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"Do not scratch the eggs! Not initiated Yashin!"

March 22 2007

Incredible sexy curiosity, initiated favorite Yavlinsky Ilya Yashin, actively discussed in the corridors of the State Duma. Leader of Youth Yabloko extremely instituted random picture of the Tyumen deputy Vyacheslav Timchenko, made ushlymi paparazzi from the balcony of the courtroom.

March 21 at his "Live Journal" Ilya Yashin posted a photo of a representative type of man who was sitting in his seats, talking on the phone and seemed to be at the same time scratching his crotch. Of course, absolutely nothing interesting and sensational in this picture there. This kind of "Stuff" was a curious public at the dawn of the "yellow press", ie 15-20 years ago. And in the West, they are generally long nobody interesting.

However, Ilya Yashin from this picture is very excited. "What's the name of the MP, anybody know?" - Does not hide excitement he inquired of his Internet druzhbanov. Some were put to shame horny young politician: "The men, who did not scratch his balls, let him throw a stone at me. Yashin - this is fine. Do not be a hypocrite!"

But Elijah did not want to be a hypocrite. He wanted another - to immediately call the name is so sexy he liked men. It is possible that such gestures liked Yashin and e his longtime idol sex Khodorkovsky.

Finally, careful followers of rapture from the contemplation photos rubbing their eggs, men have helped Yashin, saying that it seduced and provoked deputy Timchenko. Then the leader of the Young Yabloko cried for joy to the whole Runet: "Exactly it! Thanks! It is worth to expect that in the near future we can expect from Yashin voluptuous attacks on Mr. Timchenko. In a frank brutality last for a pet Yavlinsky this could end badly.

MP Alexei Mitrofanov of the LDPR, commented to us scandalous behavior Ilya Yashin: "After the complete failure of Yabloko's election on March 11, I explicitly stated that the party Yavlinsky came to an end. If before their sexual stupidity Yashin sublimated into screams and cries at campaign rallies, then Now from idleness, he publicly discussed his sexual fantasies. I hate to think that I can shoot in such an intimate situation here, but some Yashin would masturbate to these pictures to do, not only verbally. stragglers, I am tomorrow, the boys from the group and say: "Watch for yourself and do not scratch the eggs! Not to proceed with Yashin and his friends! "

The most popular Russian sexologist Diehl Enikeeva was, as always, precise and witty: "I'm still in November 2005, has publicly shared her suspicions that Yavlinsky - latent homosexual. And the environment is the same chooses. And, judging by the revelation of Yashin and his entourage stimulate normal peasants. And now these immoral, licentious subjects sometimes called in the press, on TV to comment on serious things. If Yavlinsky nothing and in this situation and not blame their loses from the passions of all shame "little friend", then this parteykoy all will become clear.

Incidentally, I recently saw this Yashin at some obscenely Channel, where he commented on the poorly concocted lies some addicts and obalduev about alleged by the Kremlin's "combat brigades" of young people. And he said the following: "The Frankenstein may oppose his master." Such ignorance shocked me! And in the novel, Mary Shelley, and in the film with the legendary Boris Karloff Frankenstein - the surname of the scientist who created the monster, and not the monster. And these assholes crawl into politics! "

alkaline sharply manifested world sex diva and popular journalist Elena Berkova: "If Yashin published photo of my husband, a specific St. Petersburg businessman Volodya Khimchenko in such a situation and let the spittle on the subject, Volodya, he would instantly pulled the eggs. If they are, of course, of Elijah there, what I and my friends from the group "Sweet vanilla" extremely doubt.

Interestingly enough, "Novaya Gazeta" and the weekly number one "refused to publish the photograph MP Timchenko with erotic commentary Ilya Yashin. "When I called Ilya Yashin with such a proposal, I honestly said:" Elijah! Despite everything that happened, I agree to this I can not! "- Said the chief editor of" Number One "Denis Terekhov journalists" Radio "Retro".

Arina Semenova

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