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Patriotic tragicomedy: "Motherland" torn feudal strife

June 20 2006

How to start a Homeland? With good and faithful companions, in the words of a familiar childhood song. But the party "Rodina" although there are good comrades, to reach agreement does not always work. More precisely, almost always fails. On the eve of which has already become a historic Sixth Party Congress, a member of the Political Council of the Rodina party Andrei Saveliev argued that the "homeland" there is no split, no anti-party groups, but there are "usual and always has an internal dialogue, there is a normal human relationship." Unfortunately, ordinary human relationships are inextricably linked, and with the split and the emergence of anti-party groups. Simply put, with anarchy.

On the continuing strife in the federal party leadership said from the very beginning of forming the block are at risk of "king for a day." This is a scandal between Dmitri Rogozin and Sergei Glazyev in early 2004 and the outbreak of intraparty debate over the expediency of further Dmitry Rogozin as leader of the party, which nearly split the "motherland" in two halves. Immediately after the resignation of Rogozin went to numerous rumors about the imminent closure of the project. But the project continues to exist. However, ongoing and internal conflicts, both between regions and the federal government, so also within the regional offices.

On the scandal in the Samara regional branch of the Rodina party, we have already mentioned. Recall that it was a slight misunderstanding between the head of the Samara regional branch of Vladimir Sherstneva and young leader Togliatti "Homeland" Sergei Lektorovichem whom and expelled from the party, and accused of all mortal sins. It took intervention of the federal party leadership, the conflict was resolved. However, as it turned out, not all seemed to smooth in the kingdom of Samara and ravines was much more than smooth paper sheets with Resolutions.

It all started with a corruption scandal. Procuracy Samara region opened a criminal case against unidentified persons from the management company "Trust" Volgasotszhilstroy " on the fact of the commission of arbitrariness - unauthorized demolition of houses, killing several people were literally homeless. But banal criminality unexpectedly turned in a criminal policy. So, the newspaper Samara Review "advanced version that the criminal case may hit business chairman of the regional branch of the Rodina party, Vladimir Sherstneva. According to the journalists," JSC "Trust" Volgasotszhilstroy " is part of the UK "Samarastroyholding", which is owned by Sherstnev himself and his son George. In addition, Vladimir Sherstneva associated with the head of George Limansky, whose name constantly appears in the press in connection with criminal or scandalous facts.

Literally right there in Samara media reported that criminal proceedings were instituted with the filing of a leader Togliatti "Motherland" by Sergei Lektorovicha who supposedly offended by Vladimir Sherstneva and hoping to take his place chairman of the regional office, used his connections in the state security bodies from the To implement this criminal case.

Sergei Lektorovich somewhat surprised such an eventuality. "For comments on this issue would be more correct to speak directly to the regional prosecutor's office, which as far as I know, the case is filed - he said Yoki.Ru. - I've got no additional information except that which took place in print and online media.How it is connected with Vladimir Sherstneva, I can not comment for the same reason. "At the same time, Sergey Lektorovich called all the rumors about his involvement in the secret service to be groundless.

"Over the past six months I've stopped anything surprising. One gets the impression that in the minds of some" well wishers "Lektorovich - it's just some sort of Dr. Evil - a fascist, a bandit, a Sicilian drug lord, and, simultaneously, a protege of intelligence - he said. - Maybe someone got up in the throat, our independence. prowl, like jackals, trying to find some dirt, throw pictures in the newspapers, all looking for something and are digging against us. I am sure that sooner or later these people will respond before the court " .

Actually, the appearance of the version of the confrontation between Sergey Lektorovichem and regional party leadership is not accidental. In Samara branch also very surprised at the appearance of this version, saying that ... no power struggle between the head of the regional branch of the party and the man who does not is in the party can not be. "Mr. Lektorovich long ago expelled from the party (the order to expel him was dated March 16, 2006. - Approx. AVT), and those actions that he is making, do not have to do with us" - and told Yoki.Ru. Fr. Executive committee of the regional branch of Andrew Goudov, explaining that "Lektorovich positioned himself as the leader of the organization of the Central District, which does not actually exist.

In turn, Sergei Lektorovich explained that, to some extent, this formulation is correct, because de facto it is a "homeland" in Togliatti, a de jure situation is in the process solution. However, one should not overlook the fact that Sergei Lektorovich has the support of the federal party leadership, which confirms that the representative of the federal leadership, but denies the leadership of the regional offices.

State Duma deputy Andrei Saveliev confirmed that came to him S. Lektorovich, asked to investigate the situation and the like, in his opinion, all the misunderstandings between Lektorovichem and Sherstneva were removed and all the problems was settled . Moreover, Andrei Saveliev quite praised as Vladimir Sherstneva and the young Sergei Lektoroviche, noting that his personal qualities he may well claim to be the leader. "He is able to organize mass actions, to negotiate with politicians ... so, why not", - said Alexander Saveliev.

However, what he thinks is one of the leaders of the central apparatus of the party, do not always reflect the views of regional organizations. "Mr Sherstnev has nothing to do with this company (JSC" Trust "Volgasotszhilstroy") makes no comment about communicating with Lektorovichem because this person does not "- said Andrew Yoki.Ru Goudov in response to the request of the Mr. Sherstneva comment on the situation as a criminal case, and with Sergei Lektorovichem. In addition, the representative of "Homeland" explained the reluctance of his boss to interact with tolyattinskim "impostor." "He - a complete impostor! In addition, we have photos, which they portrayed the youth is clearly a nationalist persuasion - with Nazi signs. We are not ready to dialogue with someone who behaves poorly. If a person wanted to recover, if a person wanted to have some relation to the Rodina party, he would deal with these impostors and those shares - said "rodinets. - He spoke to Mr. Saveliev.And we have Mr. Saveliev was sent a letter with an explanation on how the points of the Charter has been deleted S. Lektorovich "- he added.

Andrei Saveliev, it seems, finally caught in the Samara-Togliatti intricacies decided not to suffer and cut the "Gordian Knot":

- I do anything about it I do not know, I think it's petty squabbles poshiba that no one color. If you do not stop accusing each other, then I guess that the two leaders will lose their jobs and can be expelled from the party. We do not like such things, and not even let us understand who is right who is wrong. If people can not work together, and engaged in campaigns against each other, we are squabbling completely unnecessary. If things have gone so far, then we create a special commission from the conclusions which are not big trouble to neither another. Judging by the duration of this conflict, there is a fault of both. It's one thing when the leader tells party work, but when he brings to the discussion of domestic problems, it goes only to the detriment of the party. I suggest that tail is not piecemeal, and at once. In the first case, I suspect that Sherstnev itself is wrong. In the second case - I see that was wrong at that time.

However, it is possible that Andrei Saveliev may not yet time to change their point of view, since, as demonstrated by this story, from the views of the federal government in the party "Rodina" nothing depends. One of the most competent party leaders may shout lighten up, but regional princelings still make all their own way, guided by the rule "vassal vassal of my - not my vassal."

Recall that the party "Rodina" was formed as a block of a variety of organizations. Accordingly, the structure of regional offices lined up on the basis of the representation of an organization within the party. This was highlighted on the eve of the Sixth Party Congress, when the various factions in the "homeland" to nominate candidates for the post of party leader and was a serious struggle for control of one or another region. For example, one of the possible contenders for power was Oleg Denisov, chairman of the Association of trade unions of students (private messages Log), whose members are as of 2003 led by most of the regional offices. However, over the next two years, private messages Log suffered substantial losses, giving way to creatures, Dmitry Rogozin. It is possible that Samara situation is a continuation of the conflict that arose between Dmitry Rogozin and current party leader Alexander Babakov, to which all joined the same Oleg Denisov.

Igor Kulagin


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