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Werewolves in the Communist Party: the editor wrote anti-communist article

March 21 2007

Split personality - one of the most fascinating enigmas, which became the object of close attention from both psychologists and writers. Stories about how nice and helpful gentleman with the onset of darkness is transformed into an evil maniac great variety. Classics of the genre, of course, is a novel by Robert Louis Stevenson's The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Everyone around knew Mr. Henry as a deeply decent and virtuous gentleman. In fact, Jack had a lot of secret vices, which he could not surrender with all the passion, fearing for his reputation. Henry Jekyll has invented a drug that allows him to change his physical appearance, and now, when the soul of Jekyll enjoyed the lowest depravity in the body of Mr. Hyde.

And if Stevenson was alive, he could write a sequel to his novel called "The strange story of Anatoly Baranov and Aleksandr Magidovicha.

At first glance, among the chief editor of the site Anatoly Baranov and network journalist Alexander Magidovichem nothing in common. As the famous anecdote about Chukchi, found on the wall inscription "Glory to the CPSU, are two completely different people. The first work on the responsible as head of the main communist Internet portal in Russia, defending the honor and dignity of the party and its irreplaceable leader. The second, sarcastically and angrily scoffs at all the same leader, exposing the Communist Party merciless criticism. In this case, everyone knows that Baranov and Magidovich essence, there is one person, but as brought up in polite society, this is not mentioned. Yes, and Anatoliy Y. obviously ashamed of his "second self", threatening to file criminal charges against anyone who dares to him, Baranova, just once more called Magidovichem.

"From the media I learned that I attributed to the authorship of texts signed by the swarms, Magidovicha and Kolchak" - outraged Anatoly Baranov site - As I am - not Magidovich, let the gentleman who sent the court a paper or try to prove that I Magidovich or responsible for his words. "The thing is that at present Communist Party leader Gennady Zyuganov is in litigation with the political scientist Boris Kagarlitsky. The subject of litigation was the report Kagarlitsky "Storm Warning" on the corruption of Russian political parties. Otmonitoriv to press and Internet, Boris Kagarlitsky has made a rating of corruption of parties, the first place which was given to the Communist Party. This was the cause excruciating pain Gennady Zyuganov, who could help one million rubles, which Gennady Andreyevich and demanded to recover from Kagarlitsky, alleging that in libel.

It takes (more precisely, standing on the spot) a few months and then, shortly before the next meeting in the press there is information that the lawyer Boris Kagarlitsky addressed to the Editor Internet newspaper "Herald" to help in the search for Alexander Magidovicha, Author of several publications on the Communist Party and its leader, the material which formed the basis of articles published in the report "Storm warning". This is a circumstance that has caused quite a nervous reaction by Anatoly Yurevich, who decided, for the sake of reputation, to refute it. Absolutely everything.

Save, incidentally, was that. The Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Information and analytical work by Oleg Kulikov in an interview Elektorat.Info " tried, of course, to pretend that they are not interested in the past their ward. "We actually do not collect on our staff profiles on the previous work. We have no law on the internal lustration and a ban on the profession," he said.But Baranov, unlike his colleagues, was well aware that Gennady Zyuganov is unlikely to want to know that the man ran the party site, at least in the recent past regularly ruffled Gennady Andreyevich for ... yes for everything. That there is only text on Zyuganov with the eloquent title "Kommunistbashi" , published in the pages Pravdy.Ru signed by Alexander Magidovicha. "The cult of personality of Comrade Zyuganov in a single one separate organ of the Central Committee of the Communist Party has long been surpassed and Brezhnev, and Gorbachev's standards" - the author writes. Well, after this, given that Baranov Magidovich differ little from each other, swim with them in the same boat?

This Anatoly Baranov well aware, trying to once and for all disown annoying nickname. But in his outburst to confirm this postulate, Anatoly Baranov, proves quite the opposite. Here he writes: "Interestingly, that as an example of" anti-party "activities Baranova is ... Magidovicha article published on" in September 2003, when shed a Baranov quietly worked in the government of Russia, and did not touch on the lives political parties. A site led a completely different person. " It seems to be convincing. But then again, striving to prove their loyalty to the native party, issued the following magical passage: "In fact, Baranov is just hitting the first alarm about the threat to the left of the" Socialist "- here's an example: "How Communists lose rating where there should acquire " . Look. Indeed, such an article from 01.01.2007 is truly present on the site FORUM.msk, editor in chief of which is also Anatoly Baranov, the signature - note drumming! - Alexandra Magidovicha. Could the mysterious Magidovich after Baranov, editor of the left Prady.Ru, settling on the other, alternative resources?

Anatoly Baranov, by the way, knowing that no matter how steep, and the awl in a sack can not hide, trying to threaten editorial Pravdy.Ru. "But even suppose that someone has posted something on" "not under his real name, but under a pseudonym, apparently fearing for themselves some kind of impact. Never, under any circumstances, the editors do not disclose a pseudonym - This dichayshee violation of journalistic ethics, automatically making the editor nerukopozhatnym. "Moreover, Art. 41 of the Act on the media directly obliges editors to maintain the confidentiality of nicknames:" The editorial is obliged to keep secret the source of information and is not entitled to call the person providing information to its privacy policy behalf, except when the corresponding request was received from the court in connection with under his production business ", - says Anatoly Baranov.

In general, it is not clear: if "Pravde.Ru alleges that Alexander Magidovich - is Anatoly Baranov, and the latter reluctantly agrees, promising to sue the Pravdu.Ru was not for the fact that he had not at that and the disclosure of his personal secrets.

Apparently , Anatoly Baranov, have repeatedly attempted to leave the post of chief editor, morally prepared for retirement . "I have never concealed that it was not satisfied with the place, which is allocated to me in the structure of the Communist Party, - says Anatoly Baranov. - Pretty funny in 47 years to be satisfied with the role, which usually charge people a bit younger - for example," Motherland "worked on this Lesch Rogozin, son Dmitry.My candidate did not consider any of the elective offices - no deputy, even in the farthest village council or the inner. I post this in the party - the eternal loser. Moreover, as a journalist in the party I actually arranged a ban on the profession - never my articles are not published either in "Pravda", nor "Soviet Russia" - where else but there. The site I just place texts of content, or articles of party bosses, who himself did not even read. Today the party is "known journalist" too, actually become "ex officio". My journalistic work - this is the party actually my "hobby", to the same number of party leaders considered highly undesirable. All this I do not hide, and I see no sense in hiding. My work with the Communist Party and the Communist Party ideologically motivated solely, and not the career, much less material. "" It is possible that in the very near future this "penance" ends - continues Anatoly Baranov. - My izblevyvanie from the ranks of the Communist Party will, of course, on the initiative of agents of influence in the party, and will be furnished, as I believe, quite a lot of spitting in the back. Of course, it is not nice, I'm still living person, and the cause to which I gave a lot of time and effort to me quite indifferent. But if the party leadership finally go to the "Ukrainian variant", for me, the outcome is simply no alternative - will be meaningless for the party, and for me personally. "

Dr. Jekyll was afraid of only one thing - that moment will come when he can not return to its original state, and remained forever Mr. Hyde. And this moment has come. The transition from one incarnation to another began to occur much more frequently than once a day, resulting in Jekyll got a choice - either to try to stay forever those who are respected by all, or permanently stay in the likeness of substance, freely devoted to his lust. And Anatoly Baranov now be forced to make a choice: either remain entirely at the mercy of his party leader, giving up vents in the form of their own sites and Pravda.Info Forum.msk, where he is forced to be realized as a journalist, or give up the hope to be a deputy, published party in the serious journals, etc.

Dmitry Nosov


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