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Pre-election dumping! $ 100 per head of the voter

September 20 2007

Big-time politics - a lot of money. This was announced today even know schoolboy. And some parties are eager to share their party budgets to voters. Someone like Vladimir Zhirinovsky, who does it with an almost disinterested, distributing hundreds and even thousands pyatisotennye bills suffering electorate, and more pragmatic politicians prefer to operate under the scheme the money-commodity, that is to say, money in the morning, in the evening - the voice of the voter. However, not always the activities of merchants from the policy ends happily.

Sept. 18 federal court decision Izhma were canceled election results to the State Council of Komi for polling station number 376 in the village of Great Galov. The reason for cancellation were established by the court the massive evidence of bribery of voters by party, the Union of Right Forces.

As already mentioned campaign against his allies failed to democratic camp launched local Yabloko with the support of colleagues from the club for honest elections and human rights commission "Memorial." Without overcoming the coveted 7-percent threshold for election to the State Council of Komi Republic Yabloko, scary razobidelis on their more fortunate fellow competitors from the ATP, suspecting their fraud. The applicants submitted to the court documents with the testimony of 29 Izhemtsy from which it followed that woman Izhmy Vera Semyashkina 10 and 11 March (the day before and on election day) "for cash consideration of 50 to 150 rubles. To vote for the party of ATP and a candidate for the position of Head Peter Dityateva Izhma district. However, the court found that Vera Semyashkina, it appears, from 9 am on 10 March to 9 am on March 11 was on duty, which is confirmed by reference to the work, and on March 11 "in the morning to drink alcohol, which is why even" in the elections gone in 19 hours and 30 minutes. " In addition, Ms. Semyashkina stated that the main troublemaker - Lawyer KRO Yabloko Marushchak Paul, who filed a lawsuit - asked her to sign a document recognizing the commission of bribery and to give relevant testimony in court, however, despite promised to them for that 5000 rubles, of questionable deals, Ms. Semyashkina refused. In general, the court held that the evidence of bribery of voters is not enough to undo the election results and the case fell apart.

Extremely annoyed by this turn of events "Yabloko" decided not to surrender and re-examine the map of the elections. According to the leader of the republican branch of the Yabloko party, Eugene Sharapova, they have aroused suspicions of the vote in the village of Great Galov where SPS has collected a record for the Komi-heartland votes - 35%. "We followed that usually Yabloko and SPS areas are on a par - 1,5-2 per cent - he explained. - And here we found that for the completion of capitalism have voted more than 10 percent of rural residents of Komi, who actually make ends ends ", says "Komiinform" .

At this time the shot hit the target. The court found that in the Big Galov really organized massive bribery of voters, while the cost of a single vote was all the same 100-150 rubles. However, as the newspaper notes, however, not all the agitators of the ATP was spotless at hand, and promised the villagers some money and did not pay them, because of what happened and the publicity of the facts of bribery. "The organizer of buying votes is a kind of city resident Ludmila Serova Batalov - told Paul Marushchak.- That she spent the money "campaigning" and point to bribe agitators. "

In general, greed fraera ruined. And is not the first time. Thus, during the election campaign in Krasnoyarsk, the prosecution had opened the facts of ATP attempts to build a scheme of buying up the votes. The criminal case was opened in April on the audit activities in the city representatives of the ATP during the elections of deputies of the Legislative Assembly of Krasnoyarsk Krai. It was found that representatives of the political party Union of Right Forces "persons engaged in propaganda work for a fee, promised monetary compensation depending on the outcome of voting, that is, the actual number of citizens cast their votes for the candidate of the ATP.

On the technology buying voters told the site member of the Ural guild policy advisers, Alexander Pirogov. According to him, for a full campaign of the people are recruited on the basis of an agitator to 200-300 voters. In this case, before the agitators seeks to lead by 10-30 people, with whom the contract is concluded at a charge (with a selective account) or free of charge (cash, accounts of past election) services to the candidate. Wage a mini-agitator - 50 to 100 rubles at a time, 200 rubles after winning candidate. Also, if he wins a mini-agitator gets an additional bonus for each new on the site of a man who cast his vote in favor of the right candidate. Mini-tellers is issued a certificate supporter of the candidate. They undertake to provide all possible assistance to the candidate indicating that it his relatives and neighbors, as well as attract additional mini-propagandists from among its neighbors and tenants. On election day, each mini-agitator should have come to the site and vote for "their" candidate to bring to the site of another person to provide an additional voice. That's the whole secret of the "liberal breakthroughs", which with pathos reported leaders 'right'.

Meanwhile, the story of the bribery of voters is more serious than it seems at first glance. According to the leader of the Democratic Party of Russia Andrei Bogdanov, in light of the forthcoming elections to the Duma itself the opportunity to recruit supporters for a modest fee threatens the basis of democratic rights and freedoms in Russia. After all, "people will not fight for the idea, human rights and the right-wing liberal values, but for 10-15 thousand rubles, which they have not paid up to the election." And to blame will be a bloody regime, " said Bogdanov .

Andrei Korneev


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