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Kasparov has emerged "complex Limonov"

April 20 2007

Before you cross the threshold of the Moscow branch of the FSB, the leader of the United Civil Front, Garry Kasparov said that behind him, "the Russian law and the Constitution." "The Law" and "Constitution" has turned into advocates of the former chess player, grimly nodded and followed his client. Meanwhile, the accompanying Kasparov lawyers endowed with very different powers. Simply put, they should "otmazat" of his client, if he would be charged with violation of federal law. A reason to eat. And quite weighty. Compared with him, a fine of one thousand rubles, imposed on the leader Garry Kasparov, the FMG for participation in an unsanctioned rally, it may seem a trifle existent.

The fact that all attempts to participants so-called "Dissenters March" to declare themselves victims of the illegal authorities look foolish and ridiculous. But if ordinary citizens who arrived April 14 at Pushkin Square, is not likely to know all the details of the relationship organizers "march" and the Moscow City Hall. That the applicants events were well aware of the fact that the meeting at Pushkin Square and a march toward Turgenev Square - are illegal.

As justification, the leaders of her opposition appeal to Article 18 of the Federal law on meetings, stating that "the organizer of public events, officials and other citizens are not entitled to prevent the participants of a public event to express their views in a manner not violate public order and the rules of conduct public event. " But it somehow misses the point 5 of Article 5 of the same Act, which expressly stipulates that: "the organizer of public events may not take it ... if the executive authority of the Russian Federation ... has been agreed changes motivated by their offer of a place and (or) time for the public event. " Approvals were!

Recall the chain of events. March 30, 2007 a group of citizens in the face of the NBP press secretary Alexander Averin, executive director of UCF and a member of Dennis Bilunova RNDS Ivan Starikov applied for a rally (!) In Novopushkinsky square and march on Tverskaya Street and Okhotny row to the Theatre Square with a total participants in 2000 people. The city authorities, in turn, notified the opposition that the rally at the specified location at this time is impossible, since the application for this same place and time already served by the representatives of other organizations and, alternatively, offered to hold a rally at the OCE. There is already "holdouts" were fixed, and then seemed to be some compromise is achieved: they are allowed to hold a rally at Chistoprudny Boulevard, "disagree" pretend to agree and send another letter to the mayor's office, announced the intention to hold a meeting on Clean Ponds, but not before a march from Pushkin Square to Turgenev Square, one of the four routes, and on that city council proposes to hold a march on the Tushino airfield, where the protesters will not cause anyone problems. In this case, the document indicates that the event is held on the basis of notification, agreed by the established order, and its members during the campaign pledge to keep public order. Otherwise, the participants of the event bear administrative responsibility.

What happened in Moscow on 14 April, could not be called legitimate. Contrary to all laws - both state and human - Opposition leaders called on people to gather on Pushkin Square to go to a place authorized by the rally on one of the routes.People who believe that the march is permitted, multiple columns, with flags and banners marched in the direction marked by blocking traffic on the boulevards. That, plus the provocation leading the rally, calling for break through a police cordon force, and the cause of the brawl began with the police, during which suffered quite innocent people.

The initiators of the same unauthorized marches, managed to stay away. Petro Mercy, for example, walking in the forefront, not only was unhurt, but dramatically, first appeared on Clean Ponds, and then at a rally on the DPNI Swamp area. And Garry Kasparov and surrendered to police at all, long before the march began, and sitting in a police car willingly gave interviews to foreign journalists.

So Kasparov outrage over his "illegal" detention is quite understandable and reasonable - under cover of formally at fault, he tries to avoid the more serious charge of deliberate provocation and organization of turmoil. This trick often used by skilled criminals: committing a major crime, he immediately goes to some banal theft, after which is it that they are not to confess to the police station, confessing to stealing кулька irisok in the store.

However, this trouble for Kasparov and Co. will not be limited. It is likely that the victims of legal actions of police to interdict provocation "Dissent, can, and - most importantly! - Have the right to claim the organizers of the march for the lack of security. But Kasparov, as a person who is not burdened selected to match the responsibilities, may escape liability. But under the judicial article subject to the applicants' march "- Averin, Bilunov, Starikov.

In short, Harry Kimovich very successfully used the experiences of Eduard Limonov, who made a name for himself on the trials of members of the National Bolshevik Party. Like the hero of New York chronicles, ex-player prefers to flit in the headlines, but to remain outside the law. Indeed, why should the pastor ask for it, there is a crowd of obedient sheep, which should just be persuaded that the law does not apply to them, and they have the exclusive right to go where he chose, and do whatever they want. Practice has shown that certain individuals, this revolutionary romanticism with a game of cat and mouse with riot police and a subsequent story about his "exploits" even like. The only problem is that it violates the rights of the overwhelming majority of people in Russia. But they, under the version of Garry Kasparov, just cowards, because "Putin's support of terror. Well, everyone has their own truth.

Dmitry Nosov


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