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Summer Youth Policy

July 19 2006

Summer - the most blissful time for students. Especially for politicized students. At a time when the active political life in the cities falling silent - the MPs go on vacation, the indignant citizens busy in the garden plots, and the rising temperature reduces any social activity - not wanting to put up with urban youth apathy combines business with pleasure, warming sea coast and other places for recreation to the desired political temperature. Most recently completed its work youth political science forum "Foros 2006, soon left the youth will make a dash to the south, in the Krasnodar region, relax and work in the camp named after Che Guevara, and July 18 at Lake Seliger has opened a youth educational camp" Seliger-2006 "organized by democratic youth movement" Nashi ". On the singularities of the summer youth policy Yoki. ru talked to the masterminds of the Youth Forum in Foros (Crimea), political scientist Sergei Markov

- I would like to know your opinion on the camp opened "Nashi" on Seliger. What will it give young people?

- This is one of the largest and most advanced projects in the area of the formation I of the youth movement. This kind of camp, as I understand, have several goals. First - what is called a team - building, building a team. For the youth political movement, which has serious socio-political ambitions, such projects are absolutely necessary, without them you can not build a strong team of Ger. I think that all youth movements would hold an event of this kind of scale, just not at all enough for this resource.

The second goal - is to form a system of political education or civic education, ie development and dissemination of certain values and certain knowledge and skills of political activity. That is, the ability to act, the ability to organize political activities. For example, they publish a newspaper, they have their own radio station, they learn to organize round tables, discussions, meetings, public rallies, etc. - Normal system of political education.

The third objective - it is the selection and placement. Through exercises such leadership of the movement seeks out the most promising children, which makes sense to move to positions of movement, at some other positions, etc. It is also very important for any youth movement. That's what these main objectives.

- And when you speak, as will be discussed with the children?

- I'm going there for three days. I have scheduled four presentations. The first - codenamed "Vladimir Putin and the agenda for the new stage of development of Russia, where I'm going to say that Putin has completed one stage of his reign, and must move to the next. And going to talk about his vision of this new phase, that is, figuratively speaking, from stabilization to development. The second statement I want to discuss the situation with the "orange revolution": what is happening there, a typology of "orange" revolution, as these decision-making mechanisms work well, and talk about the political situation in these countries, particularly on Ukraine. Third - I read a lecture on "Fundamentals of Public Speaking", which told how to speak publicly in the media. The fourth theme is not yet defined, we left it in reserve. Maybe it's foreign policy may, at the disposition of forces inside the country. Relatively speaking: liberals, security officials, technocrats, nationalists, Communists, the party of oligarchic revenge, and, in this context, the problem of 2008.

- In our country, yet there is a problem that the youth policy, in contrast to the "Nashi" tried putting those people who do not pull on something more serious, can not do anything, and they put on a youth policy.

p align = "justify"> - This is a gross political mistake. I think the "orange" revolution perfectly showed what young people can say the final word. This is one of the main reasons for the formation of the movement "Nashi". To some extent - is "antioranzhevaya" revolution. We are not against the "orange" revolution, because it is the revolution of the XXI century. But we are in favor of "orange" revolution to make yourself.

And one more very important thing - it is the socialization of young people on the basis of morality, patriotism, modernity, openness, freedom, development, justice, etc. These values are very important, and young people need to break free from the influence of criminalized mind that comes from organized crime, from the criminal community, from the dominance of crime on TV. To some extent the situation with the youth movement are similar to the situation faced by the Bolsheviks in the 20's, when there was a huge number of homeless. The current younger generation can be compared with those street, since the school has little effect on them, all these systems, which previously existed (Young Pioneer camps, different extracurricular activities), also were destroyed. And young people as a result have been criminalized under the powerful influence of consciousness. We must seize them this. And remember, the former street children in the future were the glory of Soviet industry in many ways, the Soviet political system. A huge number of street children, when they pulled out of this environment, firm went ahead, were the generals, academicians, directors of major industrial enterprises, heads of entire major regions, etc. The same must be done with our youth today. And "our", and "Young Guard, and others are also trying to do it.

- And in your opinion, who should be the commissioners, who should manage? There should be some age limit?

- I think the age limit does not really matter, since the main division is not between age and among people who have this system of belief, morality, justice, patriotism, love of freedom, openness, peace, internationalism, etc., and others, each of which is shifted at some point: either the Germans or hedonists, or criminal mind, or anti-patriots who despise their country, etc. And there should be no illusions, youth movements are not created by young people. Never has so was not, and never will be. Youth movements are older, serious people, and they and their lead.

- That youth issues should be dealt with people under 27 years. Can this be called a political mistake, if the principle of selecting the head is of age?

- It is an abstract figure - 27. I remember that the Komsomol was 28 years old. Even for the management of the Komsomol were lifted these restrictions. I think that if you managed to find very young people on the leadership - that's good. But the main thing is not age, but that they could do the job. An integral part of this work is their credibility on the part of young people. If he was 70, but he will be able to talk with the young in one language, if it is considered by them as his own, then septuagenarian can be. But another thing is that this is unlikely, it is unlikely that they should be able to manage. You need to have knowledge to be able to influence, to be a leader with political experience, that too often people feel twenties. Therefore, in practice turns out that most of these people are aged between 25 and 45, to be precise, then from 30 to 35.

I think that any strict age limits otseyut number of people who could very effectively. I mean, what's the matter, these youth movements should not be strictly youth. I worked very hard with young people, I am a professor MGIMO, I MGFFU teach ...

We were told that people are glad that you have with them a common language is ...

- Yes, because I can dance till 3-4 o'clock in the morning with them. I do not think they're idiots, because they are young, I see in them equals, I think they understand. I understand that they do not want to participate in youth movements, they want to participate in major movements that have set themselves is not narrowly on youth, and the broad policy objectives that are important for the country.

Young people with whom I have quite a lot of work, I see that they are willing to take responsibility in this sense they are quite older people. Youth movements have become full only when they are doing absolutely serious issues.

- And "our people" it already has?

- Yes, certainly there.

- It is necessary that more experienced comrades control the situation?

- Here's an example - NBP. This is also a youth organization, but it also does not take anyone on the basis of age and the organizer of it is quite an elderly man. "Vanguard of Red Youth" - also the same youth organization, one where the age is not selected and placed on youth issues, and nationwide. Or anti-globalists. There was no one age is not selected, also pose planetary problems. The Nazi Party in its time, too, was quite the youth organization, the Bolshevik Party, too, was young, but also serious and organized adults. And such organizations in the world have been hundreds.

We took to the streets generation adjustment, which is not cultivated schools and camping, and criminalized television programs. This is a problem - to wrest from the criminalized homeless situation and return them to normal life, to give them a chance to make history of their country, their destiny. That is the meaning of youth policy. Understanding that young people can say the final word during some acute political events, such as "color" revolutions. It is therefore necessary to ensure the dissemination of youth political values: patriotism, freedom, morality and justice. Provide an opportunity for young people: the creation of jobs for the young, creating an environment in which young professionals can acquire housing, etc. That is the meaning of youth policy.


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