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Medvedev has taken root in social networks

October 20 2011

Definite predilection of the Russian president of Internet technology has long been a subject of jokes - and not so bad. Could not resist even our neighbor Belarus - Alexander Lukashenko, who said that the presidency is not the case "finger poke in aypady." Say, "when the president of innovation is too" ahead of the rest ", it is sarcasm in the community."

However, the activity of conservative Lukashenko time to time, not less sarcasm in society. So that the ratio of the head of state is formed not only and not on the basis of his personal hobbies. Although they certainly play a significant role in shaping the image of politics.

Dmitry Medvedev, who asked in an interactive fashion with a bunch of official society, while strictly adheres to his plan. The president has two microblog at Twitter - personal and official, a page in the "Live Journal" and the channel on YouTube (also published semi-official). Today, Mr President appeared also in the social network Facebook. "I decided to write more in Facebook. Read!" - He said tonight in his Twitter. The same message was duplicated and the corresponding page on Facebook.

In fact, the account "President.Dmitry.Medvedev" was registered in the social network for a long time, but did not enjoy great popularity, republikuya news feed from the official website of the President. However, news of the coming into this FB Medvedev caused a real delight of the inhabitants of social networks, gathering for a few hours collected over a thousand comments.

"My president is the best. My country is very good - it just appeared recently, and it is quite difficult. Those who think otherwise, apparently, missed the USSR or the dream of emigrating to Libya (Zaimka)," - says Katya Tsipaeva.

"Mr President, how wonderful that you now have stepped up their wall here at FB, I signed up," - a virtual smile Olga Kryshtanovskaya.

"Finally, Mr President! And then at least go to Facebook to Twitter to be able to communicate with the powers that be. Thank you. But do not wait just oil ..." - President warns Herman Chaliapin.

"Great idea, Dmitry! But you better read the comments and no assistants. Here lie flatter and smarm anyone does not make sense" - supports the previous user's Ilya Sig.

Judging by the first reviews, bloggers really are set to open conversation. At the same peremptory and meaningless rantings almost none. As, however, and some specific questions and suggestions. It seems that users expect from Mr Medvedev the next step.

Of course, that many have a question regarding the participation Medvedev to other social networks. For example, in Russia's "VKontakte". In principle, the choice of a blogging platform or social network - a private matter. And Medvedev, in this case is no exception. Although, of course, it would be interesting to hear from the president of the story, why he chose to precisely Facebook.

Nevertheless, it is possible that Medvedev's accounts will appear in "VKontakte", in other sots.setyah. At least, at least in order to not to offend anyone. Another thing is that the duplication of the same message is likely to reduce the interest of users in the presidential blogs, and somehow thematize all the internet sites in Mr Medvedev is unlikely to succeed. As well as yourself to view all kommentariyny array (not to mention the answers).

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