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The effect of the "orange Viagra"

November 20 2009

As in his time Decembrists awakened Herzen, and the events of five years ago in Kiev extremely aroused local opposition, a dream which has become the "orange revolution" in Russia. However, this political "Viagra" is not only not cured Russian "dissidents" from the impotence (at least political), but also the "medicine" was a cheap imitation of democracy with a mass of negative side effects.

"Let's be honest: I want to be in Russia, something happened that in November, what happened in Ukraine. I want to Putin shaking in his office, when millions of people under his windows, chanting:" Down with the king! "- Recited the" Yabloko "and" oboronets "Ilya Yashin. This thesis in different variations of repeated more than once. A new generation of oppositionists dreamed Maydan, quoted Gene Sharp and frankly envious of his Ukrainian friends who have" failed to win freedom. "

Now, several years later, the old excitement is no longer observed, and from the "orange" sentiments were only the flags of "Solidarity" movement and poluvirtualnogo "We." And the Ukrainians themselves somewhat changed its attitude towards the "orange revolution" of 2004. According to the survey conducted by Institute. Gorshenina this summer, the negative attitude towards the "orange revolution," said 50,9% of Ukrainians, positively evaluated the event - 21,5%, neutral - 22,8%.

According to Deputy General Director, Center for Political Technologies, Sergei Mikheev, "there were many arguments at the time of democracy and the overthrow of authoritarian rulers, but if you operate on facts and statistics, that" Ukraine in the economic plan is on the brink of default. Yes Of course, this contributed to the global crisis, but first of all this contributed to an absolute inability to manage its own economy, "notes the analyst.

Spirit of Freedom really has turned the Ukrainians head. If Russia "parliamentary crisis" decided to call demarche three Duma factions, which, however, a few days later as if nothing had happened back on jobs, then find a suitable epithet for vicissitudes of events in the Ukrainian parliament, where, according to a publicist not blocked unless the toilet cubicles, it is difficult. At least for democracy, all these fights, without which we can hardly do any one of the meetings of the Ukrainian parliament, have no relationship. Rather, much to anarchy. That there is only a decree of President Viktor Yushchenko on the abolition of government regulations on the abolition of Yushchenko's decree to dissolve parliament. Without a pint, as they say, can not tell.

In social terms, on the Square is also not going smoothly. Still remains an acute problem with the status of Russian language. But at the same time, the streets of Ukrainian cities marching troops of the Waffen SS veterans, whom the decision of the supreme authorities referred to the heroes of the struggle for independence.

Just the other day, incidentally, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine refused to adopt the draft law "On State program of economic and social development of Ukraine for 2010". Not because the program is bad, but simply suggested it was Yulia Tymoshenko, who is the most likely contender for the presidency.

In this regard, typical of an interview with the principal of the pensioner "of Ukraine Ukrainian grandmother Paraska of the Internet edition of ForUm . On the eve of the presidential election of 2004, she traveled to many villages in central and western Ukraine, campaigning for presidential candidate Viktor Yushchenko.And after was awarded for active participation in the "Orange Revolution" honorary "Guard Revolution and the Order of Princess Olga of III degree. It would seem, wrote "Private korerspondent," Baba Paraska and others like her, five years after the victory should be the main beneficiaries of the "Orange Revolution", I mean to live better, richer, freer and more confident in the future. "But now she wishes" all happiness and health that all together and not misused, and lived together and worked to the benefit of Ukraine. And most importantly, not to forget the village - they are now abandoned, people do not know where to work, to live on. Already abroad to earn money they do not accept, and it's all very sorry. I, for example, three daughters, and none of them do not work, the terms of reductions. "

"Politically, the permanent crisis is absolutely endless. Some illegitimate election and replace other violations of law, including, in fact, the Ukrainian elite has become an absolute norm. Decrees of the President is not satisfied within the executive branch persistent conflict, the country remains divided into east and west while these two parts to each other explicitly oppose. In general, anything good. None of the goals, which was zavyalena in time for Independence, in fact, was not met. Yeah, they got power, and nothing more. demonstrated their complete inability of the authorities to dispose of ", - says Sergei Mikheyev.

As for Russia, then as a political analyst Dmitry Badovsky, "we learned some lessons," leading to increased specific directions in public policy, more attention has been paid to youth and the formation of party institutions.

Similar view is held and CEO of the Center for Political Technologies, Igor Bunin. According to him, Russia has gone through its "orange revolution" in August 1991. 1990's witnessed the construction of a free state and democracy, which in this case, was caused by chaotic processes and the lack of consensus in society and the lack of stable government. Accordingly, then, the events of the century were certain kontrtendentsiey. On the one hand, of course, the political structure of Russia XXI-st century has become more rigorous, but it is "offset by the fact that nation-building began, the real political processes, and so on." "... On top of civilized attempt to create a civil society and government with a real democratic structure. Send or not depends on how it will react to the society. I hope that someday society will rise from apathy, individualism, and also will join the process Construction is not just a strong state and democratic state, "- emphasizes the analyst.

Admittedly, these hopes are not that unfounded. Expressed his negative attitude to "orange" ideas, society is increasingly involved in political life. And the authority that is characteristic, not just reciprocate, but first comes in contact, encouraging citizens to engage in dialogue. Example of a recent article the president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev, in which he urged Russians to take part in the formation of his annual address to the Federal Assembly. His proposal was left unclaimed. According to presidential press secretary Natalia Timakova, only the official website of the Kremlin has received 17,500 complaints from citizens and organizations, many of which are reflected in the text of the presidential address.

Arseniy Stepanov

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