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"Dull pi .. yes-2007" funded by the ATP?

November 21 2007

Scandalously failed presentation of the new opus "court reporter" Chubais, Oleg Morozov, "So who shot the parliament?" The agency "Interfax". Do experts suspect that one purpose of the event was to promote the well-known liberal zhurnalistki Eugenia Albats in winning online contest Tupaya pi .. yes-2007.

Media virtually ignored the event, despite the fact that it involved very rarely appears in public Yegor Gaidar. Only one of the main favorites of the ongoing Learn Trankova contest Tupaya pi .. yes Runet-2007, and part-time editor of the politics «New Times» Evgenia Albats sent a cameraman there. Basically the same audience are the citizens and the citizen, rather smacks of the infamous "demshizu Yeltsin's first appeal."

The presence of the camera from a magazine Albats gave birth to a reasonable suspicion about the possible sponsorship of the Union of Right Forces, "the popular contest Tupaya pi ... da-2007" in order to obtain citizen Albats main prize, as well as 200 copies for distribution to Oleg Morozov patrons located near the Editor Cafe Pushkin. " Otherwise, why there appeared the camera her magazine?

Understand the absence of other media easily. Oleg Morozov, after his book "1996: as Mr. Zyuganov did not become president" has a completely unique reputation. After all, it still "writer" managed to justify even the controversial removal of boxes of "black cash" from the White House in June 1996 and other dishonest acts of his boss. They say the money would whip, but otherwise came to power would Zyuganov and hung to all Democrats in one place along the Ostankino pond.

As professional historians (not to be considered as such by Oleg Rumyantsev and some Pihoyu!) Yet do not wish to comment on published, it is possible for the money the ATP and RAO UES, the opus, Oleg Morozov, we contacted one of the heroes of the liberal truth "- Vice Director of the Institute of civil society and local government Ilya Konstantinov. In the book Frost he devotes a whole chapter, which Konstantinov called "one of the main instigators of the bloody events of October 3-4, 1993.

Here's what he said to us, Mr. Constantine:

"It's been many years since the events of 1993, but, unfortunately, are still scattered many of the myths and legends. One of the primary legends is that supposedly there was some kind of armed action by the Supreme Council, which was attempted armed seizure of power on our part and so on. It's all nonsense.

Sufficiently familiar with the investigation materials, which conducted Prosecutor's Office to find out what the supporters of the Supreme Council of all the fire was not conducted either during the so-called assault on the Ostankino, which has not been, nor in the actual assault Yeltsinites the Supreme Council. Weapons from supporters of the Supreme Council was, but it has not been brought to bear. It must be borne in mind when we talk about these events, and when someone talks about the bloody executioners. On our hands no blood, it is most important. But in the hands of Yeltsin's supporters are hundreds and hundreds of innocent people killed. Then all the points above "and" must be placed clearly and this is the first.

Second, with regard to the time when there was this book Claus. I think it is absolutely not accidental. Here's the thing: our eyes are willing to rule revenge, it is visible to the naked eye. Proponents of large oligarchic capital, the comprador bourgeoisie and their political appointees - is the same Chubais, Gaidar, Boris Nemtsov, SPS - strongly dissatisfied with how well the event is now in Russia.They are dissatisfied with the policies of Putin, unhappy increased government regulation of the economy, angry that once again begins the development of Russian industry, which invests in the defense complex, which pressed the big monopolies, including oil, and removed their windfall. This makes them discontent.

Plus, the powerful forces abroad in Europe and the U.S. is interested in destabilizing the political situation in Russia. Just because Russia - a geopolitical rival and competitor. Because the planet is one, all resources are missing, 10 percent of these resources is in Russia.

Of course, they need to rehabilitate those who actually spilled the blood of Russian citizens in 1993. And to discredit those who are doing your duty - to defend the Constitution and the law. I think that this is a great preliminary bombardment to the big political events, which we shall see. I am sure that will be made a serious attempt to discredit and disrupt the presidential election.

I do not know exactly who gave this book but have no doubt that this book was sponsored by the same sources from which financed "Marches of Dissent", a vile indeed activity of ATP with Nemtsov and White at the helm. It's all one company, the same forces interested in destabilizing the situation in Russia. They are also not capable of such lies.

I look closely at this book. I somehow know exactly who shot down the parliament and who gave the order to fire on unarmed people who know for sure. I'll see what there is written specifically for me and there are grounds for a claim of defamation. "

It is understandable why Nikita White, brazenly violating the sorts of laws that gave the order not to accredit journalists honest and sober at the "briefing" in the office of the PCA, which took place on Tuesday afternoon. There supposedly were talking about some provocations against the ATP. In fact, there is likely a grand spree to celebrate the release of the book, Oleg Morozov, and soldering of the organizing committee of the competition, "Blunt pi ... da-2007" in order to obtain Eugenia Albats main priza.Takuyu information, incidentally, applies not located, as they say , "in ahue" from such pressures, Mr. Trankov, but some Olya hiding in LJ under the name "milonga" and is very jealous all the people who weigh more than 40 kilogrammov.Imenno this Olga, as saying, toss piarschitse Kasparov, Marina Litvinovich compromising on pornopohozhdeniyah Maria Gaidar, and her new boyfriend Wani Bolshakov.

An informed public immediately remembered the memorable meeting between Trankovym and Nikita White Cafe on Paveletskaya last year. To disguise the true intent of this event was to throw a former fiancee Trankova serving Learn how to "Candy-Candy" disinformation that White and Trankov sort things out. Now it is clear that they were negotiating on the budget ATP sawing through all sorts of books Frost and competitions. Even udvitelno as Chubais to miss such obvious things and made it work.

Given the cryptic information about the sponsorship of the competition, "Blunt pi ... da 2007, failure of ATP leadership openly discuss it, there are justifiable concerns that soon in the party headquarters of ATP might happen next, spontaneous combustion, during which everything will be destroyed razblyudovki regular closed-door meetings Belykh and his press-woman Anna Solodukha. Also, detailed diagrams of money washing through the financing of the competition, "Blunt pi .. yes-2007" and issue books, Oleg Morozov, who, if he were a lady, could easily compete with Ms. Albats.

such a situation, just a big press conference a member of the federal political council of SPS and concurrently chairman of the board of RAO UES Anatoly Chubais could clarify this is a very complicated case, which began with the mysterious disappearance in February of Dagestan activist Magomed Omarmagomedova ATP, so still and not yet found. It is not excluded that it is directly related to the schemes stealing the election budget of ATP, where the sponsorship of the competition, "Blunt pi ... yes, 2007 can not take last place. Not so if Nikita White is so afraid of publicity? And not because there, as they say old-timers of Kizlyar, in the places where they found the burned car Omarmagomedova a few hours before it saw the man allegedly mushrooms, very similar to Trankova? Incidentally, the latter fact may, but does not want to confirm or deny the lawyer Vadim Prokhorov, recently admitted to colleagues that are very envious of his colleague Pavel Astakhov and ready around him be.

Denis Nekrutenko


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