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Zyuganov chooses his successor between anti-Semite and ... anti-Semite

July 19 2007

The resignation of the current Communist Party leader Gennady Zyuganov in the offing. According to former employees of the Communist Party, after the presidential elections, Zyuganov would take an honorable political retirement. In particular, he tipped the place of State of the Union of Russia and Belarus, which is now occupied by Pavel Borodin. As for the heirs, then in the battle for "breeches Zyuganov" is preferable to look like the chances of the First Deputy Chairman of the Presidium of the Central Committee of the Communist Party, Vladimir Kashin.

The rivalry between the two zamami Zyuganov - Ivan Melnikov and Vladimir Kashin - with varying degrees of success continued for several years, and ahead of parliamentary and presidential elections, it reached its peak. In early July a group of supporters Ivan Melnikov had suffered quite a severe blow. Presidium of the CPRF Central Committee adopted a Resolution "On the dangers neotrotskistskih manifestations in the Communist Party", which have lost their powers some of the key figures in the team of Ivan Melnikov: editor in chief of the official website of the Communist Party Anataly Baranov, the closest aide Melnikov Petr Mercy, as well as several others . Central Auditing Commission accused the chief editor KPRF.Ru not only in the absence of "real party" and unwillingness to be bound by rules of the Program and the Constitution Party, but in trying to "take control of the vital structures of the party and use them for a radical change in policy in the interests of the Communist Party pro-Western forces, and not the Russian people. " Angry at his colleagues, Anatoly Baranov, the party created a clone of a web resource with which launched a campaign to discredit their abusers.

Clouds gathered overhead, and most of Ivan Melnikov, who was reasonably suspected of collaboration with the liberals of the "Other Russia" and the Nationalist Movement Against Illegal Immigration. It seems that Mr. Melnikov restrained in his seat only because of the fact that the resignation of one of the Vice Zyuganov, also considered as a candidate for the post of party chairman, could cause a completely unnecessary scandal that threatens to exclude a party from among the main actors of the electoral process .

However, not related to more than any obligations with the party group neotrotskistov, began an information war, not hesitating in this case not in terms nor in the media. So, according to the site splitters, this is not a nationalist Melnikov, and ... Vladimir Kashin. "The Marxist-Leninist orthodoxy recorded Kashin, who became famous with a group of ardent nationalists signed proclamations to ban Jewish organizations and books Kitsur Shulchan Aruch. Same Kashin proposed project socio-economic program of the party, which is not based on Marx's Capital, and on the theory of sustainable development. There is a document, for example, and these pearls: "The implementation of these measures will lead Russia on a path of sustainable development, to achieve independence and stay the course of socio-economic development in accordance with national traditions, climatic conditions and statewide interests. "Not a word about socialism, not to mention communism. Naturally, the program was as quiet poherena and her party have tried to forget, as a scandalous anti-Semitic letter," - says the site KPRF.Info.

In addition, controlled by Anatoly Baranov, the Internet resource confidently announces that "the decision on joint action with the nationalists was taken at the headquarters of protest actions led by just the same Kashin. "A cessation of this scandalous collaboration took place just at the initiative of Melnikov and his supporters. Ibid, including members of the headquarters of protest actions permanent members are the representatives of the NBP.As far as contacts with the "Other Russia", and if they go, then again through the headquarters of protest actions, "- continues to dump tons of compromising one of the leaders of the Communist Party and the fate of the aggrieved party comrades neotrotskist.

But Anatoly Baranov, this does not calm down and calmly states that the Communist Party is now nothing but a party of notorious anti-Semites and anti-Semitic chief will soon take place Zyuganov. "Another took no action plenum, was not the Congress, and on a new" official "site of the Communist Party Cashin is named as the First Deputy Zyuganov and Melnikov - just as the deputy", - said Alexander Baranov, presciently observing that after the presidential election, where Zyuganov will "honorary" third place, the Russian Communists will have a new leader - Vladimir Ivanovich Kashin, "orthodox Marxist-Leninist with anti-Semitic bias, and Zyuganov will be somewhere in the place of Borodino, to unite Russia with Belarus." On the fate of Ivan Melnikov "neotrotskist" silent. Apparently, the deputy chairman Zyuganov is considering options for a regular alternative to the Communist Party.

According to Deputy Director General of Institute of Social Systems of Moscow State University. MV Lomonosov Moscow State University, Doctor of Political Sciences Dmitry Badovsky, "in the Communist Party are not so many divisions as spalling. "From the party breaks off some part, by the organization at the same time to survive. This situation is likely to lead to spalling and displacing one group or another," says the analyst.

Mikhail Gritsman

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