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Irina Hakamada: "In Ulan-Ude, I was offered the post of president

December 19 2006

Irina Hakamada returns to the "big politics". She considered herself only a public figure, who tied with politics. However, with all that she is fully aware of the political situation in the country, predicts the imminent merger of Yabloko, and the "Other Russia" constantly on the move, and even tough riot policemen politely step aside before her.

- Recently, you have a lot of work in the regions. What do you mean the political mood?

- Personally, I travel to regions in the debate program on the basis of my "round tables". It was already in many regions, including Siberia and the Far East. Recently visited Tula and Rostov-on-Don.

- How are people in political terms is configured?

- In regions of the population is more opposition. It seems to me there all the opposition set up. Everybody does not like that of all the regions is taken and nothing will not be returned. This applies particularly to oil-producing regions - the Tyumen region and so on.

- Are there in your address proposals to run for any post-status?

- Everywhere offer, but it's a joke. She suggests a long time - at Ulan-Ude. They offered me to run for president.

- You have often shown on central television. A local channels show?

- Everywhere show in all regions of the same - for some reason everything is somehow easier skips.

- You can say that in such a way Hakamada back into politics?

- Politics - it's not like when people is when there is a desire to participate in political procedures. I have not returned. I will not be elected either in parliament or the presidency. I 'm not going to be elected, I came out of active politics. Especially from the current, which operates under such a wild legislation. In it I will not participate. I only public figure.

- But public figures just in politics and put forward ...

- And I will not move, because there no place to go, there can only get on your knees and serve.

- It turns out that while it does Kasyanov ... And what will be his fate?

- I think he will fight for the presidency. I support him.

- How many secret supporters in the regions you and Kasyanov?

- I think I generally have no one. But Kasyanov - just because he was a former senior official.

- It is said that in the regions, many members of the SPS and Yabloko, including managers, do not support their federal bosses, and are ready to join RNDS Kasyanov or participate in the "Other Russia".

- ATP was created on a base, which has always supported the current government. And in the "Apple" - yes. There, the mood is closer to the real opposition, they often do not agree with the federal leadership. There are no precise statistics transitions Yabloko in the "Other Russia" I do not have, but this trend is. That's right.

- If "Other Russia" in the spring re-registered in the party, regional Yabloko will go officially join?

- If "Other Russia" was registered as a party, then there would be a lot of interesting things. Therefore, nobody will register. Never, under any circumstances.

- Then what political party will support the election "Other Russia" and RNDS?

- This decision is not accepted. I think it will be closer to fall.

- During their round-table you pick up the various social problems. Which topic discussed was the last time?

- We talked about pensioners. We believe that the most fundamental problems of pensioners - the fares, free drugs, access to medicine.

If from tomorrow Khakamada took place Zurabov, however long it took you to solve these issues?

- To implement Hakamada what she wants, a lot of time is required. But Khakamada would require a lot of force to clear the Ministry of Social Welfare and all the institutions in the field of corruption. This is a serious matter. Therefore, at least a year.

- Many believe that among the Russian bureaucracy Mikhail Kasyanov, a lot of supporters. And he may well rely on their administrative resources - both in the elections and after them in case of victory.

- I think so too. I do believe that the efficiency of power only becomes high when the mechanism of implementation of government decisions depend on the people. But it does not depend entirely. He still depends on the rules in which they operate. If you encourage officials to work effectively, to raise his salary, depending on the efficiency and thus severely punished if he steals, then you will clear the whole system, respectively.

If you just put them in prison, but the rules themselves are not changed (by the way they are described in my book, "Sex In big politics"), then nothing will help. On the one thief will come next three.

- Quite a controversial rally "March of Dissent" . On the one hand all was peaceful, but nevertheless, the police still had to intervene in the course of events. Detained, even your teammate Ivan Starikov. And you, by chance, riot police made no attempt to arrest?

- And why I should have been detained? I calmly went, I missed. Even I missed the riot police - learned. They were initially closed, and I say: "Guys, are you?" I Hakamada? ". They politely told: "Come in, please!"


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