markelova we hit the shop windows and set fire to garbage containers ... We walked, igniting in the hearts of confidence that now there is no area of fascism and discrimination, which in this time are all equal, and that there is only one law - the law of kindness and justice ... And here we saw them - fat creature, "cogs" of the system, biomass, and sat ate their hamburgers and hot dogs, drinks and reveled in synthetic rejoiced When two people were killed. It made us such a tide of hatred and anger that no one even shouted "Stop!", all worked cohesively as a single mechanism - we charge the "Antifa - Antifa forward!" weapon of the proletariat and thrown directly into the cabinet.You should have seen the faces of the living dead when we broke their vegetative existence of the image and its reality hit them. The next step was setting fire to garbage containers. After that, our anger subsided a bit and we moved on. "

The bulk of anti-fascist groups (as, indeed, and their opponents of neo-Nazi camp) are very young people aged 16 to 25 years. The only possible way to fight these guys consider violence, which in many cases, replaces ideology. His street war they perceive is so serious that to win in her prepared to sacrifice many things: health, freedom, life. In this case, they are not altruistic or Tolstoyans, "but because in the first place are prepared to deliver the material and physical harm, and only then by the fall on the battlefield.

Fighting with the police and the skinheads, the burning of military offices and pogroms in fast food restaurants - is the lifestyle of today's anti-fascists. And this style of "street nonviolent resistance" attracts potential sponsors to actively get invited young radicals in their own, mostly, the human rights network. Antifa become permanent protesters called "Dissent" opposition. Of course, they are invited not as a banal crowd, and "grass-roots protest movement against lawlessness Cop." And, of course, not a simple "thank you".

Recently revealed that the MacArthur Foundation, USA, periodically allocates money to "conducting anti-fascist campaign in Voronezh. In 2003, the bulwark of "anti-fascists" - Youth Human Rights Movement has received $ 100,000 a year - another $ 225,000, says the Free Press. "

However, the radical anti-fascists - a double edged sword. Likely waiting for the fate of anti-fascist National Bolshevik, which used up until there was a need in the shares of "direct action" and were necessary political prisoners. However, pro-fascist sentiments among fans of Eduard Limonov eventually embarrass even the most radical defenders. Now taken their place antifa. For how long?

Olga Nekrasova

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