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The route of the "Russian March" is known: Moscow - Berlin

October 21 2006

Everything happened exactly as in the song of Wise Oleg, were preparing to otmschat foolish Khazars. Only, you know, met the prince in the way, when suddenly ran up to him a flock of the Magi, and let's frighten the good fellow quick death at the hands of his entourage. How many are not used to sing the praise to the "Russian March" scheduled to take place in Moscow and other cities of Russia and neighboring foreign countries on 4 November, the threat from the other side, where about it was not expected.

Until the afternoon of October 20 the main enemies of the "Russian March" were known. This pseudo-press decry all the activities of national-patriots, a pro-Kremlin movement, seeking to throw sand in the wheels of the true defenders of the Russian land, and finally, the regime itself, trembling at the mere mention of the "Russian march. And each of these enemies at the last October 20 press conference, members of the Public Committee in support of "Russian March", which includes the State Duma deputies from the LDPR, Motherland "and" People's Will ", was given a rebuke.

With liberals. however, after sorting out quickly. A particular danger they posed, and except for a minor provocation is not capable, but with the provocateurs Patriots always figure out. With pro-Kremlin movement was more complicated. Last year, the official organizer of the "Right March" was a "Eurasian Union of Youth." As explained to the audience, a member of the Organizing Committee of the march Vladimir Tor, "Eurasians" were puny movement, who had a lot of flags, but there were no people to raise the banner of the great Eurasia. So they turned to the "Movement Against Illegal Immigration (DPNI), to help them human resource. Naturally, for appropriate consideration. DPNI responded to the request, but, as noted by B. Thor, ECM has not settled his debts.

Since then, between the ECM and the Movement Against Illegal Immigration has come to lie deep chasm, and already this year young "Eurasians" stated that they would do everything possible to prevent the forthcoming "Russian march". For example, ECM to the authorities of Moscow and the main policeman Rashid Nurgaliyev to ban the march, even the price of a curfew. "Well, you know, Zarifullin (Paul Zarifullin - leader ECM - approx. Aut.) Wrote a letter Nurgaliyev," - said Vladimir smiling Tor. In addition, the "Eurasians" were also prepared for more radical measures. For example, in the words of the same Paul Zarifullina, ECM bought several lions, which will starve until November 4, and then released to the marchers' try skinyatinki. Then the conversation suddenly screwed Dmitry Rogozin. "You know - he said. - The Party of Life is now carrying out the action - feeding the lions at the Moscow and St Petersburg zoos. A leader of the Party of Life Sergei Mironov help even the stone lions in St. Petersburg, at your expense by sending them for restoration. So that I can tell the gentlemen of the ECM: you can sleep peacefully, have fed the lions.

This is a joke that there really pretty amused those present at the press conference participants and journalists, denoting a very important point - unlike last year's March, the current event has a clearly defined political character. If in 2005 in the same column with DPNI were only a few members of youth "Homeland", but now the political representation of the march did not look at an example of respectable.

ak, "Russian march" was supported by State Duma deputies from the party "Motherland," which, incidentally, has since last year, maintains friendships and partnerships with the Movement Against Illegal Immigration, and in full will appear on the march by members of the People's Will ", headed by State Duma deputy Sergei Baburin ; will not stand by and LDPR, delegated to the Public Committee of the march of two of its representatives - the State Duma deputies Nikolai Kuryanovich and Ivan Musatov. It is possible that support the march and the Party of Life, which has been very soon unite with "Homeland" and the leader Dmitry Rogozin, dismissed a lot of flattering words. Stand for the column and the newly established party "Rus", which is already who are just not accused of having links with radical nationalist groups. It is expected that as soon as possible to the Organizing Committee of "Russian March" and a submission from the parties' freedom and democracy "Victor Cherepkov. Those present at the press conference, representatives of the party told me that Viktor Ivanovich Cherepkov should be personally present at the press conference, but due to the large employment has not been able to get it, but fully supports the initiative of the "Russian March".

The highlight of "Russian March-2006" will be its international composition of participants. As previously reported, the march will be attended by national-patriotic organizations of the United States , Britain, Germany, Serbia, Ukraine, and possibly Israel . The international nature of the "Russian March" and said Dmitry Rogozin. Answering a reporter's question about where will the "Russian March", having already been rumors that Moscow government has banned its holding, Dmitry Rogozin, has demonstrated a letter to the Mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov signed by the State Duma deputies. "And let Yuri Mikhailovich then does not say that he knew nothing and had no idea that this will be a march and who will go there. We, the deputies of the Duma, will stand on the perimeter and prevent provocations by the authorities - said Dmitry Rogozin. - In general, the route of the "Russian March", is known - is Moscow - Berlin "- said the former leader of the Motherland."

But as they say, best is the enemy of the good. Such a wide membership, to show the unity of the national-patriotic forces, caused the effect, quite frankly, the opposite. Another October 4 grand scandal during the presentation of the Organizing Committee of the march rolled Secretary of the Union of Orthodox Citizens (LNG), Kirill Frolov, who was outraged outburst leader NDPR Alekesandra Sevastyanov, who accused the Patriarch Alexy II in non-Russian, and, respectively, in the absence of moral and legal rights to represent the interests of Russian people. The result of this disagreement was the refusal of LNG to participate in the Russian march.

The scandal was supposed to happen during a press conference on October 20. Co-movement "People's Cathedral" Vladimir Homyakov planned in front of the press read out a statement of orthodox members of the organizing committee of the reason for their rejection of the ideology of "Russian March", but was not allowed into the hall. Nevertheless, the statement, signed by the movement of the "People's Cathedral", "Union of Orthodox horugvenostsev" and the organization "Bastion", became public.

The reason for the disturbance was the emergence of the Organizing Committee of such odious figures as the leader of a neo-Nazi organization "Slavic Union" Dmitry Demushkin, as well as a number of politicians in recent times is increasingly clear aligning itself with the "orange revolutionaries"."To go in a convoy with an admirer of Hitler and friends of the Orange revolutionaries" as their "Orthodox scenery, thus discrediting the true Russian nationalism, the idea of Imperial, as well as - the Russian Orthodox Church, we do not believe for a possible" - said in a statement . Authors treatment assures that personally for all of them very important "priority to the interests of the Russian people before the interests of private, group and" international "and therefore, realizing the importance of" Russian March ", as long as possible, we try to keep the unity of the march participants and follow the arrangements made even In the case when the other members of the organizing committee of violating them. "

"However," turning the other cheek ", even the Orthodox are only up to a point: when it is not becoming for them to retreat from the Faith and its principles. The last straw for us was crushed DPNI inclusion of the Organizing Committee of the march, Mr. Demushkin and his organization" Slavic Union, which for the provocative actions in last year's march had been declared "persona non grata" on all patriotic measures. In addition, the determining influence in the preparation of the march began to acquire political figures in some way connected with Mr. Belkovsky and "orange revolutionaries" that gives all the March completely different political significance than was originally proclaimed. Therefore, the Orthodox-patriotic organizations - members of the Organizing Committee - namely: "People's Cathedral", "Bastion", "Union of Orthodox horugvenostsev" - made a joint decision to withdraw from the Organizing Committee and not to take part in the march, which is increasingly becoming an inner-event DPNI, and Rogozin, Belkovsky and new supporters of the openly Nazi groups "- the statement said.

"Rebels" have already stated that their exit from the Organizing Committee of "Russian March" does not mean that on Nov. 4 - not their holiday. "Since the day originally was, and is not a" day of struggle against immigrants ", and Orthodox and imperial holiday", they are going at the same time hold a different route of the Orthodox-patriotic "Right March" under the imperial flag, Orthodox icons and banners .

Thus, 4 November in Moscow can be held as early as three "Russian march". Previously, their desire to hold the procession, said "The Eurasian Youth Union", uniting their efforts with the youth organization "Young Russia" and "Young Guard". However, before November 4, there is still a lot of time, and if things continue to develop with such breakneck speed, every day will be announced and more new "true Russian", proving the right to existence of its own Russian royal family.

Igor Kulagin


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