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The Dark Knight, or I Milov The gait

August 19 2008

SPS leader Nikita Belykh and president of the Institute of Energy Policy Vladimir Milov, went to the cinema in "Dark Knight". In the well-known for its free like Moscow a joint campaign for the evening film session two "men in the prime of" no longer surprising. In the end, not in a gay club as they went. Yes, and would let the club - nobody would not be surprised, not outraged. Another thing is that an unexpected rapprochement between the two opposition preceded a very funny and amazing event.

Recently, Vladimir Milov consistently seen in the company's former SPS leader Boris Nemtsov. But after passing late last week at a community center named after Andrei Sakharov's meeting of the Coordination Group for the preparation of the All-Russian Congress of Democratic Forces, everything changed.

Debate on the draft statement that is associated with exacerbation in the Georgian-Ossetian conflict, which nearly escalated into a brawl. But all ended relatively peacefully. As told in his blog, "Yabloko" Ilya Yashin, after meeting a former SPS leader Boris Nemtsov called the current SPS leader Nikita Belykh to a duel in arm wrestling.

- Come on - lazily stretched Whites. - Perm my general nobody could overcome. I'm a pro.

Nemtsov thought, but it was too late to retreat. As a result, the former sex symbol of Russian politics after 10 seconds after the start Photo: bout was forced to admit defeat. Let the debate was friendly but play Germans never liked, and therefore looked somewhat astonished and upset. It seems that his partner on the analytical report "Putin.Itogi Vladimir Milov was also disappointed with such a devastating fall of fellow co-author of the pedestal. And some two days later went to look at the adventures of Batman in the company of the Permian nugget.

At last, by the way, American Adventures of Superman made an indelible impression. "This is a film that would not say critics, of the democratic opposition in Russia. The struggle between good and evil, positioning them in the eyes of society, electoral preferences, corruption, corroding authority and power structures, the transformation of personality in the struggle, and etc, etc . n. ", - says Nikita White impressions on the pages of your blog.

Especially the leaders of the ATP memorable episode of barges. "The two ferries, evacuating people from the" conflict zone ", the mountains of explosives and detonators to ensure that an explosion on another ferry. The conditions articulated by the chief evil - the Joker, simple. At midnight the two ferries will explode, but if one of the ferries will blow the other up to this time , it preserves life itself. On one ferry prisoners on the second - Civilians. And now they are faced with a choice-kill the other (perhaps not the best member of the Company) and save yourself a chance, or guaranteed to be lost to all. all ended well - none of them should not perish, but excitement and struggle of emotions was very much ... I've thought that if these ferries is the whole Russia's democratic opposition, the detonators would have worked before as the Joker finished on the radio to explain the rules of the game ... " - philosophically ponders N. White.

The Russian opposition has long been like that same monkey with a grenade while driving. And it is hardly worth going to the cinema once again to be sure.

Arina Semenova


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