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Respectable fat: whiskey, glamor and PR

July 19 2006

Is it true you can hate the press secretaries, by definition? Well, as butchers, for example, or the cops. Type ... just press secretary - it means goat adnaznachna.

On the departure of a leader - a political party loses face. Since leaving press secretary - is losing much more. Is lost is thin, but very important thread linking the Party with the outside world. "From August 1, 2006 I stopped working by the Head of Public Relations of the Political Party" Union of Right Forces. "Today, wrote a statement" - is a shocking statement made yesterday by Denis Terekhov. What made one of the brightest people in the PCA to leave the party, and what awaits him in the future? Since these issues Yoki. ru addressed himself directly to Denis ..

- What was the reason your departure from the ATP?

- This is due to the fact that I was asked to do a very promising media projects

- And what about politics?

- Well, what am I a politician? I am an officer of the party. It is certainly nice, but I do not consider myself to politicians. Besides, I remain a party member, I only have a place of work, but not belief.

- And yet, if not secret, where you going?

- So far, unfortunately, is a secret. But as soon as all will become clear, trust me, all know about it. The fact that I agreed with investors that will not start until the structure - about anything I do not tell. But once again I repeat: this is in no way connected with politics.

- Will the new project as something tied to ATP?

- Especially, of course not, but if there are ways of cooperation, then why not.

- A little bit about your creative, professional way ...

- Studied in St. Petersburg in the Humanities University of Trade Unions, at the Department of Culture, Department of Journalism. He worked at the Norilsk television, was the author and leading analytical software. Then he went to Moscow in autumn 2001 to January 2003 he worked in the newspaper "Day". But this has nothing to do with prohanovskim "Day", it was a completely new project, which launched the group "Logos-Media". And in 2003, has already participated in the election campaign of ATP, and then headed the public relations in the PCA.

- Who are the leadership ATP like to work comfortably all?

- Nursing home fire.

- You do not feel sorry to leave the PCA?

- I'm leaving with a heavy heart. I am in awe of the party, but, unfortunately, to combine their work and there and there can not.

Fathers and Sons

Our President, our guru, our hero
Ordered to love, love, more love ...
The girls are already vying with each
I was in a hurry to identify fathers

Gozman, deputy chairman of the Political Council of the ATP:

- Denis found a more promising position for himself. It is a man of talent, perspective, but we shall not believe that we have a feudal right to their employees. So when our staff offer something more interesting, we will be glad and happy to give advice, and we believe that those people that will work Denis Terekhov, will benefit from this.

- Now comes a lot of speculation about the future employment of Dennis: from staff to staff, Anatoly Chubais as editor of "Glamour" Kommersant "?

- This should ask himself Dennis

consecration of a gay parade

On the evil Luzhkov, and possibly, Mohammed,
Although I am pi ...: neither friend nor kinsman, nor brother,
I still believe in same-sex victory
And in the inevitable Moscow gay parade.

Maria Gaidar, leader of the Democratic Alternative:

- You know, there is a version that he would go to the Literary Gazette "to head the section of poetry ... This is a joke. Just Alex bulk decided to do a joke and today I called Dennis to see what he says, that he is tortured with this "Literary". As far as I know Dennis, he wants a second increase in salary and career ... Simply press secretary of the party did not earn very much, and Dennis is very talented and ambitious, so it makes a lot more than it could potentially get in the party. Because the position of press secretary of the party - a deadlock. Imagine where we can grow in this position?

Of course he needs to grow further. I know that he bought a penthouse apartment, making it repairs ... In general, it is overgrown with roots, feels solid, respectively need to embody our sense of reality.

- Share a version of his career in RAO UES of Russia "...

- Terekhov works very well with the press. He has a political understanding of the product with which he works, he has well-established horizontal links in the political get-together ... in RAO UES totally different product ... in principle, and there he would be able to organize the work, it is perfectly normal. But neither confirm nor deny how justified these rumors I can not, though ... What I can say for sure: the withdrawal of Dennis is not associated with any conflict in the ATP or other zonal conflicts a la wedding Barabanov and Shcherbakov. It's just a joke, like jokes about "Literary Gazette," because I saw a certain number of girls Barabanov, and will never trust to any homosexual wedding.

- Your personal impressions about Denise?

- Denis quite companionable man, a jolly fat man, with him is fun and easy to communicate ... He likes to smoke expensive cigars, whiskey ... Always buy with some very expensive simply prohibitive class understands them ... Oh, and loves to write poetry, of course.

It is no longer counted among the youth, he is closer to middle age - this settled down and the bourgeois, he no longer is there a youth of noble madness.

My Temple of air, but the monumental
And he has the shape of the ship
It bowling and a lot of bedrooms,
After all, as we know, "lack of culture, b .. I".
Pours in its fiery waters
They are the foundations, nature ...
I refuse to happiness and freedom,
For faith I do not need anything.
And I have respect unto multitudes of artifacts:
Arturov sword of David a sling,
Fleece that ate the mole, the Argonauts ...
And on Sunday night, all the easier:
Judas, the procurator, Herod,
And girls, spoiled Sappho
And all the enemies of the Russian people,
And even the site "Elektorat.Info.
I see floats inexplicably
The sky as the great airship
Invincible and impregnable
Al proud white, like VoZhZhd the ship.

Author of poetry: Denis Terekhov


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