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NBP: the charm of the standing members

November 20 2006

"Promiscuity seems the highest form of sexual hostel. After all, sexual pleasure is not bothersome sin, which is heavily driven from social life and a necessary condition of happiness and joy of living index, an indicator of its quality. In a healthy society must begin sex before 13 years, as has been indicated, and in case of delay should deflower solemnly, on his birthday. This is a quotation from a book by Eduard Limonov "Other Russia" , which became a kind of bible for each member of the NBP.

Last week, all the inner community of the National Bolshevik Party was detonated article of its former activist Ivan Strukova "Lindermon-pathological Party . Ivan was not the first, who emphasizes the huge gap between the leaders of the party and the majority of its activists. The former has long since should not cling label marginalized. And Eduard Limonov, and his right hand Vladimir Linderman did not feel discomfort, lunch or dinner in elegant restaurants. The former mistress of the leader of NBP Nastia Lisogor somehow thought that Limonov, saving on items of daily use, such as washing machines, like parade in restaurants, where ordering the most expensive dishes and the waiters left generous tips. But what's lemon! "It used to say one of the leaders limonovskoy sect, refusing to communicate with me on a street bench," we are people bourgeois through and through, deal exclusively in restaurants, "- says Ivan Strukov.

At the same time, the remaining members of the party subject to the rules of the commune in its worst manifestation. What else should a teenager, as not to feel free and do whatever you like? Booze from the night until morning? Please! Fuck? No problem! Steal food from the shop? For it is also encouraging, because it is not theft, and the expropriation of the bourgeoisie that rightfully belongs to you personally. Not far from the famous bunker NBP on Frunze was a store that became the basis for product spokesman. If I had to get food for dinner, the NBP boldly went to this supermarket. Recruited from his bosom the right products and proudly passed gaga cashier. Of course, without paying a penny. Protection of the store, in general, not specifically prevented natsbola. First, because not always able to catch the thieves. Secondly, because the damage was not particularly great. And thirdly, after meeting several dozen people sent it to the store where bought up almost the entire stock of alcohol, covering thus delivered earlier losses.

Youth lifestyles certainly liked. Although the life of a stranger spokesman produced a depressing effect. "Coming into the apartment, where" fit in "with activists from other cities (before the party's leadership rented apartments in Lobnya, near Belyaevo, now in the Exhibition of Economic Achievements pm) you can see the emaciated booze, tobacco smoking and poor diet, boys are often broken and dirty, a kind of "children lindermonovskogo dungeon." apparently healthy, they do not pyshut "In these apartments you can see the mountains of unwashed dishes, dirty, roaches, filthy rookery, a really good prison shkonok" Why do these people do not work constantly, and work occasionally? Why not pay attention to the device of their life? "Each of them will respond to you differently, but the meaning is the same:" We, of course, party activists, we are preparing a revolution! "The money received from various B. Linderman" sponsors "to them is not getting through , "National Bolsheviks should eat beach-bags and put up with domestic troubles for the sake of approximation of the revolution" - doldonyat them frostbitten, debilovatye "team leaders".A well-known activist, member of many "direct action" by W. Zinkovsky (Hare Krishna), explaining why he left his wife with a small child without a livelihood, he said: "I went to war with this regime, the accursed!" - Writes in his Article Ivan Strukov.

But as describes his first experience with natsbola another young man.

"I found myself on the street together in the company of seventeen year old girl, lesbian A. (I think it was sort of an intermediate Fuhrer-Gauleiter), a girl of fifteen-ptushnitsoy M., a boy of twenty-KV, thirty-five-girl bisexual I. ( According to her - she is a lesbian, which had to sleep with the boys out of despair) and thirty-six boy bisexual Alexander arrived from the north (the boy Alexander, however, argued that even five years, if not sleeping with boys, because the sick). Acquaintance with the company, during which were recognized by all these burning facts took place over a glass (or rather, a bag) of wine, which was bought eight liters. In the process of booze a little girl found a rubber x I. .. th with shakers, which showed the surrounding . me, it was found that if you turn vibrate and put it on the table, it begins to rotate around its axis - is obtained quite a postmodern manmade decorations for the room. But the girl did not allow IM time to enjoy the contemplation of a rotating x .. I cried out that it is necessary protect the batteries. Then the whole company began to play the "pussy-zhopki" or something like that. The game was alternately demonstrating to each other their genitals and mammary glands. Girl lesbian A. told something about her romantic love for a a certain girl from the NBP, which has been in other parts, because of what the girl A. suffered much. In general, of course, I was surprised such a sublimation of sex and related topics. Until then it seemed to me that the NBP - narrow-minded conservatives of the who treats homosexuality with electroshock, was pleased to find that I was wrong, and in terms of shit .. Twas NBP which liberated me. "Although this might be expected, when we recall the identity of their leader, certainly not one natsbol brought up on his books," - the author writes.

With regard to homosexuality in the NBP rumors, of course, greatly exaggerated. In that regard, the ideology of National Bolshevism does not distinguish between traditional and homosexual relationships. "We have a batch of free people. The free man shall enter into intimate relations with anyone he wants. Are not free - it is gay or homophobic, or others like them - not only do not do this, but try to limit the other in this respect - prohibitions, propaganda, and this garbage . We do not need it, "- says one of the ideologists of the rank and file NBP, hiding under the alias of X-Ray. So the freedom of sexual relations, one of the few tasks of the NBP, which has long been realized in practice.

"The night before the" fights on 2003 ". Over 100 delegates from the regions of sleep on the floor in the room. Midnight in the darkness" bunkers "in all corners of the courtroom began to be heard rustling yes postanyvaniya. That the delegates performed their duty was to implement the sexual comfort each other . However, the stronghold of sexual comfort was not the main hall, a "sacred" room. sacral fucked in pairs. Couples - those who met at least ... three days and even hours, "- recalls one former natsbolok his life in a monastery NBP.

In his stories Inga von Kremer bypassed some very greasy details of the relationship between natsbola. The fact that not all participants nocturnal amusements brought down partners of any sexual orientation.And therefore, left without a pair of NBP with pleasure watching their more fortunate companions. "We lie, listening to our side puffing two. Laughed softly. Suddenly they fade away briefly and then heard a savory smack. At this point we will not stand up and bellowing with laughter in his voice." Idiots, - speaks to us interrupting his occupation natsbolka - Che laughing? You sheep will never understand the fascination of standing x .. in ".

'This must be a member of the NBP (or try to be) "macho": a lot of drinking, fighting, have many mistresses, dreaming of revolution, and embody it in reality. Hating "goats", "zhlob", "huckster", "bug" and "vegetables". NBP little girls and they just fight, drink vodka. She should be above all "friends". "According to a comrade, she should have sexual relations with his comrades in the party." Personal affection are excluded: the main- revolution. Girls from the NBP to be beautiful, sexy and slightly crazy. Even if in fact they are not members of the NBP should be regarded as "his girls" most beautiful ". This is an excerpt from the document posted on the site of the St. Petersburg NBP . According to the spokesman, the material obtained from the Committee on Youth Policy, the city administration, however, despite the seemingly hostile orientation document, the National Bolsheviks believed that "there are some interesting and correct conclusions."

This ideology is meant exclusively for teens age and sex maturation period, in which independent thought most actively working against drinking and desire to satisfy his lust. And therefore shake NBP permanent schisms. After all, the NBP come and those who are attracted by slogans and some elements of the party's ideology. But, unfortunately, all the talk about building a socially fair state, protecting people's rights, etc. drowning in sex-narcotic haze. "NBP without Limonov," National Bolshevik Front, "Eurasian Youth Union - an organization created by former Bolsheviks and of leading a more meaningful policy today than community Comrade Limonov. And recently, and the leader of the DPNI Alexander Belov said that his movement comes former NBP . "There is a certain jealousy of the situation in which there is Limonov against us, because many of the NBP joined us, - said Alexander Belov. - But maybe it is not just jealousy Limonov. The very inner atmosphere in the NBP, many sane people, to put it mildly raises questions. I am especially interested in former spokesman, why they left the NBP. Many spoke of the moral component. I think that this process will continue, people will go to us. "

Lemon actively use the potential of every vagrants, persons prone to Dromomania, and just different playboy and petty thieves (not without reason that in the "Other Russia", he wrote that must rely on "social waste": the thieves, sadists, psychopaths etc ).. Such an audience overflowed the Moscow party organization NBP. These people do not care that the glue and that the writing on the walls, just not dried up the source of freebies - a drink and cool hangouts with psevdodruzyami "- Ivan wrote Strukov. And then, all this mass of lumpen proletariat happy to go to the barricades, with enthusiasm will destroy shops, with a sense of deep satisfaction to exercise their power over those who did not drink with them in damp basements. We would be only the money for weapons and a free drink, and the rest will follow.

Yelena Sakharov


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