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Under the banner of "Jolly Roger": the history of political brigandage

November 21 2007

Attitudes towards piracy is not one. Marine corsairs and other thieves, despite their unenviable social status, often become almost noble heroes, consuming money from the rich and give to the poor. Today the profession is a noble bandit is no longer held in high esteem, and pirates are called thieves of intellectual property and manufacturers of counterfeit products that take money not only from the rich and the poor. With these pirates in varying degrees of success are fighting not only in Russia but also worldwide special units of law enforcement. However, in recent years to create a glove department to combat counterfeiting in politics, because the methods of media pirates are actively adopt certain political parties .

The greatest success in mastering this, yet no one occupied the niche of political space, has made the Fair Russia. Stribro desire that, according to "Socialist-Revolutionaries, bad lies, it seems, firmly imprinted in the minds of adherents of" justice, "according to its vending any of the property.

On November 20 the Central Election Commission held a meeting of the working group. The main theme - a violation in the conduct of the election campaign Karelian branch of the Just Russia party. " In one of the rollers of the party illegally used music from the Hollywood movie "Pirates of the Caribbean". Applications are examined twice at meetings of the Working Group CEC Karelia on information disputes. The first time the party had not submitted the necessary documents proving the legality of making this movie. But after consideration, the Commission concluded that the whole test material should be sent to the prosecutor of the republic to study these documents. In the CEC motivate their decision by saying that for the final verdict must be the conclusion of experts musicologists, and "we, unfortunately, such data do not have music, quotes CEC Chairman Alexander Istomin Nika Media " .

Violation, at first glance, not too serious and probably even funny. In the end, it's not stealing from their own, while the damned burzhuinov would say very patriotic reader. But, first, to steal all bad. And secondly, about the same operation "Socialist-Revolutionaries" done the and domestic intellectual property.

In October of this year, activists "Fair Russia" strongly distributed in the Leningrad region drive as much with three Soviet films in one package: "Fantasia Vesnuhina" (2 series), "Dangerous Tour" and "One-Two, Soldiers were" united in collection titled "Native and fair movie (part 2). That is, presumably, had previously been circulated, and the first part of the "Collector's Edition." But pets, Federation Council Speaker Sergei Mironov, not only deftly privatized the legacy of Soviet cinema, but wrapped it in a modern ideological wrapper stamped with the "Fair Russia".

As noted by the Internet edition of "47 News" , the proposed film relies watch the load. Middle and older generation remembers, as in Soviet cinemas before the movie necessarily demonstrated newsreel, and in some cases, the so-called "Extended program, tells about the next progress toward building developed socialism. Around the same way the creators decided to go and party kinosbornika.Writing before the movie quotes from the speeches of Mr. Mironov, "Bulletin of the Russian Land Union" (which is chaired by that same Mironov) and several party spots. In one of them, in 2008, on the plane from London to Moscow in handcuffs brought a man resembling Mr Berezovsky. And in another kind of bureaucrat who loves hunting, fishing and traveling, is behind bars. As a bonus, viewers are invited to find the phrase in the films of justice, to reply to the Russian Land Union and receive a reward new disc. Why all at once reminded of various competitions with beer caps, ironic edition.

Of course, that the output is not specified neither the manufacturer nor the license number MPTR or data owner filmmaking. The disc, which itself is a pirated product, because the license disk can be only one movie, and not kinosbornik contains only the words "Not for sale." Incidentally, the line "Paid for from the electoral fund of a political party" Fair Russia "is also absent.

Talk about any kind of moral priorities - employment completely meaningless. The whole history of the Fair Russia - a history of unauthorized loans and cynical rewriting, either party program or its personnel structure. Muster the political slag from the LDPR, Yabloko, "Motherland" during the party and could not develop a coherent ideology, chetkoy Programme of Action to nominate outstanding leaders. Almost paid off a bet on youth, but then inappropriately turned out that quite a reasonable idea of one leader of the youth wing of the party Yuri Lopusov borrowed from Adolf Hitler and the other frustrated member of the federal three parties Sergei Shargunov in nearby youth criticized Putin. He, incidentally, believes that if and criticized Putin, in ignorance, but the leader of the party - yes, threatened him with physical violence.

Actually, the endorsement of Putin's plan - and it became the main program "Fair Russia" in this election. "Socialist-Revolutionaries" are not even embarrassed by the fact that the Russian president, headed the list of United Russia party. " The leader of Just Russia was not taken aback, and explained that Putin remains - their president, but "United Russia" they do not like to hope that Putin will change the decision and Sergei Mironov, even ready to give Putin the place the speaker of the Federation Council, if it can not be persuaded to stay for a third term, after which, of course, filled with gratitude the president should join the "Fair Russia".

President, of course, on those statements did not react. And I must say, rightly so. Facts of political copywriting should engage the relevant authorities. However, to date their function perfectly fulfill the citizens of Russia. According to the results of sociological research rating of "Socialist-Revolutionaries" steadfastly kept at the level of 3-4%, which is sufficient to return the election pledge, but not enough to support his ambitions.

Yegor Mikhailov


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