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Russian political technologists learn showbiz

May 22 2006

They say that official media has exaggerated intentionally scare people with such things as the rise of fascist tendencies in society, etc. But if you are talking about politicians and journalists has been affirmed in life, in conversations of ordinary people, you should think - in fact a problem actually exists in reality.

Hitler became Putin's popularity

In one of the television, where the question about the growth of nationalist and fascist tendencies in Russia, one participant asked: how can we deal with neo-fascism, if almost every bookstore you can find a complete collection of literature on this subject?. Andrey-fromfili confirms : "Went to a big bookstore. And there books about Hitler and the Third Reich nemeryannom. That only about Hitler did not write even a magical components it has. There is a book about sex in the Third Reich with erotic photos ... About Putin so do not write! "- he exclaimed in surprise.

"Eurovision" and the political technologies

Second place Dima Bilan at the international contest "Eurovision-2006" caused a lot of feedback - from enthusiastic to skeptical, puzzled. But Henry Leyhtveys put forward quite a seemingly fantastic story of the fact that this competition is used by Russian spin-doctors as a platform for testing for Political Technologies. "Almost all claim that the political vote. The algorithm is this: So, in the finals, Russia received 248 points out of 37 voters (not including Russia in those 37). Average - 6,7. Therefore, those who put us more - they like it less - well, not so much hate, but let's say: more love to others, and we are in tenth place .. For example, Belarus, and gave us 12, loves us in 2006 with a coefficient of 1.79, ie, increases the real result in 1.79 times.

Over the last six years in voting for Russia, attended by 40 European countries who joined them from Armenia and Israel. Of these forty countries, as many as 25 of us to put less than half the average. Four of them always put a round zero, and most decreases significantly. Five countries have relatively objective: their love from 0,75 to 1,5. Nine stations we love selflessly, putting us at times more than average. And would put more than 12, if they could. The average coefficient of love for Russia is obtained 1.036.

Well, according to this strategy of Russia is not surprising - just come during the elections: they remain fervent supporters, haters, too, and the whole struggle is about the meaning of vacillating, that is, those in the middle of the list. Bilan traveled with a promotional tour of Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Israel, Bulgaria. Agree, we have acted exactly political technology theories. Result: Second place in the finals - this despite the fact that, in the semifinals, we were third behind Bosnia. "

On the political aspect of the contest and said Oleg Bondarenko . "Old Europe is rapidly losing its identity, its tradition, its essence. Soon the wreckage of Europe will be dancing like mad and perky young Iranians with the Palestinians, who sing in their national languages and to have always the first place in all competitions former Europe ... In this regard, struck its tolerance and political correctness, Germany and France, who gave first place in Turkey. What is most frightening, they were to vote, including the Germans and French, which begins to work, "Stockholm Syndrome".Since the confrontation of two identities, the strongest wins (ie, Arab), the French / Germans are already beginning to gradually identify themselves with their Islamic neighbors. "

Sport and politics

But if the show-business is just beginning to grow into a political component, some politicians perceive their activities as a sporting event. "The coach of Russian national team National Bolsheviks , Eduard Limonov, has submitted an application to the International Olympic Committee to recognize the natsbola Olympic sport. And yet in the plans of the Russian team - tomato enhanced training in public institutions "- to share with friends, news Slava Makarov . But, as practice shows, the anecdote a little outdated - Olympic team NBP seriously aiming to take part in the biathlon and other shooting sports, in connection with what has already started training with use of gas and traumatic weapons.

In the role of novice spin doctor played Elena Boyko


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