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Jesus Christ recorded in the Communists

May 19 2006

One, two, three or four. Three or four have to be beaten!
Open the door wider, and then cook eat!
Povaryatami bite, and the duty zapem,
Of the counselors make coffee, from the chief - the broth!

(From Pioneer slogans)

Sometimes it seems that surprised absolutely nothing. But to Pioneers Day, commemorated each year on May 19, became an element of nostalgia - it is something. For most Internet users the word "pioneer" very little meaning. But those who still remember those good times now nostalgic cry in their diaries.

"... Rosy-red tie, brought by her aunt from a trip to Shymkent, in contrast to the traditional reddish ... pride, when taken at the Museum of the Armed Forces - oh, how lucky I am now cool, the way he saluted the banner on the street, a friend whispered that tie burns to her chest, and back in honor of the great events of a boy and a girl from our class embraced in the wagon on the way back. What kind of pompous, we went the next day ... He still remembered every activity in the form oktyabryatskoy leader, and I accept them into the Pioneers, and my clumsy hands can not fasten oktyabryatsky icon ... fun in general was ...", - wrote nahash .

But suslovv even remembered the poem:

Today is a holiday for kids
Exults Young Pioneers
Today, the guests came to us
Laurentius Pavlovich Beria!

ultraru not lazy and posted for all to see a selection of gems from the deputy Vasily Ivanovich Shandybina:

- Were in the Communist Party camouflaged Democrats, or agents of the fifth column, and they are now closed cultural monuments, such as our churches.
- The Jewish Mafia seize the banks, all natural resources - it's natural gas production, oil and gold. Russian mafia plants were so small.
- The first word was with God. And the first word was God. And I had a word to use here. With 232 deputies thought - it's everybody's deputy.
- Now I'll tell you about Jesus Christ - the first communist.

Like Jesus Christ, drove the merchants from the temple, the current communists are also trying to take over the role of the righteous. That's just get it from them much worse. Virtually the entire LJ discusses duel Communist deputies Svetlana Goryacheva and project manager Gay, the organizer of a gay parade in Moscow, Nikolai Alexeyev .

All - nauseating goats. We are good members of the Communist Party. To respond Alekseeva that Russia - a secular state, it jumps up, though her there .. have been bitten, and yells: "No, we - an Orthodox country !!!". ... Amused ekspertsha, stated the following: "That's Alexeyev spoke here about abstract things - the laws of the Constitution, and Svetlana Petrovna - specific: the morality of orthodox values, traditions ...". Here we are! Laws and the Constitution - it turns out, the abstraction ...", - outraged secretary RKSM Darya Mitina .

State Duma deputy, member of the Rodina party , Alexander Chuev on the contrary, was satisfied with the outcome of the duel. "She (Goryachev) kept cool and played, but unfortunately PR Pride still take place. Head" Gay-Russia "unwound to the full. Those 22,000 that voted for him - is, unfortunately, very much. And although S.Goryachev won in a landslide, but more than one quarter in favor of gay - this is very alarming.

"Looked" duel "between the organizer of a gay pride parade Alekseev and Svetlana Goryacheva. Alekseev Gay - shrewd fellow-businessman, making his PR, disgusting to the extreme, but not their sexual orientation, and its clear focus on grants and other grandmother. Provocateur knowledgeable on what to do their kapitalets "- divided opinion _kutuzov .

Today's " On the Stand ! " Goryachev fought with a representative of sexual orientation, Nikolai Alexeyev. Goryachev on audience sympathies to gouging, but looked extremely miserable. Some emotions, tantrums, mumbling. But struck another. With some aplomb, with some confidence and they act with impunity! We - the minority, and you will comply with our legal rights! We have 15 years of sitting in the closet - now we go to the streets of Russian cities, and you'll have to endure "- wrote bukarskii

But LJ-user Small Fritz asks: "Why did God radicals so eager to arrange a meeting of homosexuals is in Moscow?" It seems to me that the purpose of these guys are not holding a gay pride parade, because, if the goal would be such - has long been held to somewhere but only to rape her brain all the same type of agitation .

Yesterday was pleased and Orthodox organizations, staged a picket near the cinema "Pushkin" in protest against the showing in Russia of the feature film " The Da Vinci Code ", based on the novel by Dan Brown. But that's another story.

Day Pioneers without a tie, noted Elena Boyko


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