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"Solidarity" behind democracy

February 21 2009

In fact, the leadership established by the end of last year's Democratic Movement "Solidarity" had not planned to hold until spring no public stocks. But amid the general lack of active opposition of "Solidarity" seemed very strange and raises many puzzling questions. But the best, as we know, the enemy of good, and the silence - gold. As a result, the violation of these two rules has led to what happened in the first ever demonstration of "Solidarity" on February 21.

First, immediately arose neuvyazochka with the theme of the action. Demanding the resignation of the government of Vladimir Putin caused a negative hail from a number of leaders of the liberal movements.

"Are you seriously saying that they are demanding the resignation of Medvedev Putin?? NDA. What's going on - it is better not to comment," - said Valery Novodvorskaya, promising that after that no member of the Democratic Alliance will not take place.

Missed "Solidarists and the composition of the participants. Apart from its own activists, organizers of the rally sent invitations to other parties and movements. However, the proposal received only responded to the head RNDS Mikhail Kasyanov.

"If the rally for the resignation of the government draws several hundred people, thus you are working on government support, this must be clearly understood. Meeting with an agenda to pursue, if you really want to achieve something real and not engage in samopiarom only in that case, if you are sure it will come at least 10 thousand people, "- said the leader of Yabloko, Sergei Mitrokhin, whose" Solidarity "even made a preliminary list of speakers.

Invitation to a meeting of "Solidarity" has caused a split in the Moscow traffic TIGR, a part of the activists who spoke strongly against any cooperation with the Liberals. As a result, in order not to violate the reporting, was summoned to Moscow the head of TIGR Andrew from Khabarovsk Dudenka.

In general, two o'clock in the afternoon before the monument Griboyedov on Clean Ponds in Moscow gathered no more than three hundred people, including a large army of journalists. The latter, however, were disappointed: no incendiary speeches, no original ideas, nothing that could attract attention outside the public has not been noticed. Situation could save activists Young Russia, expressed their concern to the "Solidarity", but their action was quickly curtailed by the police.

Summed up the organizers and the DJs that fell on the rally compote of Western and Russian rock musicians: from the "Civil Defence" to the group "Kino". Song of this group of "change" the liberals even have an anthem of his movement. True sharply against such piratical way to improve its credibility were relatives, friends and colleagues Victor Tsoi.

According to Alexei Cherry, known online as polittechno, "at the birth of the song" Change "the country was experiencing severe reinstallation, we parted with his past. We are dying to change, revolution. We hope to look into the future naively believing that it all depends from those who bring us these changes. Nineties showed that all change must take place within us, and until this happens, any speaker out against us. The world is changing, the country is changing, and we remain the same. We have adapted to new conditions of existence in the nineties, and we were given eight quiet years of becoming free of these painful changes. The time when we can change ourselves, to seek new ways of development, and something has to start planning.

Kasparov's movement destructive. "Change Kasparov" - a curse for our country, an ancient Chinese curse.Another message of I do not see. They got out of the barn rusty gun and try to charge it with fresh powder ... they are unlikely to shoot, most likely it will simply break, "- said the musician.

In his famous article "The Great Rock 'n' roll swindle-2, Ilya Kormiltsev wrote that the liberal political parties from the outset sought to use the rock movement for their own purposes. With that, the musicians in the vast majority are in no way did not share the ideas of political leaders of the nineties.

However, Russian liberals themselves ownership of the right questions of little concern. This relates, and the very name of the movement, which - and this does not hide its leaders - was borrowed from acting in the 80 years of the Polish Solidarity movement.

It turns out that its nothing new in the democratic movement there: no banner (the "Solidarity" also did not think of men and slyly appropriated the orange color), no name, no ideology. Nothing, except ambitions of individuals who intend to enter in the wake of the protest movement into politics.

Arina Semenova

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