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Sale a political party. Used. Price: $ 200 million

February 20 2007

The leader of the Democratic Party, Yabloko, Grigory Yavlinsky, made a commercial offer. Old Democrat visiting traditional leaflets in the newspaper "Novye Izvestia, said that the brand of the Yabloko party, is worth exactly $ 200 million . Not every day politics hung price tag on his party, so decided to ask the politicians and leaders of political parties, what were Grigory Yavlinsky, to make this statement and how much they appreciate the brand's own party.

Alexei Mitrofanov, deputy of the State Duma LDPR faction

- Since 2003 Grigory generally disappeared from the radar screens of political, fell into a prolonged slump that with him in life happens, as I was told. The man who goes from living an active policy of sometimes spoils the audience some strange statements. Why 200 million? Why not 500 or 100? In the current political system for him and one hundred dollars can not be given. What decides now "Apple"? Nothing!

Brand of political parties - is generally a strange story. Markets in this sense, there is no. What does it mean - "brand LDPR? He, at least several times higher than that of Yabloko. Because the LDPR faction are legal in many parliaments, we have the fraction in the Duma and in general we are serious in their position now.

Yavlinsky is now already out of politics. He is - a political pensioner. A typical retiree somewhere rush, remember that it was in 91 th year, as he's relations with Yeltsin, to write his memoirs, etc.

Nikita White, leader of the ATP

- I do not know on what method Grigory appraised value of their party. I really appreciate the individual members of the liberal Yabloko party, Grigory including himself, but I do not think it will affect the capitalization of the brand. I understand how to calculate the brand of commercial organizations, international companies, but I do not know on what method Yavlinsky expect brand of political parties.

- Why Yavlinsky made such a declaration may be someone wants to buy "Apple"?

- Hardly. I think it will not be the best buy. Today, society needs other political products. People are tired of the old brands, old people. I am now actively ride by region, I understand that people are positive about any new changes. These changes have. I explain why we are not changing the name of the PCA. Nevertheless, people are positive about the emergence of new faces in the leadership, and when everything remains the same for 15 years, and some strategic perspectives can not be.

- How much you would appreciate the brand of their party?

- He is priceless. For me it is invaluable.

Andrei Bogdanov, leader of the Democratic Party of Russia

- No, "Apple" is not worth much. In the shop more than a hundred rubles per kilogram did not find. I think that Yavlinsky price stuffs. Here let him in "Novye Izvestiya" will come after March 11 and say how much his party. Hardly anyone wants to buy a game, most likely, could buy himself Yavlinsky, because Yabloko without Yavlinsky - it is empty space.

I do not know how to evaluate a policy of money. I can tell you how much costs the contents of whatever party in a couple of years - is about 10 million. A comparison of the Party with the brand Coca-Cola can not, because Coca-Cola can sell, but the party - no.There are dozens of regional organizations, more than 50 thousand members - so this is what, everyone must pay him to vote for someone who is buying? But today they both voted, made him chairman. And tomorrow came and re-elected. That is, for any vote, who wants to buy, have to pay.

I think that the issue price of the brand originated because Yavlinsky understands that neither the March-shaven in the regions, either in the December State Duma elections he was not shining, as well as a real buyer, only one - that Kasyanov, I think it is promise Kasyanov. When he was in April, will hold a congress of his party and its not registered, he will have only one way - go to the "Apple". And I think that this promise is precisely there that the children, cook 200 million.

Yuri Bondarenko, the party People's Will

- "Apple" is not worth the money. Because as fruit, apple is good, when during the harvest and when it came time to make cider, but not when it is already rotted. In this case, it cost a nickle a market day. Of course, Grigory Alekseevich want the cost was 200 million and two billion more, but the harsh reality is that it is better not to question the value of its brand.

It is possible that the buyer appeared, and Grigory decided his old age to purchase candle factory. This confirms the fact that most Yavlinsky recent months can not be heard and not seen. More Ivanenko appear or Mitrokhin. It is unclear what this may be too busy leading a non-governmental parties, to be invisible for months for their potential voters. Well, then, the fate of the party is not represented in the Duma a very low point. We must do the heroic efforts of tantalum that you do not forget that is just in sight, much less to gain 7% should not just jump over his head, and a few more times over the head to turn. And our party "People's Will" is quite possibly soon to be renamed, will merge with other parties and will get a second wind.

Alexander Dugin, "Eurasian Movement"

- I think that $ 200 million - this is not so much, it cost a small poselochka not even Rublyovka, but somewhere in the not too distant suburbs. In a word, money, small, so it is quite possible that it is so much brand "Apple" and worth. For a while, "Apple" was synonymous with the liberal intellectuals of Russian policy in the 90 years that no longer exists. After all, bought for big money or iron pants Lennon Elvis Presley, so why to some collectors do not buy the game.

It is said that Grigory Yavlinsky ruin oneself by drink and did not understand what he does, so instead act Ivanenko and Mitrokhin. Yavlinsky is the same - it is as an artist who was once known and then everybody says: now I'm selling my first painting, although they are not wanted. I feel sorry for Yavlinsky. He is my enemy ideology, but I feel sorry for him.

Andrei Isayev, Deputy DG, the faction "United Russia"

- I find it difficult to assess the political party in money. I believe that a political party should assess the impact. If you look at the polls, the impact of the Yabloko is within statistical error. The party today has the potential to overcome the 7% barrier in the State Duma, could not hold and build their own faction in most legislative bodies of subjects of the Federation. In this case, the Yabloko party reminds enterprise - bankrupt, and how much they appreciate this case the evaluation committee.In any case, such a statement from the policy of applying for something, to be honest politician, sounds very strange.

Oleg Kulikov, secretary of the Communist Party of the informational and analytical work

- I believe that now, "Apple", as any company's brand, whose market capitalization falls, is significantly cheaper. The party almost never holds his deputies. We participate in four regional companies, but with a very weak chance of passage, and the State Duma in general has no one considered. She is one of the oldest parties, which is experiencing a political crisis. I think it is overvalued. I think that Yavlinsky made this statement to show that the party is still attractive for investment.

- How much you would appreciate brand Communist Party?

- Brand of the Communist Party, I would rate a higher amount. It can be a different rate, but I think it's more than a billion dollars. On the other hand, we have a resource that is hard to assess. For us, our precious party organization, our communists, embedded in our society and support of citizens, voters.

Alexander Ryavkin, leader of "Free Russia"

- I like a man who came from business to politics, I know how to evaluate a brand in the business. I can imagine it is difficult to provide any criteria that can be taken as a basis to assess the political brand. It's just the old techniques that attempt to shift from business to politics. Perhaps 200 million, and perhaps 200,000 cost. In general, Grigory Alekseevich in this regard is always inflated self-esteem. But reality shows that much of what he says is actually quite different. For example, he argues that in Russia 20% of supporters of his party, and the election Yabloko gained 1.5 - 2 per cent.

Alexander Chuyev, deputy DG, the faction "Fair Russia"

- I guess he decided it to someone to sell, although I doubt that it someone will buy it. It is unlikely that a brand is separated from people, from ideology, from the serious political work is worth the money.

Regarding the "Just Russia, the party and its brand is not sold, the very posing of such questions are not legitimate in principle to the actual functioning of political parties, which now unites about 400 thousand members. This is tantamount to asking how much it costs every citizen of Russia.

Oleg Shenin, chairman of the Central Committee

- This is the delusion of some! In principle, it is no secret that the parties trade. Registered political parties remained small, and participate in the election, many want to, so the buying party hold congresses, elect the one who should be ... So it really turned into a real speculation. Anyway, I do not understand that Yavlinsky evaluates: property, people or something else?


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